Diablo Immortal Fervent Fang: Unlock, Builds, & Use

We have mentioned all things related to Legendary Gem Fervent Fang that includes its effects, tier ranking and how to get it.

There are several Legendary Gems in the Diablo Immortal, and Fervent Fang is one of them. Moreover, Legendary Gems such as Fervent Fang in Diablo Immortal can be slotted in Armor or Weapons of your choice through Legendary Gem slots. This guide entails everything in detail about Fervent Fang in Diablo Immortal. They also increase the speed of attacks, and some Gems have the unique quality of healing players.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal is known for having gems and most ones are considered Legendary ones one of those Legendary gems is called “Fervent Fang.
  • To obtain this item, you have to craft it by having these materials and then go to an Apprentice Jeweler to get it crafted:
    • Platinum (x2000)
    • ATI (x300)
    • TYR (x15)
  • Another way to obtain this gem is by having the battle pass, if you don’t want to buy it, you first have to reach level 40 and you will acquire the gem.
  • The effect of this gem increases as you rank it up but it starts off by inflicting an extra 0.75% of damage every time you attack them.
  • Once you have this gem, you can try this gem on many builds for PVE and PVP, and this gem is considered very powerful too.

You can upgrade the Legendary Gems too at the Apprentice Jeweler; doing it will further boost the effect of the Gem.  However, you must possess a copy of Legendary Gem, which could be Fervent Fang. Someone times, copies of Legendary Gems are required to reach the Next Rank.

What Is Fervent Fang

Fervent Fang falls into the Legendary type Gem and has rank 2 in Diablo Immortal, resonance equal to +30, and Combat Rating of +12.

Fervent Fang
Legendary Gem Fervent Fang

There are materials required to craft the Fervent Fang (Runes are required to craft Legendary Gems). These materials are 2000xPlatinum, ATIx300, and TYR x 15. After having these items you can go to Apprentice Jeweler, which can be found at Rankkis Plaza in Westmarch, or at zone’s camp, and there you can craft these items.   

Effects Of Fervent Fang

All the Legendary Gems have their own effects and perks. Using Fervent Fang gives you unique advantages, every time you inflict damage to an enemy. That particular enemy will receive additional 0.75 percent damage from your assaults. Moreover, it can also be maximumly increased up to 0.8 percent at 10 Stacks, this is considered as Base Effect of Fervent Fang.

Furthermore, when your Fervent Fang is at Rank3, you can damage it even more. At Rank 3 all the attacks you do at Elite Monsters in Diablo Immortal will have increased damage by 1.5 percent. Moreover, Fervent Fang also increases your chances of acquiring Magic items by 10 percent, but it only unlocks at Rank 5.

Not only that, you can some best Paragon to increase the effect of Fervent Fang. To increase the damage of the Legendary Gem, you should use Damage Vanquisher. Remember the paragon will give you additional +16 damage when you attack the enemies.

Tier Ranking 

This Legendary Gem Fervent Fang in Diablo Immortal falls into the category of S-ranked Gems. Moreover, these S-ranked have a very huge impact on the character throughout the game. Regardless of which class you have, S-ranked gems are always useful. Furthermore, you will not feel inclined to swap the Gems, so you can add these as much as you want to your equipment sockets.

How To Get Fervent Fang

As we have mentioned that you craft this Legendary Gem, by acquiring certain materials. But there is also another to get the Fervent Fang too, and that is through Battle Pass, players get several rewards for completing quests and activities.

Remember empowered battle pass will cost around 5 Dollars, and Collector’s empowered battle pass is about 15 Dollars.  Free-to-play players in Diablo Immortal can get Fervent as a reward when they reach Rank 40 of the free Battle Pass.

Battle pass rewards
Fervent Fang Battle Pass

Fervent Fang PvE Builds

In this mode, players play against the environment(Artificial Intelligence) of the game. Below are the builds where you can use Fervent Fang.

  • Wizard- Ice Armor Dungeon
  • Barbarian – Frenzy Raid
  • Necromancer– Dark Curse Sommoner Raid
  • Demon Hunter – Vengeance Dungeon
  • Crusader- Holy Banner Raid
  • Monk – Exploding Palm Elder Rift
  • Monk – Mystic Allies Challenge Rift
  • Demon Hunter = Strafe Raid
  • Monk – Inner Sanctuary Elder Rift
  • Wizard – Disintegrate Elder Rift
  • Necromancer – Corpse Lance Elder Rift
  • Crusader – Draw and Quarter Challenge Rift
  • Corpse Explosion Challenge Rift in Necromancer

Fervent Fang PvP builds 

Diablo Immortal has an interesting PvP mode, you can buff or even duff some skills. Moreover, you can also create skills according to your game strategy. In PvP, you compete against other players, and you can use Fervent Fang in the below builds to enhance your power. 

  • Barbarian – Whirlwind Pvp
  • Monk- Wave of Light Pvp
  • Demon Hunter – Vengeance PvP
  • Monk– Imprisoned Fist PvP
  • Necromancer – Bone Spike PvP
  • Crusader – Draw and Quarter PvP
  • Monk- Inner Sanctuary PvP
  • Wizard– Magic Missile PvP
  • Monk- Flying Dragon PvP
  • Demon Hunter – Smoke Screen PvP

Final Words

There are tons of Legendary Gems present in Diablo Immortal, and Fervent Fang is one of them. The Gem has unique attributes that are useful when you attack the enemy or even kill elite bosses. Moreover, the Fervent Fang Gem has rank 2 and can be achieved through certain materials or through the Battle Pass.

This Gem has S tier ranking and it is indeed a very powerful Gem, that gives you significant advantages while fighting enemies. it enhances your effect damage when you attack the ordinary enemy or even a boss and you can use some best paragon to even further boost your weapons. We have also mentioned all the possible PvP and PvE builds that you have with Fervent Fang. 

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