Granblue Fantasy Relink: Best Katalina Build [Playstyle & Tips]

After 10+ hours, I've entailed the best build you can have for Katalina as your main character!

Katalina is a support character in Granblue Fantasy Relink and one of the main allies you first get in Chapter 1 and is among the best characters. She doesn’t need to be recruited as she is one of the allies you get to play along with during the very start of the main campaign. As the main support for your best party, Katalina has an amazing set of skills and weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Katalina is a water-based healer and is unlocked in the first Chapter.
  • She has a balanced mix of offensive skills and defensive skills while wielding a sword as her primary weapon.
  • Ares Summon is her signature ability triggered by filling the Ares gauge.
  • Katalina has a wide array of weapons, each with unique traits in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • The Optimal playstyle for Katalina in my experience involves maintaining the Ares summon by chaining attacks. 
  • Author’s Note: With around 10+ hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink and after completing more than half of the main storyline, I can safely say that I’ve had enough experience to make the best possible build for Katalina and that you can trust the following guide.

Best Katalina Build In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Katalina Healing Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink
Katalina Healing Character In The Introduction For The Characters In GBFR – (Image Captured by Us)

Katalina is primarily used as a healer but has an amazing set of offense and defense skills.

ElementRaceCombat StyleWeapon Specialty Skybound Art
WaterHumanBalancedSabreBlades of Frost

For a water-based character, I think Katalina has extremely good healing abilities while the rest of the skills are more inclined toward offense. Her primary weapon is a sword as her weapon specialty is a Saber. To guide your Captain’s team to victory in Granblue Fantasy Relink you will need Katalina and her skills like the Ares summon which is my favorite aspect of hers! 

Important: Ares is a summon of Katalina that increases the power of her skills but it is triggered after filling up her Ares gauge through fighting and performing good combos.

Best Katalina Skills

Katalina Skills In Granblue Fantasy Relink Guide
Katalina Basic Healing Skilling That You Get In The Very Beginning of Chapter 1- (Image Captured by Us)

In my opinion, Katalina has a pretty balanced skillset, meaning that she can be great at both support and attack. I have to admit that Katalina’s Ares Guage is OP even though it may take some time to charge. Once it’s done, every skill in your arsenal will have been enhanced in either damage, range, or both!

Following is a list of the best skills for Katalina’s build:

Skill NameDescriptionCategorySkill Type
Azure SwordSummons Ares to attack foes in front of Katalina and temporarily maxes out the Ares gauge.OffensePassive
Winter's RainA multi-hit attack that deals a high amount of stun. Deals more hits when attacking with Ares.OffensePassive
Light WallGrants Invincibility to Katalina. Grants Invincibility to the entire party instead while Ares is summoned.DefenseBuff
Blue RadianceAllows Ares to temporarily join Katalina's attack when the Ares gauge is full. Perform a combo finisher, link attack, or skill to summon Ares.SupportPassive
Vow by the SwordKatalina's skills and Skybound Art are enhanced while Ares is summoned.SupportPassive

Best Katalina Weapon

Katalina Weapons In GFR
Katalina’s First Base Weapon Rukalsa With Room For More To Be Unlocked – (Image credit: eXputer)
Weapon NamesStarting LevelHPWeapon TypePhysical DamageTraitsMaterials Required
Luminiera Sword Omega65542Stinger Weapon109Boosts critical hit ratex1 Champion Merit
x1 Water Orb
x3 Bizarre Wing
x1 Bizarre Ice Spine
  • Why I Chose This: I saw that the blade boosts damage against weak points and attacks from behind which is a combo to Percival’s Charged Attack Abilities.

Best Sigils

The following is a table for the best sigils that I kept for my build for Katarina:

Best SigilsDescription
Attack PowerIncreases overall attack power.
Quick CooldownReduces skill cooldown, allowing you to use Schlacht-boosting skills more frequently.
Quick ChargeSpeeds up the charge time of Schlacht
Critical Hit RateBoosts the chance of landing critical hits for extra damage.

Playstyle For Katalina

Katalina Playstyle In Game
Katalina Performing Her Blades of Frost SBA move for the first time in Chapter 1 – (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Objective: Keep Ares active for as long as possible to optimize damage and support capabilities.
  2. Gauge Building: Execute combo finishers with the triangle button to fill up the gauge for summoning Ares.
  3. Ares Activation: Once the gauge is full, activate Ares using link attacks, abilities, or burst attacks.
  4. Maintaining Ares: Chain skills, link attacks, and Sky Arts into triangle attacks immediately to extend Ares’ duration.
  5. Risk of Disappearance: Be cautious of dodging, guarding, or stopping attacks, as they can cause Ares to disappear.
  6. Special Strong Attack String: Katalina has super armor during her special Ares strong attack string, offering protection while dealing damage.
  7. Invulnerability Ability: Katalina possesses an ability that grants invulnerability for a few seconds, useful for keeping Ares active without worrying about defending.

Recommended Tips To Play Katalina

Katalina SBA Move
Katalina SBA Showcase Move Animation Loadup – (Image Captured by Us)
  1. Combo Extension: Experiment with different combo strings to discover the most effective way to build the Ares gauge quickly. 
  2. Skill Synergy: Besides Enchanted Lands and Frozen Blade, I suggest exploring the synergy between other skills.
  3. Burst Combos: Learn to incorporate Ares into your burst combos. 
  4. Dodging and Guarding Techniques: Mastering the timing of dodges and guards is essential. 
  5. Environmental Awareness: Be mindful of the battlefield and utilize it to your advantage. 
  6. Adaptability: Every encounter may require a slightly different approach so learn to adapt your playstyle based on the type of enemies, their strengths, and weaknesses.
  7. Resource Management: Another good tip I can give you is to keep an eye on your resources, including health and cooldowns. 

So this was all you need to know about the best build for Katalina and the guide had every single tip as well for you to utilize Katalina’s skills well in GBFR.

Fans of the character Katalina have been waiting to use her as a main for years now as can be seen on X. Do check out our recently uploaded guide over the 5 best healers in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Our guide writer Hanzila Iftikhar, has written a detailed review of Granblue Fantasy Relink so do read it for our personal verdict!

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