Microsoft May Offer Access To Xbox Game Pass In Exchange For Viewing Ads

The company, in light of its new business models, aims to focus on players that were previously barred from access.

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  • Xbox Game Pass & xCloud may introduce a tier that provides access in exchange for viewing ads.
  • CFO Tim Stuart talked about the idea in a recent presentation with Wells Fargo.
  • The Game Pass is a premier subscription service with a vast library of games at an affordable price.

Microsoft may be considering offering access to the Xbox Game Pass in exchange for viewing ads. In the recent presentation with Wells Fargo, As pointed out by TweakTown, CFO Tim Stuart commented on several aspects of Xbox gaming, including this theoretical model of accessing the Game Pass. 

Xbox Game Pass offers access to a vast library of titles at a rather affordable price tag.
Xbox Game Pass offers access to a vast library of titles at a rather affordable price tag.

According to Stuart, the goal seems to be providing consumers with the premium value of Xbox Game Pass in exchange for a couple dozen seconds of their time. Similar logic is being applied to its cloud streaming service, allowing users to access its vast library without any factors in the middle.

It also helps us, maybe lastly, on geographic expansion. The vision I like to talk about is we have xCloud game streaming, so you can subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate and you can stream hundreds of games to really any endpoint that has a browser experience. For models like Africa, or India, Southeast Asia, maybe places that aren’t console-first, you can say, ‘hey, do you want to watch 30 seconds of an ad and then get two hours of game streaming?'”

Elaborating on the matter, Tim talked about the population and market statistics of Africa. He stated, “Africa is, you know, 50% of the population is 23 years old or younger with a growing disposable income base, all with cell phones and mobile devices, not a lot of high-end disposable income, generally speaking.” This enables the company to introduce the region to its business models and attract customers that they couldn’t before.

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The usage of ads in such a manner isn’t something entirely new. Mobile games in the past have used this method to provide a specific amount of its premium currency to players should they opt to not spend real money. Gacha games in particular implemented this tactic but Microsoft seems to be scaling it up to a massive scale.

Game Pass stands as the company’s premier subscription service. Over time, it has established itself as the most cost-effective option in an environment where game prices and development budgets are soaring to new heights. In September of this year, reports indicated that the service generated an impressive $230 million in a single month, with the majority of its user base opting to pay the full subscription price.

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