Industry Insider Possibly Hinting At Potential SQUARE ENIX Acquisition

Accredited industry insider hints at the increased possibility of SQUARE ENIX being acquired somewhere in the future.

The advent of 2022 brought forth arguably the most prominent acquisition decennia have witnessed. The goliath, Microsoft, acquired Activision Blizzard for nearly 70$ billion, thus shaking the whole gaming industry. Microsoft would now incorporate franchises like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Candy Crush within the catalog of Microsoft’s owned franchises. Sony also closed a deal with Bungie for 3.6$ billion at the end of January of this year. One of the most prominent FPS shooters, Destiny 2, now lies within the roots of PlayStation Studios. Just today, Embracer Group announced to acquire western subsidiaries of SQUARE ENIX for $300 million on a cash and debt-free basis.

Rumors have been buzzing about the gaming industry regarding the next significant acquisition. The recent SQUARE ENIX acquisition also came as a surprise. The leading rumor concerning the sudden buyout cites that the western studios did not achieve the same levels of success in the west, and SQUARE ENIX was looking to sell its western subsidiaries. Sony’s stocks took a hit after the important Microsoft acquisition, and the eyes have been on Sony regarding its following move. Jeff Grubb, an accredited industry insider, suggests that SQUARE ENIX might be acquired in the future.

This recent tweet from Jeff Grubb raised curiosity that was satiated by a commenter who questioned, “You think they are ditching the baggage for a planned sale?” Jeff Grubb replied with a GIF that stated, “perhaps I’ve said too much…” The recent acquisition of SQUARE ENIX subsidiaries could increase the possibility of the company being acquired by Sony. However, Microsoft could strive to acquire it as well.

Since there has been no official news or any leaks that suggest a possible acquisition in the works, we suggest taking this with a massive grain of salt. The studio has shaped the gaming industry with a bundle of alluring IPs that have helped shape the allure of Asian cultures in games for the western countries to relish.

SQUARE ENIX found global success through its contributions to the fantasy genre. The studio has gifted various stellar gaming franchises, such as FINAL FANTASY, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex. Furthermore, the company has earned critical praise for some of its recent franchises, such as Life Is Strange and NieR, gaining a bundle of crucial hymns, including winning a BAFTA award for the former.

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