Tears Of The Kingdom Glitch Lets You Obtain The Master Sword At The Very Start

YouTuber KnightPohtaytoe has discovered a series of risk-free glitches that will allow you to obtain the Unbreakable Master Sword right off the bat.

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  • Tears of the Kingdom players can now obtain the Master Sword any time they want by using a new glitch.
  • KnightPohtaytoe, the YouTuber responsible for discovering it, also found a glitch that allows you to fuse weapons to the Unbreakable sword.

By using up an intricate glitch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can now use the Infinite Stamina Master Sword right after starting the game. To achieve this, you only need to follow some very specific steps and be very patient in the process. In addition, fans can also fuse a weapon to make the unbreakable sword even more powerful, which is a bit unreliable.

YouTuber KnightPohtaytoe is responsible for discovering this glitch by using info from YouTubers like Linkus7 and Blaines. By using this risk-free method, you can obtain the Master Sword at any point in the game. First, you need to go to the In-Isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island where Tears of the Kingdom autosaves. If the game doesn’t autosave automatically, enter the shrine again and then make a manual save.

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Now, go back to the Title Screen and start a new Legend of Zelda: The Tears of the Kingdom playthrough. After this, you need to play until you fight the Keese and make sure an autosave showing cracked rocks is present following the cutscene. Next up, you have to load the manual save in the shrine and make Link break the wall, bring a boulder, fuse a small rock to it, and then move this fused amalgamation towards the right wall.

Afterward, you have to equip a weapon, jump onto the rock, pause the game, change your weapon, equip another one, and then pause and unpause as fast as you can. Now, drop this weapon and load the autosave with the cracked rock, which will transfer the weapon to Link at the start of Tears of the Kingdom. Following this, head to the stairs that lead to the Ganondorf cutscene during the intro. 

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You’ll see the weapon you dropped in the shrine stuck on the floor and after equipping it, you’ll go to the unusually long step on the stairs. Make a manual save here on the step and afterward, drop this master sword, equip another weapon, and pause/unpause like before. Finally, load the autosave to the In-isa Shrine and if you did all that, you will find the Master Sword in the water where you previously placed the boulder.

For sure, it’s hectic, but you’ll get an unbreakable 30-damage Master Sword. In the video, KnightPohtaytoe also explains another glitch that can increase the damage of Master Sword. This glitch allows you to fuse another weapon to the sword in a few steps. But, it is a bit more risky so you need to tread carefully. Even with the intricacy of the glitch, it is valuable due to the abilities of the Master Sword.

It is the only permanent weapon in the game and doesn’t explode when you use it too much. At the start of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom it shatters into a million pieces before Link sends it away. Therefore, you don’t see it until later in the game but this glitch bypasses that hurdle. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and has received perfect scores from critics.

But, gamers find glitches like the weapon duplication one in even the most brilliant titles. You can play the latest adventure of Link and Zelda right now on Nintendo Switch right now and try this glitch for yourself.

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