Disney Mirrorverse Tiana: Talents, Abilities & Playstyle

Our guide has everything you need to know about Tiana in Disney Mirrorverse including her traits, talents, abilities and much more.

The ultimate role-playing game that was a result of a collaboration between Disney and Kabam, Disney Mirrorverse, has managed to gather a lot of fans. We get to play our favorite Disney characters, including Tiana from Princess and the Frog. Our guide today will focus on Tiana in Disney Mirrorverse. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways
  • Tiana is a powerful alchemist who uses different potions with magical skills and abilities to fight against the Fractured.
  • She plays mainly as a support and a healer who can inflict many different buffs on her teammates while debuffing her enemies.
  • Some of her traits include being a Medium, Royalty, Fortune Seeker, and Shapeshifter.
  • Tiana’s stats include:
    • Base damage: 464
    • Maximum health: 7902
    • Maximum armor: 4739
    • Bonus critical damage: 322
    • Damage resistance: 15.85%
    • Critical chance: 10.1%
  • Her talents include Iron Stomach, Knife Edge, Gastronomic Gusto, Hearty Gumbo, Firefly Sight, and Full Belly.
  • The Core ability of Tiana is called Cleansing Flies which makes her launch an attack with a 50% chance of getting a Cleanse buff.
  • The Special ability is called The Main Course in which TIana throws a potion towards the ally with the lowest HP dealing 100% damage and knockback to enemies in that area.
  • The Signature ability is called Picante Potions which makes her heavy attacks have a 25% burn inflict chance with 25% damage dealt per second for 4 seconds.
  • You can unlock Tiana through the Stellar Mirror, which has a 95% chance to unlock a 3-star guardian.

Who Is Tiana In Disney Mirrorverse

Tiana in Disney
Tiana in Disney Mirrorverse
TitleRoleTraitsStats (Lvl 1 – 100)AbilitiesTalents
Luminous AlchemistSupport– Fortune Seeker
– Medium
– Royalty
– Shapeshifting
Attack: 553 – 4,642
Defense: 565 – 4,739
Focus: 766 – 6,431
Health: 845 – 7,092
Core Ability:
– Cleansing Fireflies

Special Ability
– The Main Course

Signature Ability:
– Picante Potions

Basic Talents:
– Iron Stomach
– Knife Edge

Advanced Talents:
– Gastronomic Gusto
– Hearty Gumbo
– Firefly Sight

Elite Talents:
– Full Belly

Princess Tiana is the protagonist of the animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog. In the real world, she is a gifted cook, and we see her timeline set in the Jazz Age. In Mirrorverse, she plays as a powerful Support and joins other Disney characters in their fight against the Fractured.

In Disney Mirrorverse, we see Tiana as a powerful alchemist who excels at culinary prowess. She has the ability to put together powerful potions using her astounding magic abilities. Her concoctions are able to attract many Starlit fireflies. She can communicate readily with them, thus enhancing her skills and abilities.


Her role is primarily that of a Supporter. While she might not be the most powerful Support, she can help you win the battles at the beginning of the game easily. Besides being a Support, she is also a good Healer. She can shield her allies and provide them with strong cleansing buffs. Tiana also has the ability to Stun and Freeze her enemies for a long time.

She is best paired with DPS Guardians. Offensive characters can have a lot of benefits by having Tiana as a Support in the team. Since melee users are fighting on the frontline, they would need constant buffs from Supports like Tiana to survive longer in battles. 

Tiana’s Traits in Disney Mirrorverse 

Let’s take a look at some of the traits Tiana has below.

  • Tiana is a Medium
  • She is one of the few characters in Disney Mirrorverse that are Royalty like Elsa, Ariel, etc.
  • Tiana is said to be a Fortune Seeker owing to her alchemist nature 
  • She is also said to be a Shapeshifter as she was turned into a frog once

Tiana’s Character Profile in Disney Mirrorverse 

The profile of Tiana includes her base date, armor, resistance, max health, and much more. We have explained each and everything below.

Damage Resistance15.85%
Base Damage464
Maximum Health7,902
Critical Chance 10.18%
Bonus Critical Damage322
Maximum Armor4,739
  • Base Damage: Using Tiana, you can dead about 464 base damage on enemies. Considering Tiana is a Support, she can back up her DPS allies efficiently with her base damage.
  • Damage Resistance: Tiana has a damage resistance of 15.85%, and it will increase by 1 percent when she takes a heavy attack.
  • Max Armor: Her maximum armor is 4,739, which is higher than most S-tier characters in the game.
  • Critical Chance: With a critical chance of 10.18 percent, you can expect most of Tiana’s attacks hit right on point.
  • Bonus Critical Damage: Tiana has a critical bonus damage of 322. The higher the critical damage is, the more damage a guardian can take.
  • Maximum Health: Her maximum HP is 7,902. This means that she can survive longer in battles thanks to her high HP.

Tiana’s Talents In Disney Mirrorverse

TalentTypeEffectUnlock Level
Iron StomachBasicAt the start of an encounter it grants +20% Health15
Knife EdgeBasicAt the start of an encounter it grants +20% Attack20
Gastronomic GustoAdvancedIncreases strength of the Attack Buffs from Tiana's Core Ability upto 100%20
Hearty GumboAdvancedTiana Heals all allies within range of her Special Ability an additional 4% HP per second for 3 seconds.20
Firefly SightAdvancedEach Cleanse Buff on Tiana also grants her 20% Critical Damage.-
Full BellyEliteTiana grants 10% Attack Buff for all allies for excess Cleanse Buff due to Max Stacks.-

There are many talents possessed by Tiana. Her talents are focused on increasing the damage dealt by her allies and healing them from time to time. You can try other talents for Tiana, but these talents were recommended by the veteran players trying out the game themselves. Here are some talents for Tiana in Disney Mirrorverse.

Iron Stomach 

The Iron Stomach talent will unlock when you reach level 12—using this talent will provide additional health at the start of any battle. You can get up to 20 percent extra health using the Iron Stomach talent. It’s a great boost that will give you evident leverage over enemies.

iron stomach tiana
The Iron Stomach Talent

Knife Edge

You can unlock the Knife Edge Talent for Tiana once you reach level 15 in Disney Mirrorverse. Using the talent, Tiana can get additional attacks at the start of a battle. The attack percentage will increase to 29 percent using the Knife Edge talent. 

knife edge talent
The Knife Edge Talent

Gastronomic Gusto

This ability will unlock when you reach level 20 in the game. When you use Gastronomic Gusto, the attack buffs Tiana will use will be significantly stronger. The core ability becomes 100 percent stronger, and the allies will receive stronger buffs.

gastronomic gusto talent
The Gastronomic Gusto Talent

Hearty Gumbo

The Hearty Gumbo talent will also unlock when you reach level 20 in the game. When the Hearty Gumbo talent is active, Tiana can heal all her allies within her range of core ability. They will get an additional 4 percent HP per second. The duration of the effect will last for 3 seconds.

hearty gumbo
The Hearty Gumbo Talent

Firefly Sight

This is one of the best talents for Tiana that can help increase her buffs ability. Every cleanse buff that Tiana will use will also grant her increased critical damage. Using the Firefly Sight talent, you can raise Tiana’s critical damage rate up to 20 percent.

firefly sight talent
The Firefly Sight talent

Full Belly

If Tiana cannot cleanse buff her allies using her special ability anymore due to the stacks being full, you can use the Full Belly Talent at this point. For any of the excess buffs Tiana will use, all of her allies will get a ten percent attack buff. The duration of Full Belly talent will last about 10 seconds for each battle.

full belly talent
The Full Belly Talent

Tiana’s Abilities in Disney Mirrorverse 

There are three different abilities used by Tiana against the Fractured in Disney Mirrorverse. While some of her abilities will be available to use from the get-go, some of her abilities will only unlock at a certain level. Her three abilities are;

  • Core ability- Cleansing Fireflies
  • Special Abilities- The Main Course
  • Signature Ability- Picante Potions

Here’s all the information on Tiana abilities that you need: 

Ability NameTypeEffect
Cleansing FirefliesCore Ability- Chance to gain a cleanse buff by using a heavy attack: +50%
- After cleansing a debuff tiana gains the following buffs:
- Attack Buff: +10%
- Time Period: 10 secs
The Main CourseSpecial Ability- Throw a potion at an ally with the lowest HP value.
- Damage dealt to enemies: 100% + Knockback
- Allies get the following buffs:
- 10% HP Heal
- 1 Cleanse Buff
Picante PotionsSignature- Chance of dealing a Burn with an heavy attack: 25%
- Damage Dealt: 25% dmg/sec for 4 secs
- Enemies hit with her special ability have a 50% chance
of getting inflicted with a Burn
- Damage Dealt: 75% dmg/sec for 4 secs

Core Ability- Cleansing Fireflies 

Her core ability allows Tiana to launch a heavy attack on the Fractured with a 50 percent chance of getting a Cleanse Buff. It will then automatically remove itself and move on to cleanse the next damaging debuff from the enemy. It can also cleanse any Stun or Freeze effect that might activate during the battle.

tiana abilities in disney mirrorverse
Tiana’s Ability

The maximum stacks for this ability are three. Moreover, each time Tiana or any of her allies will cleanse a debuff, Tiana will get an extra 10 percent attack buff. It will last for about 10 seconds only. The maximum stacks for the effect are also three times.

Special Ability- The Main Course

Tiana’s most powerful ability is her special ability called the Main Course. When the ability is active, Tiana will throw a Potion on her ally. She will only focus on the ally that had the lowest percentage of HP in her team. Doing so, if there are any enemies around that ally, they will receive 100 percent damage from her special ability. She will also knock back all the enemies in the ally’s range.

Tiana ability in disney mirrorverse
Tiana’s Ability

But that is not all. The Main Course abilities grant Tiana 10 percent additional HP. She can then use this HP to heal all her allies. When the Main Course ability is active, each of the Guardian will also get a Cleanse Buff they can use only once per battle.

Signature Ability- Picante Potions

The Picante Potions ability can only be utilized if Tiana has a 4-star rating in Disney Mirrorverse. When the ability is used, Tiana’s heavy attack will have a 25 percent chance to deal a Burn on enemies. Doing so will deal about 25 percent damage per second on the Fractured. The effect, however, will only last for 4 seconds and the max stacks for Picante Potions per battle are only 1.

best abilities of tiana
Tiana’s Ability

There is another effect of this signature ability of, Tiana. When active, every enemy that gets hit by Tiana’s signature ability will have an almost 50 percent chance to have a Burn effect. The Burn effect will deal about 75 percent damage per second to the enemies. The effect will also last for only 4 seconds, and the maximum stacks for this effect are only one as well.

How To Unlock Tiana in Disney Mirrorverse 

You can simply progress through the main story using the general Gacha system to unlock Tiana. If, however, you want Tiana from the start, you can always reroll in Disney Mirrorverse.

how to unlock tiana
Unlocking Tiana

Like all the typical role-playing games, Disney Mirrorverse also has a Gacha system to get characters. You can get any Guardian, including Tiana, through the Stellar Mirror. To get Tiana through Stellar Mirror, you will need to collect a lot of Orbs by completing missions and challenges. Once you have enough Orbs, you can use them to buy Crystals.

  • Crystals come in three types: Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Time Keeper Crystal.
  • Acquire Crystals by using collected Orbs or purchasing bundles with real cash.
  • It’s advisable to have enough Crystals in your inventory before summoning a Guardian.
  • To summon a Guardian, toss your Crystals into the Stellar Mirror.
  • There’s a 95% chance of getting a three-star Guardian like Tiana.
  • Rare Guardians require luck and persistence with Crystal usage to unlock, including Tiana.


Tiana is definitely one of the easiest Guardians to pull out from the Stellar Mirror. However, you shouldn’t underestimate her abilities. She is one of the most powerful Supports and Healers in the game. It’s recommended that you pair Tiana with strong DPS Guardians and melee users to have the perfect team in Disney Mirrorverse. 

But that is not all Disney Mirrorverse has to offer. You can use certain Gift Codes in Disney Mirrorverse that can help you unlock certain items and special characters. While Disney Mirrorverse might seem like a child’s play, we assure you it’s most certainly not.

You will need the very best characters in Disney Mirrorverse to win the complex battles the game offers. In case you’re not sure what characters you should be focusing on, take a look at our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List.

If you’re just starting out in the game, then don’t worry, as we have put together some Tips And Tricks for Disney Mirrorverse that will help you become a pro in no time.

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