The Best Party In Granblue Fantasy Relink [Battle-Tested]

I created this party after personally testing all of the members against various bosses.

Granblue Fantasy Relink allows players to create their own part which consists of four characters and it can additionally be made overpowered by using the best characters in the game. The best part about my party setup is that you can create it with just two crewmate cards as I’ll be using two recruit characters and two base roster characters.

Key Takeaways
  • The best party consists of the strongest characters with specific roles within the team.
  • A DPS character whose sole purpose is to deal damage to enemies and bosses.
  • With long-lasting strength, a Tank character can exceptionally perform offense and defense.
  • Without a Support character, the entire team falls as the healer increases the chances of survival.
  • Author’s Note: With around 10+ hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink and having completed more than half of the main story, I can safely say that I’ve had enough experience to create the ultimate party and that you can trust my information.

The Best Party

The following is a summary of the Best Party Members/Characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink along with their roles:

No.CharacterBest For In Party
1LancelotThe Best DPS Character.
2VaneThe Best Tank Character.
3Main CharacterThe Best Support Character.
4CagliostroThe Best Balanced Character.

In my opinion, each party should at least consist of a DPS character, a tank, and a support character. I have also considered the elemental weakness mechanic of Graanblue Fantasy Relink and have tried to include a variation of elemental characters.

Additionally, a DPS character is the major damage-dealing character, whereas the Tank is the long-lasting character during battle. Lastly, the support’s main role will be to heal and buff the entire party with their skills.


The Best DPS Character.
best party granblue fantasy relink
Lancelot In Granblue Fantasy Relink [Image Taken by Haris]
  • Why I Chose This Character: As soon as I received my first crewmate card, I summoned Lancelot which was an amazing choice because I used his attacks to melt most of the story bosses.

When you’re talking about pure damage, then there is no better choice than Lancelot in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Not only are his attacks extremely fast, but the damage dealt by his attacks also increases as you continue to combo. Additionally, Lancelot is the only character in the entire roster with the ability to dodge infinitely.

Basically, he has access to directional dashes which can not only dodge attacks but can also be used to catch up to a boss that runs away from the player. Overall, there is no better character to deal damage with than Lancelot.

  • Ability to dodge infinitely.
  • Damage increases over time.
  • Water infused skills that can freeze bosses.
  • Dash allows for great movement.
  • Combo-ing to increase damage can get tough.


The Best Tank Character.
team in game
Vane In Granblue Fantasy Relink [Image Taken by Haris]
  • Why I Chose This Character: Vane is the most balanced character with almost no weaknesses which is why I used him in the toughest boss battles.

A tank should be able to support himself in addition to the support that he receives from the team and should also be able to deal massive damage to bosses. Vane turns out to be well-balanced in both of these categories as he has the best skills for offense as well as self-support.

He even has a combo bar that gets filled when he uses his attacks. Once the combo bar is filled then he can use it to heal himself by attacking even more. This allows him to stay on offense as well as defense simultaneously which can be helpful in late-game boss battles.

  • High damage attacks. 
  • Offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Can survive fatal hits.
  • His skills should be changed depending on the type of battle. 

Main Character

The Best Support Character.
team in game
Main Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink [Image Taken by Haris]
  • Why I Chose This Character: You’re basically forced to include the main character in your party, and he turned out to be an amazing support for my team.

The main character becomes available to play from the beginning of the story in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Additionally, during the early game, they can be used as a good damage character until you recruit Lancelot.

The main character shines in their support role as you can unlock skills that can turn them into one of the best healers in the game. Healing is not the only thing that they can do as they also can buff the attack power of the whole party.

  • Amazing support skills.
  • Great healer.
  • Can provide buffs.
  • Playable without crewmate cards.
  • Cannot efficiently damage late-game bosses.


The Best Balanced Character.
best party granblue fantasy relink
Cagliostro In Granblue Fantasy Relink [Image Taken by Haris]
  • Why I Chose This Character: She acted like a second support for my party which made Lancelot and Vane even more invincible.

My party was already covered with a DPS, tank, and support. I was open to choosing any character for my fourth slot and I decided to go with another support but one that can also deal good damage while compromising little on their healing abilities. 

Additionally, her element is earth, which is a bonus as she can deal additional damage to enemies that are weak to it. She can also heal and buff other members of the team. Her charged attacks and spells are capable of dealing above-average damage.

  • Hybrid mage.
  • Can act as a support.
  • Above-average offense.
  • Attacks need to be charged to deal good damage.

My Take On The Best Party

I personally believe that there is no weakness in my party since I’ve got everything covered from melee attacks to range to healing. Every single aspect of creating the ultimate team has been taken care of, and each party member is the strongest in their role. Every boss fight in the main story became a cakewalk for me once I switched to this party setup.

This concludes my guide on the best party in Granblue Fantasy Relink. I have listed the best party members that you can use to create the ultimate party for the toughest boss battles. I have also made sure to fulfill the most important roles of a team. Let me know if you’re enjoying Granblue Fantasy Relink in the comments below!

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