Google Stadia

Cloud services have swept the gaming sphere with an innovative approach to gaming. Traditionally, one could only play games he owned on his device and was limited by the hardware requirements of the owned platform. However, now gaming is possible through the stellar technology of the cloud. Stadia utilizes cloud technology for gaming; it is run and operated by the colossus of technology, Google. Stadia delivers online gaming services that handle games on remote servers and stream them directly to a user’s device, or in other words, playing a game remotely from a cloud. Enjoy various games after purchasing from the stadia store or subscribe to the Stadia Pro subscription to play games at no additional cost.
You can immerse in Stadia on your computer using the latest Chrome browser or your compatible Android phone/tablet using the Stadia app and the service is also available on compatible TVs. Stadia received a mixed reception at the release. Although the concept and its execution appeared promising, many promised features were lacking upon launch. Stadia competes with giants of cloud gaming service providers like Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, GeforceNow, and PlayStation Now, to name a few. On eXputer, you will satiate your cravings related to all the current happenings, news, and tidbits concerning Stadia and games correlated to it.