Genshin Impact: How To Obtain Nighttime Whispers Artifact Set

Become the strongest Geo DPS to detonate enemies by obtaining the full Nighttime Whispers Artifact Set in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact has introduced many artifact sets that enhance player’s damage output, defense, and HP, as well as other stats that make them stronger in general. Players might want to know more about how to get the Genshin Impact Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods Artifact Set and how it can be used! 

Important: The Nighttime Whispers set can only be obtained after it’s respective domain has been unlocked.
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What Is The Nighttime Whispers Set? 

What Is The Nighttime Whispers Set
What Is The Nighttime Whispers Set (Image By Me)

First things first, the Genshin Nighttime Whispers Set is a new artifact set that has been added as per the Genshin Impact 4.3 update. 

  • The artifact set is dead set on having stats that can enhance the player’s overall damage output. 
  • It is part of another artifact set that has been added to one of the new domains with the 4.3 update. 

The main effect of the artifact Nighttime Whispers is listed as follows: 

Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Set  Stats 
2 piece  The attack gets increased by 18%. 
4 piece  After an elemental skill is triggered, players get a 20% Geo damage bonus for 10 seconds. 

Nighttime Whispers Artifact Location 

Position On Map
Position On Map (Image Taken By Me)

Moving on, if you want to get your hands on the artifact set, then it won’t take long as I took the pathway here:

  1. I had to traverse the Poisson location in the Fontaine region and unlock the waypoints all located there. 
  2. Head towards the West Slopes of the Mont Automnequi area, then go over to the East Slopes of Mont Automnequi area. 
  3. From here, unlock the waypoints that are located nearby. 
  4. There should be a domain that is greyed out. 
  5. Unlock the domain, and then enter it to prepare to get the Nighttime Whispers Genshin set. 

How To Obtain

After entering the domain, it teleports you towards the start of the domain so that you don’t need to run and waste time. 

  • The domain starts by bringing over slimes such as Cryo slimes, Pyro, and other elemental slimes. 
  • There are also bound enemies, such as the Sternshield Crab enemy, that can be trounced. 

The best elements to bring to the domain to obtain the Nighttime Whispers Genshin Artifact sets are listed below in my opinion: 

Best Characters To Use
Best Characters To Use (Image Screenshot By Me)
  • Geo: It can help Crystallize with the other elementals and create strong shields to protect players. 
  • Pyro: The Pyro characters in Genshin can help easily break the Cryo slime’s shield and make it more vulnerable. 
  • Dendro: The Dendro team element can work really well to break the Electro enemy’s shield. 
  • HydroIt can work well to weaken the Sternshield Crab Enemy’s Pyro shield to get the Genshin Nighttime Whispers Set. 

The obtainable artifact sets are listed as follows: 

Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Pieces  Stats 
Flower  HP main stat 
Feather  ATK main stat 
Hourglass  EM, ER, HP%, ATK% or Defense
Goblet Elemental Damage Bonus, EM, HP%, ATK%, or DEF% 
Circlet Crit Rate, Crit Damage, EM, HP%, ATK%, DEF%.

Best Characters Against Waterfall Wen Enemies 

Enemies Appearing
Enemies Appearing (Image Taken By Me)

Last but not least, the best characters to use against the enemies to obtain the Whispers Set in Genshin Impact are below: 

  • Navia: She is an excellent Geo-DPS who can unleash high damage using her Gunbrella and Elemental Skill. 
  • Itto: He can also prove to be a broken DPS using his Elemental Burst to detonate enemies. 
  • Ningguang: She is a f2p Geo option who can charge her attacks and launch them to enemies. 
  • Albedo: As a sub-DPS, he can increase the damage output using his Elemental Skill. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Genshin Impact Nighttime Whispers Artifact set!

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