Granblue Fantasy Relink: 4 Best Supports [Ultimate List]

After experiencing GBFR's combat for 10+ hours, I became unstoppable after receiving heals and buffs from the best supports in my party.

The best supports can strengthen your party in multiple ways in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Not only can these characters heal your entire party but can also provide buffs whilst attacking the enemies with nerfs. The best party in Granblue Fantasy Relink consists of the best DPS character, the best tank character, and the best support characters.

Key Takeaways
  • Supports in Granblue Fantasy Relink can not only provide healing but also buffs to party members.
  • A strong support character can hold their own ground in battle while supporting their party.
  • Without support characters, an offensive party will fail to kill late-game bosses.
  • Some bosses in Granblue Fantasy Relink are endurance tests, so players need continuous healing, protection, and buffs from support characters.
  • Author’s Note: I have 10+ hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink and I have experimented with almost all support characters before creating this list, so you can put your trust in my information.

The Best Supports In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Here is a list of all the best support characters and the categories they are good for:

No.Support CharacterBest For
1Main CharacterThe Best Overall Support Charcter
2CagliostroThe Best Mage Support Character
3RosettaThe Best Early Game Support Character
4VaneThe Best Defensive Support Character

1. Main Character

The Best Overall Support Charcter.
best support characters granblue fantasy relink
The Main Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Why I Chose This: The main character becomes available to play with from the very beginning and when I scrolled through their skill tree, I found amazing defensive skills which made them the best support for my party.

Since the main character is your first playable character and you can’t remove them from the party either for most of the story, you are forced to use them. Thankfully, it turns out the defensive skills of this character are extremely good, and you can still keep the main character in your party as a great support.

The main character has access to amazing healing skills and reviving abilities but they can also provide party-wide buffs and even put debuff on the enemies. Aside from that, the main character can also deal good damage in Granblue Fantasy so they can hold their own in battle as a support.

  • Healing skills.
  • Buffs and debuffs.
  • Reviving Skill.
  • Part-wide heals and buffs.
  • Not so effective for damage in the end-game.

2. Cagliostro

The Best Mage Support Character.
best support characters granblue fantasy relink
Cagliostro In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Why I Chose This: I found Cagliostro to be an amazing support as well as a good damage character that can be used during the end-game as well. 

Using Cagliostro as a support character is another valid choice but her support skills are not as numerous as the main characters. However, she is much better at dealing damage to end-game bosses and enemies as her aimed spells and charged attacks are pretty strong.

As for her role as a support, she can also provide heals to the entire party and can even revive her teammates without becoming vulnerable to boss attacks. Calgiostro can also buff the entire party with the Phantasmagoria skill and can even remove buffs from enemies while dealing damage.

  • Good damage in the end-game.
  • Party wide heals.
  • Buffs and debuffs.
  • Reviving Skill.
  • Need crewmate card to recruit.
  • Spells need to be aimed.
  • Attacks need to be charged to deal good damage.

3. Rosetta

The Best Early Game Support Character.
character in game
Rosetta In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by eXputer)

Why I Chose This: Rosetta is both an amazing AOE character and a great support to the entire party which is why I never dropped her for the entirety of my story playthrough.

You can include Rosetta in your party from the very beginning of Granblue Fantasy Relink which is a plus point as you get your hands on a support early on. Additionally, Rosettaa is one of the few characters in the game with powerful ranged and AOE attacks. In addition to being a strong fighter, she has amazing defensive skills in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

She can plant multiple roses around the battlefield which can not only heal her party members but can also act like decoys. Rosetta can also decrease the damage of enemy attacks which allows your entire party to spam skills without worrying about taking damage.

  • Amazing AOE attacks.
  • Can heal party members.
  • Decrease incoming damage.
  • Can produce decoys.
  • Available from the start.
  • Does not deal good damage to bosses.

4. Vane

The Best Defensive Support Character.
character in game
Vane In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by Us)

Why I Chose This: After playing with Vane, I realized that he also has support skills in his moveset in spite of being a tank character.

Vane is essentially a tank character at his core but there is a certain skill that is so strong that it has compelled me to include Vane in my list of the strongest supports. The skill is known as Rampart and it basically creates an AOE barrier that protects not only himself but his entire party, if they are standing inside the barrier, from deadly attacks.

This skill is so good that it can protect your entire party from losing the battle and can become the difference between winning and losing a battle. Some bosses in Granblue Fantasy Relink have extremely strong attacks and in those situations, Vane’s Rampart skill can save the entire party.

  • Amazing end-game damage.
  • Great endurance.
  • Can protect the whole party from one shots.
  • Can support himself as well.
  • He cannot heal party members.
  • Can only be recruited using a crewmate card.

My Take On Best Supports

In my opinion, a party cannot survive late-game without using strong support characters. You need both a strong offense and a powerful defense to survive the toughest boss battles. You can use any of the two characters in my list and that will be more than enough defense for your entire party for the entirety of the story. I am still using these support characters for my post-endgame raids.

This concludes my guide on the best supports for your party in Granblue Fantasy Relink. I have included the four best support characters that are amazing in their own categories. I hope that the guide helped you to strengthen your defense further. Let me know if you’re enjoying your Granblue Fantasy Relink playthrough in the comments below!


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