One Punch Hero Codes [May 2024]

Uncover latest and rare rewards using the One Punch Hero Codes in this guide that can be redeemed for Tokens, Boosts, and more!

Whether you are a seasoned One Punch Hero player or just starting out, codes can help you in your journey. This guide contains all the latest codes for One Punch Hero. These codes can be redeemed for useful freebies such as Tokens, Lucky Draws, EXP boosts, and Drop Boosts.

Tokens in One Punch Hero can be used to purchase your Hero Upgrades which are essential to growing stronger. Additionally, continue to read till the end to learn about how to redeem these codes and where to find even more codes.

Key Takeaways
  • One Punch Hero Codes can be redeemed for freebies such as Tokens, Lucky Draws, and EXP and Drop Boosts.
  • Players can spend Tokens to upgrade their Hero’s Stats.
  • 1m!llion is currently one of the many Active Codes for One Punch Hero.
  • Players can redeem the codes by simply clicking on the YouTube icon below the blue Energy Bar and pasting an Active Code.
  • To fix any issues that might occur when redeeming the codes, make sure that you check out the Ultimate Code Guide.
  • To discover additional codes, players can visit the official YouTube channel and join the Official Discord server.
  • Players can also Bookmark this page and visit often to stay up to date with the latest code releases. 

Active One Punch Hero Codes

Below I have compiled a list of all the codes that are currently active and working. These codes do not have an expiration date, therefore, I recommend that you redeem them as fast as you can before they expire. 

  • Last Checked On: May 1st, 2024.
newYears!Redeem this code for Two hours of x2 EXP and 1,000 Tokens
17kthanksRedeem this code for One hour of x2 EXP and 250 Tokens
16klikestyValid For double XP for two hours and 600 tokens (New!)
15klikesthanksRedeem this code for two hours of double XP and 750 tokens
14kokokUse the code to obtain 3 Lucky Draws and 350 Tokens
TRADINGClaim the code for Two hours of 2x EXP and 750 Tokens
tysm4tenKRedeem for 500 Tokens and one hour of 1.5x EXP
fav10kwowRedeem for 30 minutes of 1.5x EXP
ayayaya13KRedeem the Code for 200 Tokens and 3 Lucky Draws.
12KuruClaim the code for 200 Tokens and 2x Drop Rate.
SmallupdClaim the Code for 1 hour of x1.5 EXP and 250 Tokens.

Expired Codes

Here’s a list of expired codes for One Punch Heroes that you can try out to test your luck:

Codes Rewards
ShutdownMB Obtain 250 Tokens and 30 minutes of x1.5 EXP
CyborgAwakening Obtain 250 Tokens and 1.5 EXP for 1 hour.
oopsShutdown!CodeThoYay Redeem for 200 Tokens, 30 minutes of 2x Drop Boost, and 3 Lucky Draws.
TY1750 Claim the code for 3 Lucky Draws.
Shutdownagainoops Use the code to obtain 250 Tokens. 
9kyayyayyay! Claim the code for 5 Lucky Draws and 45 minutes of double EXP.
1000LIK3S Obtain 10 Free Lucky Draws.
SUPERHUMAN Obtain Free EXP and 200 Tokens.
1m!llion Claim the code for 30 minutes of EXP and 5 Lucky Draws.
HALFWAYTO10K Redeem for 2 Lucky Draws and 200 Tokens.
BLAST Obtain 2 Draws and 200 Tokens.
650OLikes Redeem for 2x EXP for 15 minutes and 350 Tokens.
4kyayyayyay! Redeem for 2x Drops for 25 minutes.
500kVisits! Claim the code for 3 Lucky Draws.
6000Nice This Code can be redeemed for 250 Tokens.
2500Nice Receive 250 Tokens redeeming the code.
3point5KYAY Obtain 2x Drops for 15 minutes and 5 Lucky Draws.
3000Woww! Obtain 350 Tokens.
RELEASE Claim the code for Free Rewards.

How To Redeem The Codes?

Claiming Codes In One Punch Hero
Redeeming One Punch Hero Codes

Once you have access to Active Codes, the next step is to redeem them. Fortunately, the process of redeeming the codes is quite simple. Follow the steps mentioned below to claim your codes successfully.

  1. Click on the white YouTube icon located under your Blue Energy bar.
  2. Copy a code from the list above.
  3. Paste it into the text box that says “Code“.
  4. Click on the Redeem Button.
  5. That is it!

What Is One Punch Hero?

One Punch Hero is a Roblox Punching game inspired by the famous Anime One Punch Man. In One Punch Hero, players can roam the streets while defeating thugs and bosses. Additionally, players can also finish quests to level up their Heroes and increase their stats such as Power, Defense, and energy.

With this, I conclude my guide on the latest One Punch Hero Codes. These Codes can be redeemed for some exciting and exclusive rewards, therefore, I highly recommend that you take full advantage of these codes before they expire. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comment section below.

In addition to that, if you are on the hunt for a new Roblox game, make sure to check out the Most Popular Roblox Games. Furthermore, check out the Sword Chronicles Awaken Codes for even more freebies!

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