AC Mirage: How To Find Confiscation Warehouse

Learn how to Find, Enter and Solve The AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse Case in the Coin, Corruption, and Tea quest.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, during the Coin, Corruption, and Tea quest, you get a case related to the Confiscation Warehouse. For this case, you need to find a Warehouse and gather information about the Harbormaster, which can be a little tricky. However, The AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse can be found without bribing Kong’s Colleague Luca.

Key Takeaways
  • To find The AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse, head to the East of Karkh near the Tabik gate.
  • Find a creek North of the warehouse to enter the Confiscation Warehouse.
  • Find Three Letters scattered across the Warehouse.

Where To Find The Confiscation Warehouse In AC Mirage

ac mirage
Confiscation Warehouse Location (Screenshot By Exputer)

At Kong’s shop, Luca offers you the Warehouse’s location in return for some bribe, but you can find it without his help. The AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse is located in the East of Karkh near the Tabik Gate. Cross the bridge near Cookmen’s Quarter, and moving left along the road takes you to the Warehouse. 

How To Enter The Confiscation Warehouse

ac mirage
The Creek Location (Image By Exputer)
ac mirage warehouse
The Creek (Image By Exputer)

The Confiscation Warehouse is well-guarded and restricted, so going straight in is not an option. Rather, go to the northeast gate of the warehouse, and you’ll find a creek left to it. This creek is your way to enter the Confiscation Warehouse. 

How To Find Information About The Harbormaster

In this case, you need to find information about the Harbormaster. For this, you must examine THREE letters across the Confiscation Warehouse.

Follow these steps to find all three letters.

  1. Upon entering the warehouse, you will notice a tent on your left. Heading into this tent, you will find your First letter on the table.
    ac mirage confiscation warehouse
    The First Letter (screenshot by Exputer)
  1. For the second letter, you must head carefully into a building left of this tent without alarming any guards.
  2. Here, you must assassinate two guards and tread into a building next to it, again doing it silently.
  3. In this building, you will find a single guard. Assassinate him, and you will find yourself in front of the second letter.
    ac mirage
    The Second Letter (screenshot by Exputer)
  1. Now leave this building and head right.
  2. Here, eliminate this guard using a throw knife, and you can silently walk across to the opposite building.
    ac mirage confiscation warehouse
    The Guard (screenshot by Exputer)
  3. Using a lift, get on top of the building and drop down on the other side.
  4. Here, you will assassinate another guard.
  5. Simply enter the building and you will find your third letter.
    ac mirage
    The Third Letter (Screenshot by Exputer)

The exact locations for all three letters have been marked on the map provided.

ac mirage confiscation warehouse
Letter Locations (Image By Exputer)

That’s about it regarding your AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse Case. Once you have examined all three notes, leave the Confiscation Warehouse. This action will mark the conclusion of the Confiscation Warehouse case, and Basim will now be set to assassinate the next Order member, Al-Kullulu.

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