Hogwarts Legacy Patch Has Fixed PlayStation 5’s Collector’s Edition Trophy Bug

You will now be able to attain the Collector's Edition trophy if you meet the criteria according to the new patch notes.

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  • Hogwarts Legacy’s new patch has fixed the Collector’s Edition trophy bug on PlayStation 5.
  • This patch came out on February 17 and you can now attain the trophy if you meet the criteria.
  • Many bug fixes PC players got on February 14 have come to the PS5 via this patch, including some exclusive stuff.

Since its release Hogwarts Legacy has taken over the world with its magical world-building. It has been a sales phenomenon all over the world, outselling major AAA releases by a huge margin. Even with such an amazing launch, however, the fantasy title did get some criticism for its technical issues.

Updates and patches post-release have started fixing a lot of them, and a new one puts an annoying bug right. Hogwarts Legacy’s most recent patch has finally rectified the Collector’s Edition trophy bug on PlayStation 5 among other fixes. So, if you now meet the criteria for the trophy, you will attain it without a problem due to this update.

We found these patch notes on the Hogwarts Legacy Bugs portion of the WB Games website. According to the developers, this update will address the gameplay performance and stability of the title. In addition, it will also improve online connections, especially for the PlayStation 5.

For the PS5, this is Hogwarts Legacy patch 1.000.004 and it brings a lot of bug fixes. Concerning online connection, issues regarding the achievement data not properly uploading to the Wizarding World portal have been fixed. Additional retry connections are now also present in the WB Games server in case the session expires.

Probably the most important update is the one for Trophies in the Gameplay section. This patch has fixed a trophy cap limit that did not allow the Collector’s Edition trophy to update correctly. As a result, all trophies earned by a player will be on display retroactively in Hogwarts Legacy.

So, this patch has fixed the really annoying issue concerning the Collector’s Edition trophy many players faced. An issue with Owl mail that did not trigger a sequential mission probably is ancient history now. Crashes around some in-game locations where world events happen will also not bother players now.

NPCs will also not crash the game while respawning in the world now and issue with schedules have also been put right. Flickering will also not occur on a head that still has hair in Hogwarts Legacy. Moving on to UI, the patch has also updated localization text for additional content items.

In some rare instances, the mission descriptions were not present while on a quest in Hogwarts Legacy. However, this is also rectified now and players will not face this problem anymore. Going toward Cinematic now, the VFX presentation of robe transformation has also been fixed.

Certain cutscenes were bringing up stability issues when you tried to skip them. This update also restores this feature to a stable condition now. Hogwarts Legacy players also reported crashes while playing through cutscenes and cinematics, but this won’t be a worry from now.

Many bug fixes have also come to Save Game, including cleaning up autosaves when closing the game. Your game will also not crash when the save system is writing data from now on. An error occurring when Hogwarts Legacy tries to rewrite the last autosave slot will not be a nuisance anymore.

One issue that has persisted when restarting from your last save relates to vendors. You cannot talk to a vendor after initially starting a conversation with them. But, this issue will not bug you in Hogwarts Legacy after this new patch.

Improvements regarding stability and performance are also a part of this update. Players will now get better performance in the fidelity mode and the game will not crash while hovering around the map. Issues causing distortion and making world assets stretch are not present in Hogwarts Legacy anymore.

Rare bugs like those relating to material swapping and with map assets state have got an overhaul. Memory leaks with the global lighting system and crashes occurring during in-game events will not bother players anymore. Last but not least, Hogwarts Legacy will not crash when you try to solve a Flying Cabinet from now.

Do keep in mind that all of these bug fixes and features in this patch are for the PlayStation 5. PC already got these improvements on February 14, but PS5 did get some exclusive stuff. This patch, which came out on February 17, does have some fixes for PCs.

Hogwarts Legacy on Steam and Epic Games will have a better crash collection to help chase rare crashes. Rebuilding the Save Game list if they ever get deleted has also been fixed. And, that is about it for this Hogwarts Legacy patch, we hope it makes your experience even better.

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