Elden Ring Convergence Is The Perfect Way To Get Back Into The Game Before The DLC

The expansive overhaul mod transforms the game in just every way imaginable.

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  • With Shadow of the Erdtree on the horizon, now is a great time to get back into Elden Ring.
  • Doing so with an overhaul mod like The Convergence might be the best option.
  • It offers over 250,000 additions, including revamped areas, bosses, and classes

There is still a bit of time left before Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will come out. Considering it might have some of the hardest content the game has to offer thus far, it’s probably not a good idea to step into the Lands Between without a bit of practice. Luckily, there’s a way to not only sharpen your Elden Ring skills while getting to enjoy some new content, even before the DLC comes out.

And that’s through overhaul mods like The Convergence. Truth be told, calling this a mere mod doesn’t feel like doing it justice. Made by the same team who worked on the Convergence mod from DS3, this is an expansive overhaul of just about everything the game has to offer. Featuring a whole slew of new content, including bosses, The Convergence might be the best way to get back into the game. Here’s why.

  • About the Author: Danish Bukhari has been gaming for decades, more recently playing RPG titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Elden Ring, making him highly knowledgeable on the subject.

The Mod Feels Like A Complete Experience

Unlike other mods that tend to remain unfinished for most of their runtime, the Convergence mod feels like a fully fleshed-out experience. While the dev team behind it continues to pump out updates like adding new content and smashing bugs, now’s as good a time as any to jump into it. Currently, the mod offers as many as 250,000 unique items, including dozens of new weapons, spells, completely revamped areas, and maps.

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And yes that includes new enemies and bosses too. Some of the changes look like they belong in a full-priced expansion, not a fan-made DLC. For example, Castle Morne, which looked like a bit of a wasted opportunity in the base game, has now been transformed into a functioning Legacy Dungeon with its own epic boss at the end to replace the previous Leonine Misbegotten.

Several of the dungeons in the game have also been overhauled, with some others being tweaked and expanded. The goal is to offer players returning to Elden Ring a fresh yet familiar experience, so having these changes can help out a ton to make the game feel exciting to go through again. It’s also a great way to practice your combat skills before things officially go down in the DLC.

Unique Class-Based Progression

Typically in Elden Ring your character more or less starts like a blank slate, with you deciding how you want to create your specific build over time. The Convergence, however, takes a bit of a different route. The mod offers 27 new classes to the game, which you can select while making your character. Each of these classes has unique starting equipment, spells, and even locations where they begin in the world.

The Starting Classes In Elden Ring Convergence (via GameRant).
The Starting Classes In Elden Ring Convergence (via GameRant).

Plus, what separates them even more than the base system found in all FromSoftware games, is that each class will come with its own progression path. So to unlock better spells for your chosen class, you’ll need to complete various quests across the world. And don’t worry, you’ll be told just what these quests are through in-game notes, so you don’t have to go crawling in the wiki.

This completely changes how you’d approach navigating through the Lands Between. No matter what build you go for in the base game, your journey always starts in Limgrave. But with this new system, your character might be a Rot Cultist starting out in Caelid. Or a Frenzied Flame Warrior beginning out in the burning village in the Weeping Peninsula. The gameplay possibilities are downright massive because of this.

New Bosses

Of course, the thing most of us Souls fans care about is the bosses. And amazingly, the team behind The Convergence has satiated that demand by offering several new and interesting bosses in The Convergence. Some of these use movesets from other FromSoftware games, allowing fans to go head-to-head against some of their favorite and most iconic encounters across FromSoft’s line-up.

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The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will definitely be eating away a chunk of everyone’s time when it comes out. But because of everything The Convergence adds to the game, I think it’s worth taking a look at, if only for biding time before we get to delve into the DLC later next month. The mod offers just enough new additions to keep even long-time fans interested, while still being familiar at the same time. 

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