AC Mirage: All Viewpoints Locations

Learn how to find all 21 AC Mirage Viewpoints allowing you to Fast Travel across the Five Regions in Baghdad.

Synchronized Viewpoints are a must for players looking to explore every corner in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You won’t encounter any locked Viewpoints right from the beginning, so you can go on to synchronize all 21 AC Mirage Viewpoints in and around Baghdad.

Key Takeaways
  • In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, there are 21 viewpoints scattered across the Five Regions.
  • All viewpoints are accessible from the start of the game and are key in Exploring Baghdad later in AC Mirage.
  • These viewpoints, once synchronized, work as Fast Travel points for Players to move quickly around Baghdad.

Here’s a quick overview of all the regions and their viewpoints in Assassin’s Creed Mirage:

RegionNumber of ViewpointsViewpoint Names
Abbasiyah Region3Dome Of The Ass, Abbasiyah Mosque, Observatory
Harbiyah Region4Great Mosque, Nestorian Monastery, The Harbor, Factories
Karkh Region3Monastery Of The Virgins, Qadi Office, Al-Midhana Al Ateeqa
Round City4Palace Of The Green Dome, Shurta Headquarters, Mazalim Courts, Harem
Wilderness Region7Anbar, Aqarquf Dunes, Dur-Kurigalzu, Northern Oasis, Jarjaraya, Wilderness Mosque, Southern Oasis

Abbasiyah Region

The Region of Abbasiyah contains Three Viewpoints

1. Dome Of The Ass

To access this viewpoint, you must head to the Dome Of The Ass in the South of Abbasiyah.

2. Abbasiyah Mosque

For this viewpoint, go to this Mosque situated in the center of Abbasiyah and head to the top of its Minar.

3. Observatory

For quick access to the Harbiyah and West of Baghdad, synchronize this viewpoint situated in the northwest of Abbasiyah

Harbiyah Region

The Harbiyah Region has Four viewpoints for players to access.

1. Great Mosque

This viewpoint can be a quick access to places in Abbasiyah, Round City, and Harbiyah itself. Climbing the Great Mosque takes some effort, but it’s one you must synchronize.

2. Nestorian Monastery

This viewpoint can be synchronized by traveling far east of Harbiyah and climbing up the Monastery’s highest Cross.

3. The Harbor

Near the Upper Harbor in the east of Harbiyah, approach this Mosque near the Prince’s Palace and climb up its Turret to synchronize this viewpoint.

4. Factories

In the center of Harbiyah, near the Metal And Dyeung Factories, you can find this viewpoint near the Harbiyah Bureau.

Karkh Region

There are Three AC Mirage viewpoints in Karkh, the southern Region of Baghdad.

1. Monastery Of The Virgins

In the south of Karkh, head to the Monastery Of Virgins. Go to the top point of the Church to access this viewpoint.

2. Qadi Office

For this viewpoint, you must go to the Qadi District Office near the Basra Gate, where Karkh meets the Round City.

3. Al-Midhana Al Ateeqa

Head to the East of Karkh to the Al-Midhana Al Ateeqa’s office. Here, climb up the tower to synchronize this viewpoint.

The Round City

The walled center region of Baghdad, The Round City, contains Four viewpoints. However, since most of this Region is restricted and well-guarded, it is better that you approach these viewpoints after upgrading Basim.

1. Palace Of The Green Dome

This highly protected viewpoint resides within the walls of the Palace, and it is almost impossible to approach it without engaging with a lot of Guards. First, you must enter the Palace through a crack in the southern wall of the Palace and head to the eastern side of the Palace to climb to its peak.

2. Shurta Headquarters

In the East of the Round City, you can access this viewpoint by climbing this Tower north of the Shurta Headquarters.

3. Mazalim Courts

To locate the viewpoint, head west from the Mazalim Courts in the north of The Round City. You must climb up a tower situated east of the Damascus Gate.

4. Harem

You can synchronize this viewpoint inside the Round City southeast of the Harem building near the Basra Gate.

Wilderness Region

The Wilderness is the largest Region in AC Mirage Baghdad, and that’s why it has Seven AC Mirage viewpoints across it.

1. Anbar

To access this viewpoint, head to the Anbar Village Northwest of the Map. Here, climb the tower at the marked location and synchronize the area.

2. Aqarquf Dunes

In the Region of Wilderness, this is the closest viewpoint to Baghdad. To access it, approach this highest point in the Aqarquf Dunes Region

3. Dur-Kurigalzu

To find this AC Mirage Viewpoint, head southeast of Anbar and go on top of a Large Rock Formation to synchronize.

4. Northern Oasis

For this viewpoint, you must go to the Northern Oasis East of the Anbar Village

5. Jarjaraya

Head to the south of Wilderness. Then, you need to go to the populated village of Jarjaraya near the agricultural fields of Baghdad.

6. Wilderness Mosque

In the southern Wilderness, you will find this lone Mosque. Head to the top of its Minar to synchronize this viewpoint.

7. Southern Oasis

To Synchronize this viewpoint, head to the edge of the plank at the marked location, just like the northern oasis.

That’s about it regarding AC Mirage Viewpoint Locations. To learn more about the game, you can read eXputer’s Review of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.


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