MLB The Show Series Apparently Makes Over $100 Million In Revenue Every Year

PlayStation's previously exclusive baseball franchise is a big money maker.

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  • According to the LinkedIn profile of a former marketing director at PlayStation, MLB The Show series makes over $100 million annually.
  • Michael Webster, the marketing head, also revealed that the franchise’s player engagement and ARPU increased by 400% and 150% respectively since his arrival.
  • Furthermore, as many already know, the 2018 God of War title, which Webster also promoted, made a whopping 500 million in revenue.

According to the LinkedIn profile of a former director of brand marketing at PlayStation, MLB The Show makes over $100 million annually for the Japanese company. Per the Highlights section of Michael Webster’s profile, who was at the company from 2012-2019, the franchise crossed this landmark during his tenure and consistently delivered these numbers after his work resulted in player engagement increasing by 400%.

MLB The Show LinkedIn
MLB The Show LinkedIn

In addition, this info aggregated by Timur222 also reveals that Webster tripled the revenue of MLB The Show during his time at PlayStation. Meaning, when he started working at the gaming giant in 2012, the series probably brought in revenue in the range of $30-40 million. But, due to his marketing strategies that increased the franchise’s yearly ARPU by 150%, it was hitting the $100 million mark consistently when he left in 2019.

Sales stats also back up the marketing director’s success as MLB 14: The Show became the fastest-selling entry in the series when it came out on the PlayStation 4. Moreover, MLB 15: The Show shipped over 1 million units on the PS4, which was the first time in years any title in the franchise had sold over a million units on a single console.

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These sales numbers stayed consistent till the end of his tenure when MLB The Show 17 & 18 also crossed one million copies sold even after releasing only on the PlayStation 4. Since Michael Webster’s departure from Sony’s marketing team in 2019, MLB The Show has expanded even more with the 2021 entry of the franchise being the first in history to make its way to Xbox consoles.

MLB The Show 21 launched on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One alongside the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This move worked out pretty well for the IP as the title sold 2 million copies by July 2021 and reached 4 million players due to its release on Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, MLB The Show 22 set another milestone for the franchise and became its first title on the Nintendo Switch, a feat that the next entry repeated.

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Considering the player bases the other consoles have, it is entirely plausible that the baseball series has started bringing even more revenue post-Webster due to its expansion. Hence, it’s safe to say that MLB The Show is a major money maker for PlayStation. It might not make $500 million with each entry like God of War, but when you take its yearly releases into account it is probably as profitable,

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