Pavlov Dev Says Game Runs 10% Faster On PS VR2 Than On PC VR With 3090Ti

The FPS game runs 10% faster on Sony's upcoming VR Headset, showcasing its amazing specs.

Story Highlights

  • PS VR2 runs the FPS game Pavlov 10% faster than a PC VR setup containing a 3090 Ti GPU.
  • David Villareal, the developer of the game, revealed this info in a Discord thread.
  • This depicts the strong specs of the upcoming headset, which will retail for $600.

The Virtual Reality market is eagerly awaiting the release of the much anticipated Sony headset, PS VR2. Sony’s second headset is launching with remarkable specs, but people still have doubts about whether it succeed.

Conflicting reports about the upcoming headsets production are further confusing the fans about what the company expects from it.

But, it does have stellar specs, and the developer of the popular VR FPS game Pavlov has confirmed it. According to David Villareal, the game runs 10% faster on the PS VR2 than on a 3090 Ti PC VR setup. Such a performance is nothing but brilliant and displays the power of the headset.

Year by year the VR market is getting more combative and upcoming releases like Apple’s rumored touchless headset will make it even more interesting. PS VR2 is another future headset and is going to be one of the biggest tech launches of this year. But, no one is really sure how it will fare in sales. 

On one hand, Bloomberg is saying that Sony has cut production in half due to disappointing pre-orders. Meanwhile, the company is completely refuting this and saying the fan response has been great. So, no predictions are able to tell us how the PS VR2 will perform when it hits the market.

A lot of people think that the Sony headset will fail due to its hefty price tag in this economy. Former Oculus CTO John Carmack also expressed similar views about the upcoming headset. No doubt, the PS VR2 is a technical marvel and has a stunning launch lineup to go with it.

However, the $600 might just be a little too much for consumers alongside buying a PS5. There is one thing that everyone has agreed on regarding the PS VR2, including John Carmack. Its specs are that very thing and most people unanimously confer that the device is a huge improvement over PS VR.

Dave Villareal, the developer of the popular VR first-person shooter game Pavlov, recently proved this fact. Flat2VR reported comments the creator posted on Discord and they reveal some interesting info. Apparently, Pavlov runs much faster on a PS VR2 than on a PC VR setup.

The game runs 10% faster on the Sony headset than on PC VR. Keep in mind, we aren’t talking about any setup, but one with the 3090 Ti GPU. Hence, the performance of PS VR2 has beaten a high-end PC VR setup, at least in the case of Pavlov.

Obviously, the same won’t be the case for many other games, but this is still a big win for the headset. We already know how powerful the specs of PS VR2 are. Its OLED display and low latency ray tracing make it an amazing upgrade to the 2017 PS VR.

But, it’s still nice to get some proof of this from the developer of a very popular VR game. Pavlov has been around since 2017 and became a massive success on Steam. It lead to the creation of Vankrupt Games, which David Villareal founded and is the CEO of.

He also funds the studio so his word holds credence and it is not some random person stammering. From what we have seen, the games are looking beautiful on the PS VR 2. Horizon Call of the Mountain, which recently went Gold, is breathtaking on the headset.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that PS VR2 has the technical side on lock after the approval from Pavlov’s creator. Granted, its price may be a hurdle in it selling really well and outperforming headsets like Meta Quest 2. But, it looks like it is going to be an industry frontrunner in performance.

PS VR2 launches on February 22, 2023, all around the world alongside 37 games. Only time will tell if it becomes a success or if its price stage hinders it. Do you think the headset will break records or will it be a failure? Tell us in the comments below.

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