Best PUBG PC Settings For High FPS (Updated 2023)

In-Depth Guide On How To Get High FPS In PUBG

PUBG Is perhaps one of the best Battle Royale games out there. The game left early access in 2017 and was fully released by 2018. What makes PUBG so Incredible, is its realistic gameplay and tremendous graphics. The gameplay is very enjoyable, and there are endless features you can explore. Graphics are good too, but players consistently struggle to get High FPS. I’ve played the game for nearly 3000 hours, and I can assure you getting High FPS In PUBG is hard. The game isn’t properly optimized, and even with good hardware, the frames aren’t consistent. Now, if you are going through a similar position. Don’t worry, because you have to come to the right place.

Key Takeaways
  • Maintaining a high FPS in PUBG can be very hard because the game is not optimized very well.
  • For Nvidia settings, make sure to enable “use the advanced 3D Image Setting” feature from the Nvidia control panel.
  • You should now optimize global Nvidia settings, these include, turning off V-sync and shader cache, disabling low latency mode, using maximum performance for power management and more.
  • AMD users should first confirm that their device drivers are updated to the latest version.
  • AMD settings include, enabling AMD FreeSync, disabling frame rate target control, setting shader cache to AMD optimized or on, and so forth.
  • In-game graphic settings should disable V-Sync, put the shadows to very low, set FPP Camera FOV to 90, disable motion blur and more.
  • Additionally, you can use some custom launch options, disable fullscreen optimization, and enable game mode for even better performance.
  • Finally, you can set PUBG as a high performance game in windows graphic settings.

In this guide, we are going to make several changes in PUBG Settings, Graphics Card Settings, and the Windows 10 itself. If you follow the guide properly, I can guarantee that you won’t be getting any more stutters, crashes, Low Frames, and game freezes. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into details.

Best Nvidia Graphics Settings for PUBG

Before we hop into Nvidia Global Settings. Make sure, that, “use the advanced 3D Image Setting” is enabled in the Adjust Image Settings with Preview. If you don’t know, how to access it. Just right click on Desktop, Open Nvidia Control Panel. Afterward, go to the Adjust Image Settings Tab under 3D Settings Category, and you will find the option.

  1. Once done, go to Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings.
  2. Make the following changes:
    Best PUBG PC Settings
  3. Image Sharpening – Sharpening off, Scaling Disabled
  4. Ambient Occulusion – Off
  5. Anisotropic Filtering- Off
  6. Antialiasing FXAA – Off
  7. Antialiasing – Gamma Correction – On
  8. Antialiasing – Mode – Off
  9. Antialiasing – Settings – None
  10. Antialiasing – Transparency – Off
  11. CUDA – GPUs – All
  12. DSR – Factors – Off
  13. DSR – Smoothness – Off
  14. Low Latency Mode – Off
  15. Max Frame Rate – Off
  16. Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) – Off
  17. OpenGL Rendering GPU – Auto Select
  18. Power Management Mode – Prefer Maximum Performance
  19. Preferred Refresh Rate – Choose Max or Application-controlled
  20. Shader Cache – On
  21. Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimization – On
  22. Texture Filtering -Negative LOD –Allow
  23. Texture Filtering – Quality: High Performance
  24. Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization On
  25. Threaded Optimization –On
  26. Triple buffering – Off
  27. Vertical Sync – Off
  28. Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames – 1

Best AMD Settings for PUBG

For AMD Users, make sure that your drivers are updated to the latest Adrenaline version. Afterward, open the AMD Control Panel, select PUBG under Gaming and Graphics Profiles, and make the following changes.

  1. Anti-Aliasing Mode Use Application Settings
  2. Anti-Aliasing Method – Adaptive Multisampling
  3. Morphological Filtering – Off
  4. Anisotropic Filtering Mode – Use Application Settings
  5. Texture Filtering Quality – Performance
  6. Surface Format Optimization – On
  7. Wait for Vertical Refresh – Off
  8. OpenGL Triple Buffering – Off
  9. Shader Cache – AMD Optimized or On
  10. Tessellation Mode – Override Application Settings
  11. Maximum Teselation Level – Off
  12. AMD FreeSync On
  13. Frame Rate Target Control – Disabled

Best PUBG Settings for High FPS and Performance

Once you are done with the Graphics Card Settings. Its time to select the best PUBG settings for Max FPS and Performance.

  1. Under Graphics Setting, make the following changes.
    Best PUBG PC Settings
    PUBG In-Game Settings for Best Performance
  2. Resolution – Personel Preference, but note that the lower the resolution, the more Frames you get,
  3. Lobby FPS Cap: Unlimited, Anything Below 60 will result in a laggy and unresponsive UI.
  4. In-Game FPS Cap – Custom / Enter your Refresh Rate Value in Max FPS.
  5. Brightness Personel Preference.
  6. Universal Brightness for all Maps – Enabled.

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Advanced PUBG Settings

  1. Render Scale – 100. Really Important, anything above or below 100 can have a huge impact on Performance.
  2. FPP Camera FOV -The higher the FOV, the fewer frames you get. That is because, in High FOV, you see more Pixels at a time. I personally prefer 90, because its very balanced, and gives me the benefit of extra Frames. Pro players with really good PC’s go for 103 FOV.
  3. Overall Graphics Quality: Custom.
  4. Anti-Aliasing – Very Low. In Competitive Games like PUBG, there is no point in having those ultra visuals with smooth edges and blurred display. Instead, keep it low, and you will see very clear and sharp visuals, that can also help you spot enemies & get high frame rates.
  5. Post-Processing – Very Low.
  6. Shadows – Very Low. Anything above Very Low will have a huge impact on your PC’s performance.
  7. Textures – Ultra.
  8. Effects – Very Low.
  9. Foliage – Very Low.
  10. View Distance – Medium (I used to keep it very Low because my monitor sharpness was Max. However, I recently changed Monitor, so that benefit is gone, and now I’ve to rely on the game itself. You can go with Medium or Very Low depending on your Monitor Settings.
  11. Sharpen – Disable.
  12. V-Sync – Disabled ( Really Important, when enabled you will experience huge input lag, and frames will be capped to 60).
  13. Motion Blur – Disabled (Motion Blur in Competitive Games do not make any sense).

Best PUBG Launch Options for High FPS

If you are unaware of launch options. Let me explain it in easy words. The Steam version of PUBG has launch options, that Steam says are advanced settings. Well, there isn’t a lot of advanced gimmicks involved, all you have to do is just enter this set of code.

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES is going to unlock all your cores while playing PUBG. Therefore, you can expect more Frames than usual. On top of that, you will also experience more responsiveness and the overall performance will become very consistent.

-sm4 forces DX10 graphics instead of DX11 or DX12. Consequently, in some cases, it can completely change the visuals of the game, and you might be disappointed. If you experience something like that. Just simply remove it. Everyone has had different experiences, but from what I’ve heard and experienced everyone in PUBG Community is using this code.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Right Click on PUBG > Properties > General.
    Best PUBG PC Settings
    PUBG Launch Options
  3. Now Under General Tab > Click on Set Launch Options and enter the code given below.
  4. -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4.
    Best PUBG Launch Options
    Take a good look at spacing and make sure you are entering the exact same code.
  5. Once Done, simply exit and launch the game to see if you notice any changes.

Disable Full-Screen Optimisation to Improve Performance

Disabling Full-Screen Optimisation is really important. Many gamers have noticed that when enabled the game is using more than recommended power. Further, players have also complained that when enabled, the Windows 10 Notifications keep piling up in the background, thus impacting performance.

On the bright side, when full-screen optimization is disabled, you will also see massive responsiveness in minimizing PUBG, and in some cases more Frames and Improved Performance.

  1. Open Steam > Right Click PUBG > Properties > Local Files.Best PUBG PC Settings
  2. Under Local Files, Click on Browse Local Files and Head over to TslGame > Binaries > Win 64.
  3. Afterward, you will numerous PUBG Applications in this folder. Best PUBG Settings For High FPS
  4. Now Right-click on ExecPubg > Properties > Compatibility > Make Sure Disable Full Screen Optimisations is checked.
    Best PUBG Settings For High FPS
    Disable Full-screen optimisations
  5. Afterward, Click on Change high DPI Settings and Check “Override high DPI scaling behavior. Also, choose Application under Scaling Performed by.
    Best PUBG Settings For High FPS
    Enable High DPI Scaling
  6. Once Done Hit Ok, and once more hit Apply and Ok in the tab beneath.
  7. After the changes are made, just apply the same changes for the TslGame application.

Enable Game Mode For Max Performance

Game Mode is a built-in Windows 10 feature that is designed to provide games with 100% processing power. What Game Mode actually does is quite simple. Whenever you are playing a game, and there are heavy applications running in the background. Game Mode will automatically kill those applications, and therefore ensure that your CPU/Memory is properly utilized.

Game Mode Can be enabled very easily, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Start > Type Game Mode > Open the First Result.
    Best PUBG Settings For High FPS
    Game Mode
  2. Once Opened, Simply Enable Game Mode and Exit.
    Best PUBG Settings For High FPS
    Enable Game Mode

Get High FPS in PUBG Through Windows Graphics Settings

Like Game Mode, Windows 10 also has another built-in feature called the Graphics Setting. The game mode mostly emphasis on CPU Performance, while the Graphics Setting is strictly meant for optimizing the Graphic Card Usage. Through Graphics Settings, you can set priority to applications regarding how much power can they squeeze. If you want the best possible performance, simply go for High performance. Since that will make sure your GPU is giving 100% Value to that game.

  1. Under Search > Type Graphics Setting > Open The First Result.
  2. Now Click On Browse and Find TslGame, wherever you have downloaded it. Usually, the game is located under
  3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
    High Graphics Performance Preference for PUBG
  4. Afterward, click on Options and under Graphics Specifications, Choose High Performance.Best PUBG PC Settings
  5. Once Done, Hit Save.

Note: These settings were made during PUBG Season 8. However, the settings mentioned above have proved to work on all sorts of updates.

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Chicken Dinners Are Just Around The Corner

Best PUBG PC Settings
With these settings, I’m never worried about Frames. All I have to do is was just focus on the game.

Once you have applied all the changes suggested above. I can assure you that next time you are on your way to grab a chicken dinner. Your PUBG won’t lag, nor will it stutter or crash. These settings are used by ESports players and really the best ones in the game. Other than that, you can expect 100% performance, and likewise, also experience buttery smooth gameplay.

If you are still struggling to get chicken dinners, I’ll highly recommend you to check our guide on “How To Become Absolute Pro At Any Competitive Game”.

Following various changes in the UI and interface of PUBG. We benchmarked the game once more, and changed various tweaks to keep up with the Best PC Settings Meta.

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