These Great Games That I Absolutely Recommend Take Up Less Than 10 GB Of Space

You don't need to have 100 GB spare to have fun.

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  • Video games in today’s day and age usually come with expanded file sizes that require hefty storage. 
  • Some underrated gems, however, are fantastic to play and take a chunk of the usual storage space.
  • Titles such as Factorio, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, and RimWorld shine bright on this front. 

I understand the pain of having to download games that take up north of 100 GB on your platform of choice, especially taking into account some particular ones, such as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and, of course, the recent Call of Duty games. Now, as fate would have it, it isn’t always the case where playing a great game has to mean that its file size is beyond the ordinary as well. 

Nuh-uh, this article ought to focus on some of the best games in the business that take less than 30 GB, no … 20 GB, no … merely 10 GB on platforms, and offer a high-quality experience at the end of the day just as well. In case you haven’t played these, you’re missing out. Big time. 

Running Low On Storage? Here’s What You Should Be Playing

I have to clear this up beforehand: The following are suggestions that I’ve curated through personal experience playing them. If you’ve got something more to add to the collection here as well, make sure to comment down below and spark a discussion. 


Factorio is Extremely Addictive | Source: Steam

As the name suggests, Factorio is all about factories, and being a small-scale game, this one requires somewhere around 3 GB space minimum. It’s the ultimate time sink that’s going to plow away your hours and you won’t even feel it coming.

And it’s not just one thing that makes Factorio stand out. The way it employs resource management, factory automation, and the ability to solve problems on the fly. Extremely well worth the money in 2024.


Noita’s World Design Is Stellar | Source: Steam

Labeled an “action roguelike” by the devs, Noita is one of those games that are highly easy on the system, requiring no more than 2 GB of space on PC.

I’ve slaved away at this one for hours on end, only to find my satiety growing with every passing day playing the game. Noita’s physics, followed by its massive exploration potential, crazy difficulty, and unpredictable gameplay makes it a high-class indie you should not let slip under your radar.


Valheim iron
Going Up Against The Elder In Valheim | Source: eXputer

Valheim’s still in early access despite coming out three years ago, but this game produces more thrills and excitement than most AAA releases I’ve played. A fantastic Viking adventure that’s going to overwhelm you with so much replayability, it’s insane.

Oh, and the fact that this giant survival RPG is somewhere around 1.5 GB is honestly baffling. It’s beyond me how the game manages to achieve all that in less than 5 GB of occupied space. Incredible, to say the least. Make sure to give our Valheim’s expert weapons tier list a glance to start off right.  

Deep Rock Galactic

Some Consider Deep Rock Galactic The Better Helldivers Experience | Source: eXputer
Some Consider Deep Rock Galactic The Better Helldivers Experience | Source: eXputer

Selling more than 8 million copies since release, Deep Rock Galactic is an extremely distinct first-person shooter, stepping in the shoes of a miner-class dwarf, albeit with a twist. One of the most fun parts about the title is its fully destructible surroundings. Mess up anything and everything you want, but don’t forget to cooperate and uphold team-play for the best results.  

I consider Deep Rock Galactic a deep-dyed message for AAA game developers around the world, thanks to the shooter being such a user-first game, and putting the player’s fun above every other money-making metric. And as for its file size, it’s less than 3 GB, which is amazing in its own right.


RimWorld Is Not Your Average Sci-Fi Colony Sim | Source: Ludeon Studios 
RimWorld Is Not Your Average Sci-Fi Colony Sim | Source: Ludeon Studios 

Taking inspiration from many icons, including Dwarf Fortress and Dune, RimWorld may not seem like much at the start, but don’t let its minimalism fool you into thinking that you’ll be wasting your time with the game. As a matter of fact, it’ll be quite the opposite, considering how this intellectual sci-fi colony builder has a world of opportunity waiting for you with its unpredictable gameplay and insane mod potential.

Just so you know, RimWorld takes less than 1 GB on PC. I repeat, less than 1 GB. Dead serious. 

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Is My Go-To Side-Scroller | Source: Motion Twin 
Dead Cells Is My Go-To Side-Scroller | Source: Motion Twin 

Motion Twin’s magnum opus fits into many “best ‘x’ video games lists” really because of how diverse it is. You can hop on Dead Cells for a quick 20 minutes before work, while also taking up around 1 GB of space. Sporting a hauntingly beautiful world, diverse enemies, and great gameplay, this one should be on your radar at all costs. Trust me on that. 


best games on switch
Hades Has Bagged a Ton of Different Awards Following Its Launch in 2020 | Source: eXputer

Supergiant Games has went ahead and achieved something monumental with Hades, and I’m so thankful to the developer that it’s about to do all that again and then some with the imminent release of Hades 2. Talk about surreal, fast-paced gameplay, roguelike at its very best, a great action narrative, and enjoyable humor and quips all along that keep the experience fresh and crisp.

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