Marvel’s Wolverine Leaks Reveal Gameplay & Story Details

The leaks also reveal another mutant alongside Wolverine.

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  • Insomniac Games recently suffered a ransomware attack that leaked several information regarding the company’s future projects.
  • The leaks also included gameplay and story details for the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game.
  • The game’s concept art as well as the information on the cast members have surfaced online as well.

Insomniac Games was recently hit with a ransomware attack that leaked several information regarding the company’s future projects, along with employees’ confidential details. One of these major leaks has revealed gameplay and story details for the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game. Several concept arts including the cast members’ details have surfaced online as well.

Before proceeding, please note that there will be spoilers ahead. Therefore, proceed with caution if you wish to dive into the leaks. While we cannot show you the video directly, you can view it via the interlinks below.

One of the leaked gameplay footage mainly focuses on bloody combat, which matches the character of Wolverine along with the enemies fans can expect to encounter once the game is released. Also, Jean Grey is seemingly confirmed to be playable, and the gameplay focuses on her telekinesis abilities. Most importantly, the footage shows Wolverine’s infamous “Berserker Rage” ability, killing any enemy that comes his way.

Another leaked footage focuses on “Senses Investigation” where Logan investigates Mystique’s apartment for clues. By sniffing, finding the audio signal, and tracing through a cut, the character can catch a glimpse of what happened in that particular area. Last but not least, upon opening the locker, the scene transitions from 3D to a storyboard cutscene due to early development and shows the origin of Wolverine’s iconic costume.

Screenshot from Marvel’s Wolverine teaser by Insomniac Games
Screenshot from Marvel’s Wolverine teaser by Insomniac Games

Concept arts and pre-animated cutscenes reveal that some of the gameplay will take place in Tokyo, Japan. It is also revealed that Jean Grey was under Omega Red’s custody but she wishes not to disclose how she ended up in that situation. While reaching Tokyo, an unmarked plane filled with assassins attacks Logan and Jean, ending the scene in a cliffhanger.

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There’s no doubt that these massive leaks pose a serious threat to Insomniac Games. While Insomniac Games and Sony have not released official statements regarding these leaks, there might be internal fixes going on in the studio to address these concerns. In this regard, we would like to advise that the game’s development could change over time. Hence, some of the elements in the final product could be different from these leaked clips.

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