Puget Lakes Error MW2 [FIXED]

You Can Solve Modern Warfare 2 Puget Lakes Error By Checking The Server Status, Clearing Your PC's Cache Or By Reinstalling MW2

Since the introduction of MW2, the Puget Lakes Error has been the cause of frustration for players across the globe. This error usually occurs when servers get overcrowded for a small period of time. Hence, they do not allow players to join the server. This can prevent you from signing in and signing out. 

The Puget Lakes Error states, “Unable to access online services. [Reason: Puget – Altus].”

Puget Lakes Error MW2
Puget Lakes Error MW2 (Image by eXputer)
Key Takeaways
  • Puget Lakes Error in MW2 occurs when you’re trying to connect to the game servers while they’re overloaded.

  • Here are a few things you should try to fix this problem:
    • First, check the Activation Server Status. 
    • Next, ensure your network connection is strong enough to support online games, preferably above 20 MB/S.
    • You can also try restarting your system to clear its cache. However, if you have a PC, you must clear the cache manually through the Steam application. 
    • Another way to go is to reinstall the game. 
  • When nothing works, your only option is to contact Activation Support. 

How Do I Fix The Puget Lakes Error In MW2?

Since the error revolves around server overcrowding, being patient might be the only thing to do. However, you can never be sure where the error originates, so we understand it can be extremely frustrating. We recommend that you thoroughly go over the solutions we have provided below and see if they work.

Check The Activation Server Status

The very first thing to do is check if MW2 servers are functioning normally. If there is a server outage, you can conclude that the issue is not from your end, so you can wait it out in peace and log in a little later and enjoy seamless gaming. To check the server status, follow the steps given below. 

  1. After visiting the Activiron Server Status website, select Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You will see something like the following.
    How to check the Activation Server Status
    Activation Server Status (Image by eXputer)
  2. Now, from the options below, click the platform network you play from. This will redirect you to another link that shows the status of all services.
    How to check Activation Server Status - Platform Specific
    Activation Server Status – Platform Specific (Image by eXputer)
  3. Now you can verify if the issue is at their end or yours. 

If there are no issues with the services, you must continue and follow the rest of the solutions. Otherwise, if there is an outage, especially for Account management, you should give it some time while the error resolves itself. 

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Check Your Network Connection

If there is no server outage, the next step is checking your network connection is working properly. 

If it not working properly, there are a few steps you can take to fix it. You can first try restarting your modem and see if that fixes the problem. If that does not work, the next step is to reset your IP Address. IP conflicts are common causes of errors like these. 

Once you have verified that your network connection is working fine, you should follow the steps given below to further troubleshoot the Puget Lakes Error in MW2. 

Restart Your System

The next step is restarting your system. If you are using a console you will have to perform a cold restart to perform a new power cycle. If you are using a PC, the method is different


If you are using an Xbox, Playstation, or any type of console, you must perform a cold restart, so restarting from the menu will not work. Follow the steps below to perform a cold restart. 

  1. Unplug the power cable from your console after shutting it down.
  2. Wait at least a minute.
  3. Plug it back into the console.
  4. Turn your console on.

This will start a new power cycle, essentially clearing the console’s cache. This can remove temporary glitches, just like Puget Lakes Error – MW2. 


If you have a desktop setup or a laptop, you will have to do something different. You can read our guide on restarting your PC and perform the steps illustrated there to restart your PC successfully

However, restarting does not necessarily clear the cache. Hence, we recommend clearing your PC’s cache manually, specifically for Steam. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Win icon, search for Steam, and then open it.
  2. Once opened, click on the steam icon in the top left corner and press settings
  3. Now, proceed to the folder for downloads.
  4. Next, please navigate to the clear the download cache option and click it. 
  5. Press OK when prompted.
    Puget Lakes Error MW2
    Clear Cache On Steam (Image by eXputer)

However, you are not done yet. Next, you have to verify that all your game files are not corrupt. You can do so by checking our guide on How To Verify Game Files. Once they check out, relaunch the game and see if the error persists. 

Reinstall The Game

We know how frustrating it is to try all the necessary solutions but still find yourself stuck with this error. In that case, we must go one step further and reinstall the game. After doing so, relaunch the game and see if the issue is gone. 

Contact Support

If nothing has worked, there might not be another option other than contacting Activation Support

How to Contact Support - Puget Lakes Error MW2 solution
Contact Support (Image by eXputer)

Make sure to describe your issue in great detail, and try to be as comprehensive as possible. Also, you will have to remain patient since Activation faces many complaints, but be sure that they will get back to you. 

Final Words

We hope we helped you solve the Puget Lakes Error MW2 and you are back to enjoying the game. If you want to outperform your opponents, we would definitely recommend checking out our guide on the best loadouts in MW2

Also, to game as seamlessly as possible, make sure to check our best settings guide for MW2, which maximizes performance and FPS. This will work for low-end PCs as well..


What is Puget error in MW2?

This error code appears when there is an issue with servers on Activation’s end, usually when it’s too overcrowded. However, it can also occur when there are issues with your network connectivity.

What does Dev error 11557 mean MW2?

This error code occurs when there are shader caching issues. Whenever this error occurs, you can fix it by increasing the shader cache size from the game’s graphics settings.

What is dev error 6144 MW2?

The Dev Error 6144 in MW2 occurs when there are new loadout restrictions. In simpler words, if you have a certain loadout, which is now not playable, given a new update, this error will occur. You can fix this error by altering your loadout.


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