Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck: Unlock & Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck is a very fun quest. Players need to make sure they do not mess it up in any way and collect all the right items to complete it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck is a character in the game that the players will unlock by completing a quest. Getting to unlock different characters in the game is a good way to progress the story. Players will have to bring Donald Duck back to Dreamlight Valley. Furthermore, a few perks will come along with Donald Duck as he is saved from the Dark Grove. Players will also be able to unlock the tier of Friendships bonus. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can unlock Donald Duck by completing specific quests and tasks. Here’s how to unlock and assist Donald Duck in the game:
  1. Unlock Donald: Gather 5,000 Dreamlight to access the Forest of Valor. There, rescue Donald Duck from the Dark Grove with Merlin’s feather.
  2. Provide a Home: Build a Tug Boat as Donald’s residence.
  3. House Fit For A Duck Quest: Help Donald restore his Boathouse with Scrooge McDuck’s assistance. Gather materials like Softwood, Hardwood, Iron Ingots, and Ropes.
  4. Organize and Clean: After building the Boathouse, tidy it up for quest completion.
  5. Friendship Levels: Progress through 10 friendship levels with Donald for rewards.
  6. Dispute Of Donald And Goofy Quest: Solve the catfish mystery to resolve a dispute between Donald and Goofy.

Unlocking Donald Duck In Disney Dreamlight

Players need around five thousand Dreamlight to open the Forest of Valor. It needs to be opened as the first step towards unlocking Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will also find Kristoff there who will tell them how Donald Duck is stuck inside a strange Dark Groove.

Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Furthermore, he will also tell the players that the reason Donald got stuck was that he was trying to save the villagers from some weird figure of a shadow. Players will have to go inside the grove and have a look at the place.

Moreover, the players will find a feather of the duck on the front side of the portal on the ground. The feather is of Donald Duck. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Locating Donald Duck

Hence, the players will get the feather to Kristoff, who will then ask them to look out for Merlin. However, it can be hard to pass through the mist that has blocked the passage of the groove, Merlin can help the players. He will help them figure out how Donald Duck can be located in that darkness. 

Using Magic

Merlin also tells the players that magic is a prime way of locating Donald Duck, Hence, he makes the players gather a Dream Shard, Emerald, feathers of Donald, and a Vine placed inside the Groove. These items will help them create a feather of magic which will help them go to pass through the mist. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Forest Of Valor

After the players have gotten Merlin all those objects, he fills the feather with magic. Once the magic is done, players will take the magic to the Forest of Valor.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Gathering Spell Materials

Moreover, with the help of that feather, they will be able to locate Donald Duck. Upon finding him, Donald will tell how he got lost and there is a castle somewhere far away that cannot be seen.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Magic With Merlin

Rescuing Donald

Once the players have rescued Donald, they will take him back to the village. There, the players will have to help Donald in building his home again which is a tug boat. Consequently, Donald Duck will be grateful to the players and even grant them tokens for it.

Moreover, players will also locate a capsule for the time they are cleaning their house. Upon inquiry, Donald Duck will tell them that the capsule is not yet completed. To complete it, the players will have to locate the other chunks of his “blueprint for the best invention ever”. The pieces are sprinkled across Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Level Of Friendships

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has bonuses that are unlocked. Players can get them by increasing their level of friendship with every bonus. Each bonus grants different items. Following the bonuses that come along with each level of friendship that is unlocked.

  • First Level: Unlocks Donald Duck character and the Time Capsule mission.
  • Second Level: Unlocks Daisy Duck’s backpack.
  • Third Level: Unlocks an overlay outfit.
  • Fourth Level: Unlocks 500 Star Coins.
  • Fifth Level: Unlocks Chest decoration.
  • Sixth Level: Unlocks Overlay Outfit for Donald Duck.
  • Seventh Level: Unlocks around 1,000 Star Coins.
  • Eighth Level: Unlocks Shelf decoration.
  • Ninth Level: Unlocks decoration set for Donald Duck.
  • Tenth Level: Unlocks Sailor Suit outfit for Donald Duck.

If the players want to unlock the tenth tier friendship level, they have to complete all the quests of Donald Duck. Once the players have Donald Duck with them in the village, they will have to get him a place. Moreover, they will also have to create his boat as part of the mission for Donald Duck called House Fit For A Duck. 

Dispute Of Donald And Goofy

This mission begins with a stupid battle between Goofy and Donald. Both of them were arguing about where the catfishes come from and so the players are asked to help Donald Duck in solving the mystery. 

Players will be given Fishing Wader of Green that they can use and go fishing at the beach of Dazzle. Furthermore, players will also have to find around ten fish there.  Once it’s done, players will go to Donald again where he will take them to another spot for fishing. Moreover, the players will also locate a capsule for the time there.

After getting the time capsule back, some of Donald Duck’s memories will be revived, and so he will move over to some other place called Sunlit Plateau. There the players will locate one more time capsule, which will get more memories unlocked and get the quest completed. 

House Fit For A Duck

Once the players have found Donald, they will have to finish the Friendship Is Everything quest. When the players open their maps and locate Donald, they will have to go to him for a conversation. Upon talking to him, they will find how that the Duck is pretty upset because of the situation in the village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
House Of Donald Duck

Moreover, his house of Boat has also been destroyed. Players will say yes to help him in restoring the house. However, the tools needed to get the house restored are with his uncle, Scrooge.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
A House Fit For The Duck Quest

Now, it is time for Donald to meet his uncle Scrooge McDuck. Players can locate Scrooge on their map by looking over at his icon, Firstly, the player can look for him at the shop. If they do not find him there, then look for him in all the areas that were unlocked. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Meeting Scrooge McDuck

Upon having a conversation with Scrooge, players will find out that he is not much interested in helping his nephew. However, the players will convince him by telling him the importance of family. Hence, he would say yes to helping you but now without asking for something in return.

Players will have to bring him a kit for repairing his boat. Players will get to craft this object by collecting the following things:

  1. Collect around sixteen Softwood
  2. Have eight Hardwood
  3. Two ingots of Iron
  4. Lastly, payers would need four ropes.

Location Of Boat Repairing Kit 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Materials For Boat Repair Kit

Once the players know the materials needed to craft the boat, the next step is finding all these items.

  • Softwood: Can be found anywhere in the Valley. Players should look for it in places like the Plaza, Forest of Valor, and the Peaceful Meadow.
  • Hardwood: Can be located at the Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and then of course the Forest of Valor.
  • Iron Ingots: Players have to get ores of iron for the Iron Ingots. At the start of the game, players will have to look for Iron Ore inside the Forest of Valor. Moreover, they will get access to mining three spots of Rock. Players will mine their three rock spots to acquire ten ores of Iron. Once they are depleted, players should wait for them to respawn while they locate the Hardwood or get the process of fishing for Seaweeds started. 
  • Ropes: If players want to have four ropes, they will first need to get thirty-two fibers. To get that, players have to fish seven seaweeds.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck

Once the players are well aware of the places where each material can be found, get the material and go back to Scrooge McDuck. Players should get the table for crafting the items. 

Crafting Boat

Players can craft the Iron Ingots by opening the tab where all the materials that have been refined are placed. Use the ores of Iron and even Coal from where the rocks have been deposited. Furthermore, players should get Fiber crafted by using Seaweeds. They can also craft Rope with the help of Fiber.

Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Boat Repair Kit

In the end, players should check all the items of the functions in the tab that will help in crafting the Boat Repairing Kit For Donald. Next up, players should start looking out for Donald Duck with the help of their map.

Upon having a conversation with Donald Duck in the game, players will give him the Boat Repairing Kit. Furthermore, he will ask you to follow him to the boat placed on Dazzle Beach.

Scrooge will also join you both on the boat. However, to build a house for Donald Duck in the game, the players will have to help him in cleaning the house. 

Helping Donald Clean The House

Once the players have successfully built a house for Donald Duck, the next job is to clean it by going inside the house. To clean the house, players have to locate the following things:

  1. Donald Duck Two Awards
  2. Two Jugs Inside The House
  3. Donald Duck has One Book, try and find it.
  4. There is One Mysterious Junk, that the players will have to locate as well.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Cleaning Donald Duck House

Finding Objects

Players can easily locate all the items mentioned as four of them will be on the ground as they enter the house. Players can collect the items by clicking A on their Xbox. After that, players can find the Donald Duck book beside his bed. Last but not least, the Mysterious Junk can be located on the library’s right side.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Map Location

Once the players have gotten all these items, they should talk with Donald once more. Upon talking, players will find out that the Mysterious Junk is a capsule of time in which all the plans for the village are mentioned.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck
Find Time Capsule

Furthermore, the players will have to open up their inventory to revive a memory in which all the plans of Donald Duck are listed. Finally, talk to him again and complete the mission of House Fir For A Duck to access more quests in the game.

Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Planning For The Village

Finding Donald Duck in the game is not much of a difficult job, however, the players should know the right use of magic. Hard work pays off in the quest called House Fit For A Duck. Get the duck his home back and reunite him with Scrooge McDuck.

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