What Are AQ Kills In Warzone 2? [Explained]

Learn Everything About AQ Kills & How Strong these Soldiers Are in Warzone 2.0!

AQ Kills are acquired by killing AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2, which are AI enemies which you will face during your stay at Al Mazrah. That being said, AQ Kills shows how many AI enemies you have killed in the match. These new AQ Soldiers are scattered over the map in a standard battle royale and the new DMZ mode.

Key Takeaways
  • AQ Kills are AI enemies you kill throughout the game.
  • AQ Soldiers are found in both battle royale and DMZ mode.
  • AQ means Al-Qatala, a terrorist organization in Warzone 2.0.
  • AQ Soldiers are found in Strongholds and Black Site locations.

What Are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2?

AQ’s full form is Al-Qatala, which is an enemy terrorist organization in Warzone 2. It is a new addition to the Warzone battle royale mode. They are AI Controlled enemies and count as AQ Kills. You will find the stats of how many AQ kills you have after you finish the match.

These AQ Soldiers are seen guarding the three Strongholds and one Black Site. As soon as the first circle closes, you will find the three Strongholds marked on your map.


Warzone 2 Stronghold Mark
Stronghold Mark in Warzone 2 – [Image by eXputer]

These locations are guarded by AQ Soldiers, and they contain a bomb that you need to defuse. However, Strongholds award you generously upon its completion with a Loadout Crate, UAV Ping, and a key to the Black Site.

Black Site is not accessible till you complete one of the Stronghold. The keys to Black Site are only provided to the first team that completes the Stronghold mission. Therefore, you will have to compete with other players and AQ Soldiers to acquire the key.

Warzone 2 Black Site Mark
Black Site Mark in Warzone 2 – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

Black Site is heavily guarded by the AQ Soldiers, and they are stronger than Stronghold’s enemies. With three keys, you are most likely to bump into real players. Make sure to be prepared to face them off. You will have to defeat Juggernaut to complete the Black Site mission.

Upon completion, you will receive a permanent weapon blueprint, which is accessible in every game mode. Moreover, Black Site will reward you handsomely with its loot and a permanent UAV. Black Sites are only available in the standard battle royale mode.

How Strong Are AQ Soldiers?

They are weaker than the real players and are much easier to kill. However, their number is what will put you in a disadvantageous situation. Moreover, some AQ soldiers are equipped with armor and are able to take more damage.

You should not directly rush into them and fight from mid-range with good cover, as it’s difficult to kill hordes of enemies shooting at you. Be careful when taking a fight with them; their numbers are no joke.

That’s everything on What are AQ Kills Call of Duty: Warzone 2. With Warzone 2 being launched a day ago, there are sure questions to come. Why not read our guide on Best LMGs & Loadouts and save your time testing all the weapons. Finding out the Best Snipers & Their Loadouts will also help you in long range fights.  

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