Huge Portal 2 Fan-Made Prequel Mod Adds Over 40 Puzzles And Voiced Characters

Portal 2 is getting a whole new makeover.

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  • Portal 2 is getting a huge makeover with a fan-made prequel mod that adds loads of content to the game.
  • The mod brings a bundle of over 40 puzzles, fully voiced new characters, over 8 hours of gameplay, and more. 
  • The release of the new mod has been pending for nearly a month since Valve is taking a long time to review it.

The original Portal 2 is among the most popular games of the last decade and is also credited for propelling Valve’s presence deeper into the gaming industry. Now, a game-sized mod dubbed Portal: Revolution seeks to bring droves of new players to the title. The unofficial prequel has been developed by Second Face Software on Steam, which utilizes an altered version of the game’s community edition engine to add loads of content.

Portal: Revolution is a game-sized prequel mod for Portal 2.
Portal: Revolution is a game-sized prequel mod for Portal 2.

Portal: Revolution features a whole new story, filled with fully voiced original characters, over 40 different challenging puzzles, and about 7-8 hours of overall gameplay. It is set in the same location as the original entry, the Aperture Science Ruins. The landscape is taken over by green vines and flora to preserve the same aesthetics as the original Portal 2. However, it’s a completely new experience that is a love letter for old and new fans alike.

The difficulty of the mod is also organic and will not require you to be a prodigy in Portal mechanics like some other fan-made content. Evidently, the difficulty curve “starts where Portal 2 stops,” but all the new mechanics and advanced portal tricks will be taught in a tutorial. The prequel has been deeply playtested to ensure player of every kind can find their place in it. At the most, some chambers will require portals to be fired mid-air.

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The unofficial prequel was set to release yesterday, on January 5, 2024. Despite being ready, a notification by the devs claims that Valve has failed to review the game on time due to a team shortage during the holidays. As a result, the release date for the mod is out in the air. Regardless, Valve has recently started the reviewing phase for the mod, which could take an additional few weeks, but it can ship the moment the store owner approves it.

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The original Portal 2 came out more than a decade ago, on April 19, 2021, for PC, MacOS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, but has remained fresh in the minds of gamers. Mods have also played a major role in keeping the series feel fully unique for the veterans in the scene. All in all, the new Portal: Revolution mod is deemed to be the next major era for the title. An ambitious VR mod for the puzzle platformer was also in development last year.

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