Dave The Diver: How To Find Tube Corals

Dive deep with Dave The Diver to uncover rare Tube Corals, facing oceanic challenges and unlocking underwater mysteries.

In the depths of the ocean, Dave The Diver is tasked with a critical mission by Mima, a restaurant owner in dire need of the rare Tube Corals. These elusive corals, found near whale bones and growing on submerged rocks, are a coveted food source. As Dave embarks on this dangerous quest, every dive unveils mysteries and challenges awaiting beneath the waves.

Key Takeaways
  • Tube corals are a food ingredient for sea inhabitants in Dave The Diver, and they are whitish-grey stony corals.
  • Mima owns a restaurant and needs Tube Corals for her dishes.
  • Dave’s mission, “Tube Corals Needed,” is unlocked by Mima’s request.
  • Tube corals are rare and grow on underwater rocks deep in the ocean.
  • Mima hints that the corals are near whale bones.
  • To find Tube Corals in Dave The Diver, you need the following:
    1. Dave must have specific diving gear.
    2. Dave should dive into the Giant Blue Hole, outside the sea village.
    3. There’s a tunnel guarded by tubeworms that leads to the corals.
    4. Dave might face dangerous sea creatures during his quest.
    5. Tube corals are approximately 180 meters deep.
  • After collecting, Dave must deliver the corals to Mima’s restaurant.
  • Successful delivery completes the mission, rewarding Dave with credits and Bei in Dave The Diver.

What Are Tube Corals In Dave The Diver?

Tube Coral
Tube Coral [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tube corals are used as a food ingredient by inhabitants of the sea. They are stony corals of a whitish-grey color that grow in the depths of the ocean. Tube Corals can be identified by their clustered shape.

Mima, a character portrayed as an obese woman who owns the restaurant asks Dave for help and informs him about the urgent need for Tube Corals as she needs to serve the customers some food. This unlocks a mission for Dave called ‘Tube Corals Needed’. Some ingredients can easily be found; however, Tube Corals are not one of them.

You need to make some effort to bring them to Mima thus completing Dave’s mission. Tube corals exist as a rare ingredient that grows on underwater rocks deep in the ocean and can be located if looked for very carefully. During the conversation with Mima, she also tells Dave that Tube Corals can be found somewhere near the whale bones.

How To Find Tube Corals In Dave The Diver

Finding Tube Corals
Finding Tube Corals [Image Credits: eXputer]
You need to follow the following steps to help Dave complete the mission ‘Tube Corals Needed’. Primarily you need to unlock the required gear with which Dave can safely go diving in the depths of the water. Then you may proceed to go to the Giant Blue Hole, outside the sea village which is located at a depth of almost 130-135 meters.

After this, you’ll find a tunnel that is guarded by tube worms, remember the worms as a queue to identify this tunnel. During this journey, Dave may encounter dangerous creatures, which you’ll have to fight or escape from.

Don’t forget to collect the items you find during this mission, along the way. After you make Dave successfully cross the tunnel guarded by tubeworms travel to a depth of approximately 180 meters. There you’ll have to look carefully at your surroundings to find the tube corals, which grow on underwater rocks. If you look closely, you’ll be able to discover them soon enough.

Deliver Tube Corals To Mima

Deliver Tube Corals
Deliver Tube Corals [Image Credits: eXputer]
Once you have the Tube Corals travel back to the sea people’s village and head towards Mima’s restaurant. Deliver the Tube Corals to Mima, this will enlighten her mood as she can serve her customers properly now,

This will result in the completion of the ‘Tube Corals Needed’ mission and Dave will be rewarded with some credits and Bei. At this accomplishment, Mima will thank you and will be immensely pleased by your help.

In the vibrant underwater world of Dave The Diver, every dive is a plunge into mystery. From navigating the perilous depths to locating the elusive Tube Corals, Dave’s determination embodies the essence of true adventure. With the mission completed, both Mima and the sea village forever cherish his valor and tenacity.

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