FFXIV Pagos Guide For Eureka Walkthrough

This ffxiv pagos guide provides all the relatable info regarding the eureka weapons and maps, so that you can conquer this world like a pro.

Are you are trapped inside an unknown world of eureka pagos, without finding how to cope with the surroundings? Then here you go. This FFXIV pagos guide is here to help you fight the situation by providing a better understanding of this zone. Before jumping directly into the professional guide, let’s make it easy for those who are completely new to this game and looking for something to guide them from the start

Key Highlights

  • Pagos is the second zone in Eureka.
  • Players can progress through this zone similar to the rest.
  • FATE trains are a great way for a group of players to level up quickly inside Eureka.
  • Saving bunnies inside the Pagos zone also gives players different rewards like mounts.

A Short Overview of Eureka In FFXIV

As we are going to discuss all about eureka from now onwards, let’s explore this new mesmerizing world of FFXIV together.

After completing the 60 quests challenge, you will get to enter the Forbidden land of eureka. Almost 144 players can wander through this land at the same time.

There are mainly four zones in Eureka:

  1. Anmeos
  2. Pagos
  3. Pyros
  4. Hydatos

As you can already tell that the pagos zone comes after the accomplishment of the first zone. Entering into the pagos doesn’t mean you are entering in a whole new world. The progress process is almost similar as in anmeos. You can enter this zone by communicating directly with Sydney.

Afterwards, you will enter the encampment of pagos. i.e., Icepoint. It is a place where you can see many NCs and Aetherytes. You must have to set your ultimate goal to increase the elementary levels. Hitting 25 levels will unlock the Krilie quest which will further unlock another quest, called Kettle.

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FFXIV Pagos Weapon Guide

You can get to unlock the weapons by fulfilling the desired requirements of level, i.e., 25.

Similarly, as of animoes, the player’s task is to collect 500 pagos crystals from the notorious monster FATE. After reaching level 25, Gerolt will appoint the players that possess a Eurekan kettle and can collect aether from the defeated enemies. Almost all of the enemies offer a handsome amount of light, that can be used to get aethers after reaching the maximum level in the jar.

FFXIV pagos guide
Eureka world

The number of aether collected depends upon the experience. Also, potions of harmony and elemental buffs can maximize the amount of aether. The maximum limit of light in kettle is nine. In order to free up the space for more light, you can convert this light into frosted protean crystals.

Upon visiting the Crystal Forge, you can convert the acquired aether into frosted protean crystals by putting the light inside the eureka kettle. You can get the light by simply doing chain farming.

Light Farming

Finding light to collect is not an issue as FFXIV offers a variety of ways to farm the light.

  1. In order to obtain light, you have to follow the fate train. The process may be a little bit time-consuming, but it is less risky and easier for rookie players.
  2. Another way is to fight with frozen void dragons to get light. It will give you a handsome amount of light, but remember to only opt for this method if you are fully prepared with enough upgraded weapons. Otherwise, go for other ways.
  3. By chain farming Eureka Pagos Pagos 5 Frosted Protean Crystals 360, Pagos +1 10 Frosted Protean Crystals, 500 Pagos Crystals 365, Elemental 16 Frosted Protean Crystals and 5 Louhi’s Ice 370

Make sure to level up your game before investing your energy and time in FFXIV pagos guide’s secondary tasks such as light farming, etc. These things will eventually get more convenient to achieve at higher levels.

ffxiv pagos guide
Eureka notorious monsters

Hidden Treasure Pagos

In pagos, you will see bunnies running from fates to protect their lives. If you want, you can save them from this threat. Afterward, they will return this favor by getting you healed. Also, after successfully saving these bunnies, you will find them following you. They are also capable of taking you to the hidden treasures. These hidden treasures contain mounts and minions that can help you in various ways.  

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ffxiv pagos guide
Bunnies in pagos

You will need 31 Frosted Protean Crystals. Gerolt will need some of Louhi’s crystals which can be gained as a reward for playing the battle against Louhi.

If you are wondering what Louhi is. Then let me tell you, it is the last monster in the pagos zone and dangerous enough to scare anyone. You can also buy it by giving 50 pagos crystals to the bird watcher. You can get more info regarding weapon updates and their usages through Gerolt.

After completing 70 levels of quests, you can finally enter the new world of Eureka. An antiquated weapon will be awarded to you after completing the required number of quests.

eureka pagos
Pagos map

Explore Eureka Pagos

Patch 5.1 introduces the mount rides, so you can travel through different lands easily. While exploring the new lands of eureka, you have to pay attention to your surroundings. In case, if you came in contact with any of the frozen void dragons or sleeping dragons, try to avoid them if possible. They can affect the health resulting in the death of your player. Don’t wake them up by the sound of running.

Instead, convert your mode from running to walking. In this way, you can successfully dodge them. Falling from a cliff can make your encounter with these creatures as they might wake up from the disturbance and sound. In this situation, you must fight them with all your remaining energy, or else, you might be killed by them because of the continuous reduction in your health after falling.

ffxiv pagos guide
Pagos map with all markers

It is recommended to go through a map before entering into the pagos. As there are many cliffs and hurdles that you have to cross in order to travel the entire zone. This way, you can easily prepare yourself for the upcoming hurdles and challenges without any obvious failure. Also, you will then be able to protect yourself from the frozen void and sleeping dragons by landing away from their location.


Now that you know everything related to FFXIV Pagos so that you can navigate through Eureka, we have listed out quick questions that may still linger in your thoughts. 

FFXIV pagos - FAQs

How to solo leveling in eureka pagos?

Comparatively from the previous years, solo leveling in this patch is more convenient. Eurekan potion will help you increase your HP. Also, fight with enemies that can give you higher XP. These enemies may include monsters that are mutant or adapt. In addition to it, try to compete with enemies having a higher level than you. Furthermore, you just have to follow this FFXIV pagos guide and you will be level up in no time.

How to win Eureka armor?

After completing 70 quests, the player can get access to the eureka forbidden land. They are now eligible for the eureka gear first set. You can also get some other set of gears early in the game without having the first-most gears.

How much time you can play in eureka FFXIV?

You can play for 1 hour in the normal version. However, in the HQ version, you can play for 90 minutes long.

I hope that this FFXIV pagos guide will help you enough to overcome any situation successfully inside the game. By implementing these above-mentioned tips and tricks, you will surely be able to tackle any issue in eureka pagos land.

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