Chris Judge Clarifies Santa Monica Didn’t Ask Him To Voice Younger Kratos

Could this mean T.C. Carson is back for the rumored trilogy remaster?

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  • Kratos’ VA said earlier that he didn’t voice the young Kratos out of respect for the former VA.
  • Chris Judge now clarifies in a follow-up tweet that Santa Monica didn’t ask him to do so anyway. 
  • T.C. Carson voiced the young Kratos from the original God of War trilogy back in the day. 

In recent times, Christopher Judge was spotted in a podcast handing out a massive W to the God of War community, saying how he could never take on the mantle of Kratos’ younger version out of pure respect for the character’s former VA, T.C. Carson. To shed more light on the matter, Judge made a new post on X (formerly Twitter), confirming that Santa Monica never asked him to do the deed either. 

The respect for what he did as Kratos goes from top to bottom,” iterates Judge, and last time, his words were even more gracious toward T.C. Carson’s work in the original God of War games. Acknowledging the former VA of Kratos for his terrific performance, he said “I thought it would be a disservice to try to voice match him or anything.” 

Kratos in God of War 2
Kratos in God of War 2, Voiced by Carson at the Time 

However, in the same sitting, Judge did say that he was asked one time to imitate the young Kratos and that his reply was a firm no. This sparked confusion amidst the community, with fans pondering for what instance is this pointing toward. Thanks to the follow-up clarification though, we now know neither Santa Monica nor Crystal Dynamics, developer of Marvel’s Avengers where Judge voiced Black Panther, made the offer. 

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Also, you should know that there is a little bit of controversy surrounding this specific topic. T.C. Carson, in an interview held in 2021, revealed that he “never got any call” telling him that he was going to be replaced as Kratos. The official reason cited is that Cory Barlog, God of War’s director and SMS frontman, wanted Kratos’s VA and mo-cap artist to be the same person, hence the selection of Christopher Judge. 

But this, indeed, is a matter of respect. “As an actor, you lose jobs all the time, but when somebody lets you go, it’s a respect thing for me. Just come and talk to me, and say, ‘Hey,” you know. ‘Thank you for your service, but we’re going in a different direction.’ Never got any call like that.” 

YouTube video

Anyhow, there’s always hope to cling on to. It’s been rumored that the first three God of War games are about to receive a remaster, and perhaps they could be on the side of a remake as well. If that turns out to be, it’s highly likely for our man T.C. Carson to make his return again. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens from here on out.  

In other news, Santa Monica released free DLC for God of War Ragnarok, called Valhalla, following this year’s The Game Awards. It’s a roguelite type of playable mode that has players going up against heaps of enemies, but it’s got that story-driven narration just as well. eXputer rated the DLC 5/5 in its review, with writer Usama Mehmood calling it “a love letter to all the old fans of this incredible series.”

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