Elden Ring Purified Ruins [Location, Loot & Boss]

You can find valuable loot, fight a boss by reaching Purified Ruins Dungeon in Elden Ring!

The Elden Ring Purified Ruins, situated in the mysterious Liurnia of the Lakes region, offer players a captivating and challenging experience filled with diverse obstacles to overcome. Venturing through this enigmatic dungeon requires a balance of combat skills and keen observation to defeat formidable foes, discover concealed passageways, and unravel intricate puzzles that unlock hidden rewards.

Additionally, Hyetta’s questline weaves an engaging narrative that immerses players in the rich lore of Elden Ring, shedding light on the stories and relationships that bring the world to life. As you delve into the depths of the Purified Ruins, you’ll be called upon to employ both strategic thinking and adaptability to successfully navigate this enthralling dungeon, making it an unforgettable part of your Elden Ring journey.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can discover Purified Ruins in the Liurnia of the Lakes Region of Elden Ring.
  • To reach the ruins, you must start at the southern Grace Area of the Liurnia Highway and head north with a slight westward turn.
  • Once you’re in Purified Ruins, you must seek valuable loot there, such as Shabriri Grape and Two Finger Legacy talisman within hidden areas.
  • You can also finish Irina’s mission, defeat Edgar and encounter Hyetta before embarking on Hyetta’s questline to uncover the story of the Purified Ruins.
IMPORTANT: Players will need to navigate the dungeon’s hidden passageways, defeat formidable foes, and solve intricate puzzles to uncover the valuable loots, including the Shabriri Grape and Two Finger Legacy talisman. 

Purified Ruins Location

Embark on an epic adventure and discover the hidden Elden Ring’s Purified Ruins, situated within the Liurnia region of the lakes, tucked away on the southeastern coast. To reach this mysterious dungeon, begin your journey at the southern grace area of the Liurnia Highway. Travel north while taking a slight westward turn, and soon enough, you’ll uncover the Purified Ruins beckoning for exploration.

Elden Ring Purified Ruins Purified Ruins Location
Purified Ruins Location

Encountering Enemies and Tactics

As you venture into the Purified Ruins, you’ll face soldiers and knights. To outmaneuver these formidable foes, make use of ranged attacks or employ magic to maintain a safe distance while dealing damage.

  • Utilize stealth to approach enemies from behind, landing critical hits that can potentially take them down before they even realize your presence.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and watch for enemy patrols.
  • Analyze their movement patterns and look for opportunities to strike without alerting their comrades.

Moreover, adapt your tactics to your character’s strengths, whether it’s a melee build focused on devastating close-quarters attacks or a ranged build with an arsenal of powerful spells.

Unearthing Hidden Passages

While exploring Elden Ring’s Purified Ruins, keep an eye out for hidden entrances and secret passageways. Break crates and barrels to reveal concealed paths leading to valuable treasures and new areas. Be cautious as you navigate the dungeon, as traps and hidden threats may lurk in the shadows.

Pay close attention to wall markings, unusual arrangements of objects, and other subtle clues that can lead you to secret chambers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your environment, as some hidden paths might only be accessed through specific interactions.

Discovering Valuable Loot

The Purified Ruins are home to valuable loot, including the Shabriri Grape and Two Finger Heirloom talisman. Search every corner and break open containers to ensure you don’t miss these coveted items.

Elden Ring Purified Ruins Shabiri Grape
Shabiri Grape

As you navigate the dungeon, be on the lookout for chests, corpses, and hidden alcoves where valuable items may be stashed. Additionally, be prepared to face challenges guarding some of the more precious loot, such as powerful enemies or intricate puzzles.

Hyetta’s Questline Explained

Elden Ring Purified Ruins Hyetta Questline
Hyetta Questline

To complete Hyetta’s questline in the Elden Ring’s Purified Ruins, ensure that you have finished Irina’s mission in the Weeping Peninsula, defeated Edgar in the Revenger’s Shack, and previously encountered Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace. Once these conditions are met, find Hyetta west of the ruins and offer her the Shabriri Grapes you’ve collected.

  • Hyetta will request your assistance in gathering more grapes found in the Purified Ruins.
  • By aiding her in this task, you’ll unlock additional dialogue options and learn more about her story.
  • Remember to exhaust all dialogue options to ensure you’re completing her questline in its entirety.

Solving Ruins Puzzles

  • Pay close attention to clues and hints scattered throughout the Purified Ruins.
  • Solving puzzles will unlock new areas, granting access to hidden loot and furthering your progress in the dungeon.
  • Take note of patterns, symbols, and environmental anomalies that can help you decipher the puzzles within the ruins.
  • Be prepared to think outside the box and employ creative problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges.

Don’t be afraid to revisit previous areas or backtrack if necessary, as some puzzles might require items or knowledge found elsewhere in the dungeon.

Mini-Boss Strategies

  • Prepare for intense mini-boss encounters by learning their attack patterns and developing appropriate strategies.
  • Make use of dodge rolls, parries, and counters to exploit their weaknesses and emerge victorious.
  • Study each mini-bosses moveset, understanding when it’s safe to attack and when it’s best to focus on evading.
  • Experiment with different tactics, weapons, and spells to find the most effective approach.
  • Additionally, utilize the environment to your advantage by luring mini-bosses into terrain that limits their mobility or provides cover for you.

When facing multiple enemies or mini-bosses, consider prioritizing specific targets to eliminate first based on their threat level or the potential advantages gained by defeating them. Additionally, be aware of any potential reinforcements that mini-bosses may call upon and develop strategies to deal with these additional threats.

Stealth and Ambush Tips

In the Purified Ruins, stealth and ambush tactics can often mean the difference between life and death. Move cautiously and use the environment to conceal your presence. Crouch to minimize noise and keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid detection.

Take advantage of the terrain and any available cover to set up ambushes against unsuspecting foes. Lure enemies into traps or chokepoints where you can unleash devastating attacks without exposing yourself to danger. Use ranged weapons or spells to silently eliminate enemies from a distance or perform backstabs to deal massive damage while remaining unseen.

Purified Ruins Lore Insights

Throughout your journey in the Purified Ruins, pay attention to item descriptions, NPC dialogues, and environmental storytelling to uncover the rich history and lore of the area. Seek out hidden notes, inscriptions, and other clues that can help piece together the story of the Purified Ruins and the world of Elden Ring.

  • Interact with NPCs and exhaust all dialogue options to gain a deeper understanding of their stories and the role they play in the overall narrative.
  • Be open to revisiting previous areas and talking to NPCs again, as new dialogue options may become available as you progress through the game.

Wrapping Up

To complete the Purified Ruins questline, make sure you have explored every nook and cranny of the dungeon, collected all available loot, and overcome the various challenges, puzzles, and mini-bosses.

Once you’ve completed Hyetta’s questline and gathered all the necessary items, return to the southern entrance of Raya Lucaria Academy. You’ll need a key to access this area, so ensure you’ve acquired it during your exploration. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the Purified Ruins, the challenges within, and the steps needed to complete this intriguing and challenging questline.


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