Disney Dreamlight Valley: Lost In The Dark Grove Quest

Our guide is about the Lost In The Dark Grove quest of Kristoff's questline. After completing the quest you will unlock Donald Duck.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of things in store for its fans. The best part about the game is the extensive and engaging quests it offers. One such quest is Lost In The Dark Grove in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Our guide today is about the Lost In The Dark Grove quest, which is a part of Kristoff’s questline. After completing the quest, you will be able to unlock Donald duck and invite him into your Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • The quest Lost in the Dark Grove is one of the main campaign missions which is given to you by Kristoff.
  • Meet up with Kristoff and interact with him so that he gives you the quest in which you will be required to make a Tracking Spell.
  • After completing the first few steps of the mission regarding the Orb of Courage, you will be tasked to craft the spell.
  • The things required for making this spell are Donald’s Feather, a Plant from the Dark Grove, 2x Emeralds, and 4x Dream Shards.
  • After completing the quest you will be able to unlock Donald Duck and Kristoff in the game. 

Lost In The Dark Grove Quest

The quest is a part of the main story quest and will allow you to unlock one of the two major characters in the game, Donald duck and Kristoff. 

You will have to do a lot of exploring and craft some rare and unique items in the game, as well as complete the quest. To unlock the quest, you will have to complete one of the main quests called With Great Power. After completing the quest, you will be able to get access to Dazzle Beach.

Furthermore, players will also have to unlock the Forest Of Valor Biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is important to allow the east of the Plaza area for the quest. It is important or not that there are no special requirements, but in order to unlock the third Biome in the game, you will need 3000 Dreamlight.  

Meeting Kristoff 

You need to go to the Night Thorns and summon Merlin by going up the ramp that connects the Forest Of Valor and the Plaza. After interacting with Merlin, he will help you remove the thorns in your way.

Talking to Kristoff
Talking to Kristoff

However, you will need 3000 Dreamlight to do so. You can easily collect this amount of Dreamlight by completing daily tasks or general quests.

After that, you will be able to unlock the Forest Of Valor Biome successfully; all you need to do now is to continue and head straight up that ramp. As soon as you enter the forest, you will be able to see Kristoff standing in front of a pillar waiting for you. He will be located on your right side, so make sure to go and interact with him.   

Orb Of Courage 

After you talk to Kristoff, you will learn that the reason he is in the woods is that he and Donald were looking for something that might help them fight the Night Thorns and successfully stop the Forgetting.

Lost In The Dark Grove Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Entering the Portal

However, due to the unfortunate turn of events, he lost Donald. When you ask him how it happened, he will say that a dark entity appeared, and you will spot a dark portal opening nearby. According to him, that dark entity stole the Orb Of Courage.  

Donald duck was brave enough to step inside, so you have to follow him. When you agree to step inside the portal, you can interact with it by pressing A if you are using Xbox.

Grove Clues Of Donald Duck  

When you make your way inside the Dark Grove, you will see that not only is the area fairly small, but it is also very easy to navigate and explore. However, keep in mind that there are two key items that you need to find here in order to complete the quest.

feather for completing Lost In The Dark Grove Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Finding the feather

One item you will be needing later on in the game; however, you need to find the clue first that is dropped by Donald duck. You need to get the Feather of the duck that has been dropped on the ground below. After that, you need to collect the purple Vile Herb located on the branch nearby.

plant for Lost In The Dark Grove Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Getting the Vile Herb

After completing and going through all the dialogue options with him, he will ask you to go and see Merlin. Now you will have to look for Merlin’s icon on your map. Moreover, you will also have to interact with him and go through all the dialogue lines with him.

While doing so, it is important that you pay attention to what he says because it will help you further on in the quest. In order to find Donald Duck, Merlin will ask you to craft a very powerful spell that will help track him down.

Materials Required For The Tracking Spell  

 To create the tracking spell, you will need four major ingredients. All of them are listed below. 

  •  Donald’s Feather  
  •  A Plant From The Dark Grove  
  •  Two Emeralds  
  •  4 Dream Shards   

 After exploring the region from the portal for the first time, you will already have the feather and the plant. And in case you forgot to collect the plant, make sure to go back and collect it. The purple plant is an important part of crafting the spell, and it is important that you acquire it alongside the feather to save time.

So all that is remaining are the four DreamShards and the two Emeralds for the crafting recipe. So now you have to go back to the Forest Of Valor and remove some Night Thorns.

Collecting The Dream Shards  

Unless you have some dream shards already in your inventory, you will need to go out and collect them for the recipe. It is to be noted that it might take you a while to find new Dream Shards in the game, and there are only two ways to get them.  

dreamshards for Lost In The Dark Grove Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Getting Dream Shards

The first way is to get them from the Night Thorns. The night thorns will drop Dream shards when you clear them. They can be found in different regions of the game. However, they have a very low chance of dropping DreamShards.

Furthermore, not many of these night thorns spawn every day, so you will have to be very careful with the ones you find and make sure to farm each and every one of them. If you are playing the game on Xbox, you just need to press A in order to farm them.

Another way by which you can collect these Dream Shards is by giving animals, especially the small ones, their favorite foods. You should feed the animals once a day in every region. You will find two small animals in each region, and they have a tiny chance of dropping these Dream Shards.  

Finding The Emeralds  

Emeralds are important green gems that can be found in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, it is important or not that they can only be mined from certain mineral deposits. Most of these deposits for the gems can be found in the Glade Of Trust and the Forest Of Valor biomes.

Mining Emeralds

In case you haven’t unlocked the biomes yet because of insufficient Dreamlight, the only option you will have for farming is the forest. Venture through the forest and run around the edges of the Biome, and hopefully, you will be able to locate some mineral deposits. By farming these mineral deposits, you will get a sufficient amount of Emeralds for the tracking spell.

Mining Gems 

It is important to note that the northern part of the forest is blocked. You will need to remove the tree stumps in order to search that area. However, if you are not able to remove the tree stumps yet, there are certain tricks that can help you explore the unreachable regions of the game.

One such method is by using a fast-travel fountain that is located in the forest. Moving it to the northern side of the forest using the furniture menu will help you transport to it. In this way, you will be able to reach the other side of the bridge by using the method of fast travel. Therefore, you will be able to find mineral deposits for emeralds easily.

Furthermore, you will also be able to invite a Dweller into your group. It is important to note that he has a hang bonus. The bonus will help you mine additional minerals efficiently. So in this way, you will be able to mine the gems even faster in the game and make the tracking spell in no time.

Locating Donald Duck  

After you have collected all the materials successfully, you need to take them to Merlin. As soon as you give all those ingredients to Merlin, he will be able to create a tracking spell for you. Now you need to head back to the portal in the forest and take that tracking spell with you.

finding Donald
Talking to Donald Duck

The tracking spell is actually an Enchanted Feather that will help you locate Donald. After you have reached back to the Forest Of Valor successfully, you will need to go through the dark portal again.

As soon as you enter the Dark Grove, the Enchanted Feather will start flying around you. Now you need to follow the enchanted feather wherever it goes as it will guide you to Donald. It will also help you navigate through the mist, making your pathway more convenient to cover.

It is actually a chasing game, and you just need to follow the feather and not catch it. However, in case you get lost, you will have to start from the very beginning. So it is important that you stay near the Enchanted Feather in order to avoid this.

Completing The Quest 

Also, you will have to make a lot of sharp turns, so keep an eye out for it. Eventually, you will find Donald, who will be expecting you. Interact with him and complete all the dialogue options to see what happened to him. After that, you will be able to get the Orb Of Courage.

Lost In The Dark Grove Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Orb Of Courage

Next, you will have to exit the portal nearby that appeared after going back, head towards the forest pillar, and place the Orb Of Courage there.

After placing the Orb Of Courage, you will have to talk to Donald Duck one more time and choose the dialogue options you want. You can choose any as they will not affect the ending outcome or rewards you get from the story. Then, you will be able to complete the Lost In The Dark Grove Quest successfully.

As soon as you place the orb in the pillar, the quest will end. Now you will be able to invite Donald Duck to come to live in your valley, and you will also unlock Kristoff from The frozen realm. The quest is very important and is a part of the main campaign.

Hopefully, after reading our guide you will be able to complete the quest easily and will also be able to build the house for Donald Duck. Make sure to leave any queries you have in the comment section down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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