How To Find Worms In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Our disney dreamlight valley worms guide breaks down when can players access worms in the game & how to find them for Maui's questline.

During your time spent exploring Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will ultimately come across a large number of different species of animals. Worms are the only collectible creature that can be discovered on land; the majority of the other species may be found in the ocean or the rivers of the valley.

It is unfortunate that the game does not inform you where to get them since completing some objectives would need you to have them. That is why our guide entails everything in order so that you can get Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • The existence of Worms is something players will not be familiar with as they can only be accessed when you interact with Maui.
  • Only when your friendship level with Maui reaches Level 2 will you be given the task to locate 3 worms across the Valley?
  • Locating worms is no easy task as there is no information provided by the game itself on how to do so.
  • Worms gather around near lakes so make your way to Peaceful Meadow and locate them in the dirt mounds surrounding the ponds. 
  • Note that there is no guarantee that you will able to find worms there but you can always have a friend aid you to increase your chances.
  • Use of a Shovel is essential for digging up shiny dirt mounds that have a higher chance of the appearance of worms.
  • Keep looking for them if you do not come across any at the start.

Maui’s Quest For Worms

Maui Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

After Maui has become a part of your Disney Dreamlight Valley community, he will share his stories with you about his adventures planting coconut palms and collecting eels. Even while this is largely intended to function as a reference to a statement from the movie, the fact that your character has decided to assist Maui in doing this is surely fascinating enough.

However, in order to capture eels, you will first need to get some worms to use as bait. There is no other coconut that can compare to the flavor of one that was grown on an eel. At least, it is what Maui claims to be the case.

When you first start working through Maui’s sidequest, you undoubtedly won’t even realize that worms are a part of the game at all. When your friendship level with Maui reaches level two, he will issue you a task that asks you to locate three Worms across the valley.

This quest will be completed when your friendship level with Maui reaches level three. Sadly, the game does not even display Worms in the pause menu to provide any kind of indication as to where they may be located.

During the portion of Maui’s Friendship Quest known as “Burying the Eels” that takes place in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are charged with building a Fishing Trap. This assignment calls for the use of Softwood and Worms. The Valley is home to several patches of softwood, which may be identified by the appearance of scattered heaps of sticks on the ground.

Players must be careful not to mix softwood, which is a mellow shade of light brown, with hardwood, which is a rusty tone. Given how prevalent this resource is, acquiring it shouldn’t provide any challenges for the players.

On the other hand, finding Worms might be a little bit more difficult since the process of acquiring them in Disney Dreamlight Valley may not be very properly described to some of the game’s players.

How To Get Worms 

peaceful Meadow Disney dreamlight valley

Since it is said by Maui that worms tend to congregate near lakes, you should travel to Peaceful Meadow, which is located in an area that is loaded with worm hangouts. When you are at the lakes, keep your eyes peeled for bright dots on the ground close to the shore.

The fact that worms are a rare and one-of-a-kind resource that only spawns in one spot adds an extra level of difficulty to the search for them. Worms, to be more exact, may be found in the dirt mounds that are located surrounding the ponds in Peaceful Meadow.

If you look for worms in other places, such as beneath sand mounds or dirt heaps, you won’t be successful in finding any of them. Maintain your presence in Peaceful Meadow and scrounge about until you unearth some!

As you are searching around, you might end yourself finding coal or night shards rather than what you were looking for. Regardless if you are digging in Peaceful Meadow, there is no assurance that you will come across any worms since their spawning is not guaranteed in any circumstance.

The single most important thing you can do to make this procedure simpler is to bring a buddy who is willing to dig with you. When you dig up an item, your chances of receiving a duplicate as a drop are increased if the monsters you are digging up are high level. In this scenario, they will replicate your worm, which means you will need fewer dirt mounds to complete the task.

Even if you follow all of the information that was just given to you, there is still a chance that you won’t discover all three worms. You may continue the quest by traveling back to Maui after you have both of these items in your possession, as well as some softwood.

If you are seeking for worms, you are in luck since you have the appropriate instrument for the task. The shovel, along with the other Royal Tools, was given to you at the beginning of the game, and it will be necessary for you to use it later on.

You can access your shovel from the menu of available tools, but you shouldn’t simply start digging up the earth wherever. You will need to locate a number of little dirt mounds that have a shiny appearance. To be more specific, you will want to excavate the mounds of earth that are located in close proximity to bodies of water.

You should be able to swiftly uncover some worms if you use your shovel, which you received at the beginning of the game, in conjunction with the other royal tools and dig at the glowing places.

Bring a character with you who can assist in the search for objects buried underground if you want the procedure to go more quickly. There is a possibility that this will increase the number of worms that you bring in by a factor of two.

With the exception of the ocean, the mounds that surround all other bodies of water have a probability of harboring Worms. You should avoid going near the shore and instead excavate the mounds that are located close to the ponds and rivers in the valley.

You can be certain that you will, at some point, begin uncovering Worms. Because it is not assured, if you don’t find them straight away, simply keep looking for them.

Final Words

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must look in and around the ponds that are located in the Peaceful Meadow area to discover Worms. In the vicinity of the rims of these smaller basins, explorers will come upon the protruding cracks in the earth.

These nodes may be identified by a band of soil that has multiple fractures on the surface and is slightly elevated above the surrounding ground.

If you keep looking in the region that we have outlined above for the worms, you will eventually discover them, and there will be lots of them.

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