Vampire Survivors Cheat Codes [ACTIVE June 2024]

Features all codes and simple instructions on how to unlock them for exciting in-game rewards

If you’re looking for the secret codes to unlock rewards in Vampire Survivors, this article covers you. With codes for characters, stages, items, and more, players can discover a lot of content in this modern arcade game.

Key Takeaways
  • Using cheat codes in Vampire Survivors can help players unlock characters, stages, items, and other in-game rewards.
  • Some codes can only be entered on the main menu, while others require players to collect the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane to unlock the cheat menu first.
  • To redeem the cheat codes, players can enter them correctly on the main menu or after unlocking the cheat menu.
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or you are facing any code-related glitches, dive into Ultimate Code Guide for all the necessary solutions!
Important: To use most cheat codes, you must first unlock the Secrets Menu by getting the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which you can find in The Bone Zone held by the Sketamari, a boss resembling a giant circle of bones.
Last Checked: June 1st, 2024

Main Menu Codes

Enter specific codes directly on the main menu to activate various rewards.

up, down, down, left, right, left, right, ESC, EnterUnlocks the character Mortaccio.
aintnobodygottimeforthatUnlocks the Arcanas Game Killer, Mad Groove, Out of Bounds, Disco of Gold, and Silent Old Sanctuary.
petAllows you to pet and heal the character O'Sole once during a run.
Type x-x1viiqUnlocks the character Exdash.
Unlock Exdash, then kill either the Stalker, Drowner, or Trickster, then press down and enter when Toastie appears.Unlocks the character Toastie.
Within 30 seconds, enter "spam" on the main menu, again on the character select, again on the stage select, and then "humbug" in a run.Unlocks the character Smith IV.

Stage Cheat Codes

Enter these codes in the stage selection menu to unlock different stages.

everywhereUnlocks Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, and Capella Magna.
relaxenjoylifeUnlocks Il Molise.
honestyUnlocks Moongolow.
dotgogreenacresUnlocks Green Acres.
rottingpizzaUnlocks the Bone Zone.
peakgamedesignUnlocks Boss Rash.
recycletheforestUnlocks Bat Country.
recyclethetowerUnlocks Tiny Bridge.

Character Cheat Codes

Use these codes to unlock different characters and their corresponding weapons.

noneladonnaUnlocks Arca Ladonna.
vivaladonnaUnlocks Porta Ladonna.
superladonnaUnlocks Lama Ladonna.
strongestcharacterUnlocks Poe Ratcho.
faschiumaUnlocks Suor Clerici.
bioparcoUnlocks Dommario.
accidentiUnlocks Krochi Freetto.
crystalmakeupUnlocks Christine Davain.
flymetothemoonUnlocks Pugnala Provola.
thetwoassassinsUnlocks Giovanna Grana.
feldschlachtUnlocks Poppea Pecorina.
ifeellovevenusUnlocks Concetta Caciotta.
yattapandaUnlocks Yatta Cavallo and the Cherry Bomb weapon.
carrambaUnlocks Bianca Ramba and the Carréllo weapon.
resetUnlocks O'Sole Meeo and the Celestial Dusting weapon.
languorinoUnlocks Sir Ambrojoe and the La Robba weapon.
waitreactionUnlocks Iguana Gallo Valletto.
quandolodiceluiUnlocks Divano Thelma.
paradigmshiftUnlocks Zi'Assunta Belpaese.
exdashexoneviiqUnlocks Exdash.
tramezzini (after unlocking Exdash)Unlocks Toastie.
maybeimastallionUnlocks Smith IV.
igottagettotheedgeofsoulUnlocks Random.
fettinepanateUnlocks Boon Marrabbio.
kalvasflamUnlocks Avatar Infernas.
foldinthecheeseUnlocks Minnah Mannarah.
iwillneverletyouforgetaboutmeUnlocks Leda.
lhovistoioUnlocks Cosmo Pavone.
pinociampinoUnlocks Peppino.
earrivatolarrotinoUnlocks Big Trouser.
rightninetysevenUnlocks missingN▯.
highfiveUnlocks Gains Boros.
secondevolutionUnlocks Gyorunton.
ablasphemousmockeryUnlocks Mask of the Red Death.
allatonceUnlocks Queen Sigma.
notsureitsthunderUnlocks Scorej-Oni.

Item Cheat Codes 

Enter these codes on the item screen to unlock various weapons and relics.

everythingUnlocks all weapons and items (except those related to the Yellow Sign).
thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefaultUnlocks the Grim Grimoire relic.
thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefaultUnlocks the Ars Gouda relic.
leadmetothecheeseUnlocks the Milky Way Map relic.
thankelrondUnlocks the Magic Banger relic.
timecompressionUnlocks the Sorceress' Tears relic.
eggseggseggsUnlocks the Glass Vizard relic.
ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitUnlocks the Yellow Sign relic.
teleportustomarsUnlocks the Mindbender relic.
icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanetUnlocks the Great Gospel relic.
freezearrowUnlocks the Gracia's Mirror relic.
dootdootUnlocks the Seventh Trumpet relic.
gottagofastUnlocks the Chaos Malachite relic.
tengillesbalmUnlocks the Apoplexy relic.
randomazzamiUnlocks the Randomazzo relic and Sarabande of Healing arcana.

Arcanas Cheat Codes

Use these codes to unlock various Arcanas for powerful attacks.

ilmattoUnlocks Game Killer.
ilbagattoUnlocks Gemini.
lapapessaUnlocks Twilight Requiem.
limperatriceUnlocks Tragic Princess.
limperatoreUnlocks Awake.
ilpapaUnlocks Chaos in the Night.
randomazzamiUnlocks the Randomazzo relic and Sarabande of Healing arcana.
ilcarroUnlocks Iron Blue Will.
laforzaUnlocks Mad Groove.
leremitaUnlocks Divine Bloodline.
laruotaUnlocks Beginning.
lagiustiziaUnlocks Waltz of Pearls.
lappesoUnlocks Out of Bounds.
lamorteUnlocks Wicked Season.
latemperanzaUnlocks Jail of Crystal.
ildiavoloUnlocks Disco of Gold.
latorreUnlocks Slash.
lastellaUnlocks Lost & Found Painting.
lalunaUnlocks Boogaloo of Illusions.
ilsoleUnlocks Heart of Fire.
ilgiudizioUnlocks Silent Old Sanctuary.
ilmondoUnlocks Blood Astronomia.

Moonspell DLC Cheat Codes 

Unlock characters and weapons with these codes in the Moonspell DLC.

shounenheroineUnlocks the character Miang Moonspell and the Silver Wind weapon.
youngatheartUnlocks the character Menya Moonspell and the Four Seasons weapon.
itsnotaneclipseUnlocks the character Syuuto Moonspell and the Summon Night weapon.
vogueUnlocks the character Babi-Onna and the Mirage Robe weapon.
ionicoionicoUnlocks the character McCoy-Oni and the 108 Bocce weapon.
elamadonnaUnlocks the character Megalo Menya Moonspell.
takeashowerUnlocks the character Megalo Syuuto Moonspell and the Night Sword weapon.
chevolanoUnlocks the character Gav'Et-Oni and the Mille Bolle Blu weapon.

Tides Of The Foscari DLC Cheat Codes

Unlock characters and weapons with these codes in the Tides Of The Foscari DLC.

spellsomethingUnlocks the character Eleanor Uziron and the weapon Spell String.
animeismypassionUnlocks the character Maruto Cuts and the weapon Eskizzibur.
oopsisoleoneagainUnlocks the character Keitha Muort and the weapon Flash Arrow.
deusexmachinaUnlocks the character Luminaire Foscari and the weapon Prismatic Missile.
basicwitchUnlocks the character Genevieve Gruyere and the weapon Shadow Servant.
theworldeaterUnlocks the character Je-Ne-Viv.
happybirthdayUnlocks the character Sammy.
soulofthepartyUnlocks the character Rottin' Ghoul and the weapon Party Popper.
spellwhateverUnlocks the weapon Spell Stream.
spellwhicheverUnlocks the weapon Spell Strike.

More Cheat Codes 

Discover various rewards and changes in Vampire Survivors by entering these codes.

spinnnSpins the UI.
popthecornEnter the Green Acres stage with a lot of corn.
iwanttoseeitagainEnter the Holy Forbidden Stage.
spoopyseasonUnlocks the Halloween variants for Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Ramba, O'Sole Meeo, and their weapons.

How To Find The Forbidden Scrolls Of Morbane?

The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane open up a menu of secrets in Vampire Survivors. To unlock this menu, locate the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, a new Relic in the game. The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane are in The Bone Zone, the game’s toughest stage.

The screen that appears when relic is found
The screen that appears when a relic is found
  1. To unlock The Bone Zone, first, achieve Hyper Mode for three different stages.
  2. Pick a character with a targeted weapon, for example, Leda or Gennaro. Leda, a secret character, works well, but Gennaro is also suitable.
  3. Upon entering The Bone Zone, head south and check your map for a moving “?” symbol.
  4. Locate a giant rolling ball of bones, this is the target.
  5. Use your character’s weapons to defeat the boneball. Act quickly, as the bone ball becomes stronger with time.
  6. Once defeated, the bone ball drops the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.
  7. Collect the scrolls and the menu will be unlocked.

Now you have the Relic, enabling you to input cheat codes and uncover various in-game rewards. Make sure you have a high damage output so that you can defeat it quickly, and you can seek help from the Vampire Survivor Tier List.

This is all you need to know about codes and rewards in Vampire Survivors. With codes for characters, stages, items, and more, players can explore a wealth of content in this modern arcade game.

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