Arrowhead Shows Off New Helldivers 2’s DLC Goodies

The content highlighted is part of the game's Super Citizen Edition.

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  • Helldivers 2 is a promising new third-person shooter that Arrowhead Games is looking to release soon.
  • The title just received a new trailer that showcases armor sets, different weapons, and progression.
  • The game releases in February, and has two different purchasable editions to its name. 

A sizable portion of the playing community has their eyes set on Arrowhead’s upcoming live service shooter Helldivers 2. The game has had multiple trailers up until now, ranging from gameplay-oriented ones to those that highlight a feature or two of the title. For that matter, the latest footage pertaining to the RPG shows off what players can expect from the Steeled Veterans Warbond in Helldivers 2. 

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The developers have taken to the official Steam listing of Helldivers 2 as well, coming forth with a related announcement that goes more in-depth on Warbonds, their working mechanism, and the in-game store that users will be spending some time on, sifting through various items of potential interest. Game Director Sagar Beroshi expands on the topic with the following, 

‘We’re trying to model a unique type of live service with the Warbonds. They’re like getting a treasure chest full of toys,’ Sagar says. And he’s right: the Warbonds are your ticket to fighting the Galactic War in style with lots of unlockable gear, but they reflect the changing tides of war on Super Earth as well. ‘It’s been a century since the last game, and Super Earth is starting to get its military-industrial complex churning again. And to whom would it be better to offer gear than the Helldivers?’ The items available will each have unique features that can offer a variety of tactics for play,” reads the announcement by the devs. 

There are three different armor sets, an array of primary weapons, and novel capes that the Warbond: Steeled Veterans trailer sheds light on, and each of these is part of the Super Citizen Edition of Helldivers 2 that can be bought for $59.99 on the PlayStore Store for the PlayStation 5. Oh, and for those who didn’t get it yet, Warbonds are actually Battle Passes in Helldivers 2. You tick off objectives from there and reap their rewards.

The Two Different Purchasable Editions of Helldivers 2
The Two Different Purchasable Editions of Helldivers 2

As the news found itself circulating on Reddit, fans and users expressed how they felt about these new announcements by Arrowhead, and for the most part, there are glad tidings to report on this front. “Ah, nice. It’s basically the same DLC path as the original Helldivers, only now you can earn everything in the game, as well as buy it outright if you like. Awesome!says one Jupiter67 on Reddit.

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Helldivers 2 is slated for a February 8, 2024 release for the PlayStation 5 and PC, being the sequel to the first Helldivers that came out all the way back in 2015. Its PC specs, features, and cross-play functionality were unveiled lately as well; do check that out for more detailed info. 

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