Diablo Immortal: BEST Gems For Demon Hunter Class

This Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Demon Hunter will showcase the best choices that players can make for their gems during combat!

Diablo Immortal has six main classes: Monk, Necromancer, Barbarian, Crusader, Wizard, and Demon Hunter. One of the classes is the Demon Hunter class, a DPS-style ranged class. The players who are maining it will take their ranged weapon in hand and obliterate enemies in sight.

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo Immortal also has a system of classes where you can equip them with various weapons, armor, and gems.
  • One of those classes is the Demon Hunter class, a DPS-focused class that uses ranged attacks to deal most of their damage.
  • Gems are a system in Diablo Immortal that enhances those characters’ overall performance during combat.
  • Some of the best gems for a Demon Hunter class are:
    • Lighting Core.
    • Power and Command.
    • Fervant Fang.
    • Everlasting Torment.
    • Ca’aresen’s Invigoration.
    • Berserker’s Eye.
    • Echoing Shade.
    • Howler’s Call.
    • Bloody Reach.
    • Bottled Hope.
  • Each of these gems has different stats and benefits, and gems with Legendary rarity will come with other attack special abilities.

Gems For Demon Hunter

Lighting Core2Increase Resonance by 30
12 Combat Rating
Deals 90% base damage
Base Damage Damage is increased by 120%
Power and Command2Increase Resonance by 30
12 Combat Rating
Damage increased by 10.50%
Skill damage increase by 8.00%
Fervnt Fange2Increase Resonance by 30
12 Combat Rating
Attacks at 10 stacks increase 0.8*10%
Damage increase per attack increase by 1.05%
Everlasting Torment1Increase Resonance by 15
8 Combat Rating
Deals 10% base damage
Base Damage is increased to 12%
Ca’aresen’s Invigoration1Increase Resonance by 15
8 Combat Rating
Primary attack speed increase by 5.50%
Attack speed bonus enhance to 6.50%
Berserker’s Eye1Increase Resonance by 15
8 Combat Rating
Damage increased by 5%
Overall Damage increased by 5.50%
Echoing Shade5Increase Resonance by 30
18 Combat Rating
Attacks has 15% chance to summon shadows
Shadow Clon duration increased to 10 seconds
Howler’s Call5Increase Resonance by 30
18 Combat Rating
Inflicts 150% base damage
Damage increased to 180%
Bloody Reach2Increase Resonance by 30
12 Combat Rating
Overall damage increase by 2.00%
Damage increased by 2.70%
Bottled Hope5Increase Resonance by 30
18 Combat Rating
Increase movement speed target by 8.00%
Damage & Mov speed bonus increase by 10.50%

All classes require their own builds, weapons, armor, and gems, which we will cover in our Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Demon Hunter guide!

Let’s start by briefly discussing the main role of the Demon Hunter and how it operates whenever players are in combat with enemies.

They will stay safe from their deadly foes, take their bows in their hands, aim at their opponents, and shoot out devastating shots that will render their enemies useless. With their distance, they can stay safe as they will not take damage considering the enemies will not be able to reach them until they use the ranged weapon. 

Their attacks are fast-paced, allowing them to avoid enemy attacks, but one place they fall short is melee combat and will become squishy if cornered by opponents. We will cover the best gems for Demon hunter mains that can work for the class and aid them further in battle! With that, let’s get started!

Lightning Core 

Gem TypeGems Need per RankMax RankCrafted WithAttributes
Legendary461500 x Platinum, ATI x 300, TYR x 15Attacks have 10% chance to call chain lightning.

Increase own damage by 2%.

We will start by introducing some of the best-fitting gems for the class, and nothing can defeat the power of Lightning Core. With it being in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to overpower themselves. 

Whenever it is in your inventory, players’ attacks will have a 10% chance whereby they will be able to summon forth chain lightning, which will output 100-120% extra damage to any enemies in a nearby radius of the chain lightning. 

Players will also experience the total amount of damage they inflict on opponents will be increased by 2% for a total of 6 seconds. It has a 15-second cooldown. You might find our Bots guide useful if you are feeling a bit experimental with the game!

Power and Command 

Diablo Immortal Power and Command
Power and Command
Gem TypeGems Need per RankMax RankCrafted WithAttributes
Legendary463000 x Platinum, ATI x 600, TYR x 30Power state increases damage by 10-12%.

10% chance to remove negative effect from yourself. 

The next gem we would like to cover for the Demon Hunter mains is known as the Power and Command, and whenever it is activated, it will continue to switch states from one to the other every 9 seconds. The states will continue to increase the player’s basic attacks by 10-12%. 

Players will also gain a 10% chance whereby they might be able to get rid of a single negative effect that they have been inflicted with on the enemy’s end. Players will need 3000 Platinum, 30 Dro, and 600 ATI to craft the gem. 

Fervant Fang 

Fervant Fang Diablo Immortal
Fervant Fang
Gem TypeGems Need per RankMax RankCrafted WithAttributes
Legendary462000 x Platinum, ATI x 300, TYR x 15Raises attack damage by 1.5-1.8%.

Increases all damage you deal by 2%.

Moving on, another solid gem option is known as the Fervant Fang. It belongs to the legendary gem collection, making it all the rarer and all the more useful in combat. 

Whenever the gem is equipped on players, any attack that they launch against their enemy will cause enemies to take in damage at a boosted output of 1.5-1.8%, which will continue to stack up over time, and there will be a total of 10 stacks after the bonus stops. 

On top of that, whenever players are fighting Elite enemies, they will inflict 2% enhanced damage. Players will need 2000 Platinum, 15 TYR, and 300 ATI to make the Fervant Fang gem. Find out where you can get the gem by reading our Fervant Fang guide!

Everlasting Torment 

Diablo Immortal Everlasting Torment
Everlasting Torment

Right in the middle of the Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Demon Hunter collection, players will also encounter the Everlasting Torment, which will be a rank one legendary gem. 

When equipped, players can experience that their critical hits will continue to inflict agony on their opponents, making them intake damage based on a total of 16.7% base attack and 202 bonus damage every 3 seconds. 

At rank 3, players will experience that their attack speed will be increased by 1% based on the agony that has been inflicted on enemies nearby. Rank 5 will increase the chance of players finding Magic items. 

Ca’arsen’s Invigoration 

Diablo Immortal Ca'arsen's Invigoration
Ca’arsen’s Invigoration

Next up, the next gem that we would like to discuss is Ca’arsen’s Invigoration, which is yet another legendary gem that will continue to overpower the Demon hunter players as if they needed to become any stronger in combat. 

With it in hand, rank one will offer a primary attack speed increase of 6%, allowing players to unleash their attacks as fast as possible. With rank three in hand, players will be able to experience that alongside their speed, and the damage output of their primary attacks will also be enhanced by 2%. 

With rank 5, it will be the same with most legendary gems, as it will increase the chance of finding a Magic item. Want to farm the different world bosses that the game has to offer? If yes, then our Diablo Immortal World Bosses guide will be a worthwhile read for you!

Berserker’s Eye 

Diablo Immortal Berserker's Eye
Berserker’s Eye
Gem TypeGems Need per RankMax RankCrafted WithAttributes
Legendary36500 x Platinum, ATI x 90, URS x 15Increases all damage you by 9-9.9%.

A 2% chance to disregard the target’s armor.

Another solid option for legendary gems for Demon Hunters includes that of the Berserker’s Eye, which will hone a resonance of +15 and a combat rating of +8. 

The base effect will allow players to have their damage output increased by a total of 5%, and while it may not seem like a huge jump, it can still add up and can end the battle early for players. The small side effect is that players will also intake 6% extra damage. 

Rank 3 will enhance the crit rate by 1%, allowing players to unleash more critical hits and render their enemies useless, and of course, rank five will increase the magic finding chance by 5%. 


Next up, the Aquamarine gem will not be combat-based, but it will rather be a normal gem that is meant to be put on the armor to enhance the protection and give the actual armor that the Demon Hunter players will wear while on-field. 

With Aquamarine in your arsenal, it will improve armor by reducing the amount of damage that the player can take in from any opponent in front of you and launching out non-magical attacks against you. The socket’s color is blue and can be paired with other gems to enhance the armor’s potency further and protect the players. 


Another basic gem players can look into equipping on their gear will be the Citrine gem, and once again, it will not be from the legendary gem collection. Therefore it is not rare at all and can be farmed pretty easily. 

With the gem equipped, players will be able to improve on their gear potency, and the gem’s main focus will be determining how long debuffs will be inflicted on enemies and how long the enemies will be able to stay under the effect of the debuffs. The color of the gem is yellow and can be identified pretty easily. 


The next gem that Demon Hunter players can equip on themselves will be known as Ruby. It is not a gear-based gem but focuses on enhancing the player’s survivability while defeating enemies on the battlefield. 

Essentially, putting on the gem onto themselves will grant players the ability to increase their overall Life value by a certain percentage. This will further increase the player’s HP, allowing them to stay alive for long periods whenever they take down enemies. The socket of the gem is red, making it easy to find for players to equip. 


Diablo Immortal Tourmaline

Another buff-based gem will be known as Tourmaline, which will increase the player’s overall damage and improve how players can perform in combat and while taking on the toughest enemies. 

While it doesn’t show a clear percentage, it is pretty clear that it will simply increase the amount of damage the Diablo Immortal player can inflict on their enemies by the weapon they are wielding. The socket is colored red for easier identification. 


Diablo Immortal Topaz

The next gem worth mentioning is Topaz, and its main aim will be to improve the resistance of the player, whether they are in the middle of taking out weaker enemies or hard-to-kill bosses. 

With the Topaz in the player’s arsenal, whenever any enemies launch out debuffs against the player, and it inflicts the player, the Topaz gem will reduce the overall duration of the debuff being active, making you weaker in the middle of combat. While it will not negate it entirely, it still helps a ton. The Topaz’s color will be yellow. 


Diablo Immortal Sapphire

An Armor Penetration gem that we haven’t encountered before will include that of the Sapphire gem, which will help the player in the combat field and help them take on the toughest foes present in front of them. 

Anytime there are enemies that have armor on themselves to protect themselves against your attack launches, the gem that has been activated will make them all the weaker and susceptible to taking in damage from your end. 

Bottled Hope 

Diablo Immortal Bottled Hope
Bottled Hope

The next set of gems might not be the Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Demon Hunter, but they are still pretty good alternatives if you aren’t able to get your hands on the best of the best. First off, we have Bottled Hope which is yet another Legendary Gem type and will have a resonance of +30 or more. 

Rank one will allow players to use any skill that they have, which will increase the damage output of the player while also enhancing the movement speed by a total of 8% for a total of 6 seconds. Apart from the best possible gems for Demon Hunter, our Best Legendary Gems Guide will showcase an overview of the best gems for all classes!

Echoing Shade 

Diablo Immortal Echoing Shade
Echoing Shade
Gem TypeGems Need per RankMax RankCrafted WithAttributes
Offensive56???,???&??? PlatinumAttacks have 15% chance to summon a shadow.

Can have two shadows at the same time.

Moving on, let’s discuss how Echoing Shade might work to provide players with the victory that they have been aiming to achieve while fighting enemies. With it being a legendary gem, at rank 1, it will grant player’s attacks a 15% chance to call forth a shadow clone for a total of 8 seconds which will support them in the battle. 

Rank 3 will allow them to have two shadow clones by themselves on the battlefield, making the player even more powerful. Do not miss out on our Echoing Shade guide to find out more about the gem!

Howler’s Call 

Diablo Immortal Howler's Call
Howler’s Call

Let’s keep going on with the next gem on our list, which is the Howler’s Call, which will essentially give players a 10% chance whereby they will be able to summon forth a spirit wolf that will unleash a 150% base attack and a bonus 1458 damage to enemies nearby. 

Rank 3 will give the spirit wolf that has been called forth a 12% chance to stun the opponents that are present in front of it for a total of 3 seconds. 

Seeping Bile 

Seeping Bile Diablo Immortal
Seeping Bile

Another one the legendary gems that players can look into will be the Seeping Bile, and its rank one will offer players the ability with a 4% chance to inflict the poison debuff on enemies, after which it will further inflict 25% base damage and a bonus of 263 every second to foes. 

The poison debuff will continue to spread forth to enemies if the opponent that has been inflicted with it ends up dying. Rank 3 will reduce the number of opponents able to move across the battlefield by 6%, slowing them down and making them even more vulnerable. 

Bloody Reach 

Diablo Immortal Bloody Reach
Bloody Reach

Last but not least, Bloody Reach will be the final Demon Hunter legendary gem that players can equip, and its rank one effect will increase the total damage output of players by 2% based on a 2 yards distance between you and your enemies. The max amount of damage dealt that can be increased can be 8% based on a distance of 8 yards between you and your foe. 

Rank 3 will grant the players a 0.3%, whereby their attack launches will reduce the enemy’s attack damage output. With that, we will wrap up our Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Demon Hunter guide! Newer players should read up on our Diablo Immortal Beginners Wiki!

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