4 Predictions For Elden Ring’s DLC That Make Sense

With the Tarnished set to return to the Lands Between, I have some thoughts on what they'll encounter going forward.

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  • With Elden Ring’s DLC inching closer, fans have begun coming up with their main predictions.
  • I think the DLC will feature new endings, areas, as well as entirely different timelines.

With Elden Ring’s DLC announcement getting closer each day, many fans have been going hollow trying to figure out just where it’ll be set. It’s not exactly a surprise to see why so many people are excited though. Elden Ring launched with almost unanimous praise from both fans and critics. But since then, FromSoftware has been extra silent on what’s next for the highly acclaimed title.

A couple of months ago, the devs released a single image showcasing the DLC and its title. Called “Shadow of the Erdtree“, the DLC will seemingly be set in a land and time similar to the Lands Between. While this single image isn’t a lot to go on, most Elden Ring fans have already published their theories on what the DLC will include based on that single frame alone.

Keep in mind, the Souls community are folks who have strung together the lore of multiple FromSoftware games based solely on item descriptions and the dialogues of NPCs who sound like they’re literally insane. They’re kind of experts when it comes to piecing together something from nothing. I just happen to be one such expert. So, without further ado, here are the top predictions that I have for Elden Ring’s upcoming DLC.

It Will Feature Miquella

Probably the easiest prediction I can make for the DLC is that it will in some way feature Miquella, brother to Malenia. This is because he’s the most likely figure riding Torrent as shown in the promotional teaser. Miquella was quite an important character in the lore of Elden Ring. Interestingly, he’s currently not interactable in the main game, which makes his relevance that much more interesting.

Miquella as seen in the Elden Ring DLC poster.
Miquella as seen in the Elden Ring DLC poster.

As an Empyrean, he was chosen by the Two Fingers as a possible candidate to succeed Queen Marika. But at some point, he was kidnapped by his half-brother Mohg, Lord of Blood. After taking him deep underground, Mohg attempted to make Miquella his consort, raising him to full godhood. At the time of Elden Ring, Malenia is unaware of her brother’s real location.

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While players end up defeating both Malenia and Mohg, it doesn’t feel like Miquella’s arc is properly concluded. Especially because the Tarnished has no option to interact with the cocoon in which Miquella is asleep. It’s likely that the DLC will make this interactable in some way. In addition to this, there is a good chance that players will get more insight into Miquella’s role.

The fact that Miquella is seen riding Torrent might be a big clue too. It could indicate that he was Torrent’s previous master. This is alluded to by Ranni when she hands the spirit summon bell to the players at the start of the game. Maybe there is more to Miquella than it seems, especially if he’s the one who rode Torrent before the Tarnished did.

There Will Be More 2 Or More Legacy Dungeons

My next prediction is popular among other fans too. And it’s that the DLC will include more than just one Legacy Dungeon. For those who might not know, a Legacy Dungeon is a part of Elden Ring which closely resembles the more linear-level structure of the previous Souls titles. Areas like Stormveil Castle, Raya Lucaria Academy, and The Capital, are all examples of Legacy Dungeons.

While the open world of Elden Ring is chock-full of smaller dungeons like caves, tombs, and mines, most fans agree that it’s the Legacy Dungeons where the game most shines. These are filled to the brim with interesting pathways that all connect with one another, opening shortcuts and new routes as players continue to progress through them.

byu/Everdale from discussion

In a lot of ways, these Legacy Dungeons feel like the ultimate version of the original zone layout featured in Dark Souls 1. The interconnected nature of them has made them a fan-favorite, and I personally can’t wait to see more than just one get added in the DLC. While two, or even three new Legacy Dungeons might sound tough, keep in mind the DLC has been in production for quite some time.

With it being two years since the initial game came out, I’m hoping FromSoftware will deliver something truly massive. A Legacy Dungeon that’s similar in size and scope to Stormveil Castle, alongside two smaller ones could help to make the DLC feel like it’s got a lot of content and places to explore. Undoubtedly, FromSoftware is also going to add a new open-world area. So there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The DLC Will Feature Its Own Unique Ending

If there’s one aspect of Elden Ring that left me slightly disappointed, it’s the game’s endings. The currently known 6 endings of the title aren’t really all that satisfying. The most popular one is probably Ranni’s Age of Stars. But even with that conclusion, there is a lot of room for speculation on just what happens in the future. Many have criticized the ending for potentially leaving the world open to other otherworldly forces.

Elden Ring's 6 known endings.
Elden Ring’s 6 known endings.

Similarly, endings like the Age of Fracture, or the Age of Order, don’t quite change up the status quo all that much, leading to the repetition of the same problematic cycle of war present at the start of the game. And well, with the other three endings, the world is mostly dead and suffering, rather than being saved. Because of this, players are hoping that the DLC will add another ending or two.

One that actually resolves the core conflicts presented in Elden Ring, and gives the player Tarnished more agency. Some players suggested having an ending where the player simply refuses to combine the mending runes with the Elden Ring at the end. They could thus hold each kingdom hostage, threatening them to put the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, for example, if the Tarnished’s demands were not met.

It’s an interesting idea, and probably one that’s a bit too “out there”, even for FromSoftware. But it goes to show that even with the vague way Elden Ring concludes, there is room for more growth and development. It’s possible that with characters like Miquella coming back into the fray, players might get to unlock the “true” ending of the game. This could be the canon way Elden Ring concludes.

It Will Be Set In An Alternate Timeline

While this also mostly comes down to speculation, I think that Elden Ring will take players onto another timeline or area entirely. This is probably best indicated by the fact that the game will most likely introduce an entirely new area, as opposed to making additions to the existing zones like Limgrave or Caelid. In that case, it’d be much easier for FromSoftware to simply flip to another side of the map.

The teaser image shown for the Shadow of the Erdtree, also indicates that players might be taken to some kind of spirit realm. The dying Erd Tree in the background also hints at this possibly not being the same tree that players are used to seeing in the game. But rather a different one from an alternate land or timeline. Some have even speculated that there are two trees in the photo.

Knight of Black Knives as depicted in Elden Ring.

If my “different timeline theory” is correct, players could be taken to the Night of the Black Knives. This is a very important moment in the lore of Elden Ring, and possibly the moment that started it all. It’s possible players will have to go back in time and reverse the events of this night. And thus, preventing the Shattering from ever happening. Alternatively, Godwyn might become the Prince of Death in the present timeline, taking over the entire world.

So, preventing his death might be the only way to save the Lands Between. There is a lot of speculation and theories from fans. While a lot of it is quite interesting, it’s unclear just what route FromSoftware will take in the end. The company has proven itself to be quite unpredictable. So there’s no saying what the final DLC will really look like.

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