Granblue Fantasy Relink: Best Lancelot Build [Tried And Tested]

With 10+ hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink, I was melting boss health bars by using this build for Lancelot in Granblue Relink Fantasy.

Lancelot is undoubtedly one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink because his damage output is just that high and you can further boost the damage number by using the build that I came up with. Each build in Granblue Fantasy Relink consists of weapons, skills, and sigil choices.

Key Takeaways
  • Lancelot is the strongest DPS character in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • His damage output can be enhanced by using the right offensive skills and sigils.
  • Using the best post-endgame weapon will make him an even better offensive character.
  • Lancelot when paired with his best build can easily destroy late-game bosses.
Important: My build for Lancelot is completely based on offense since the character is a DPS, so you’ll need strong support characters in your party to back him up.

The Best Lancelot Build

The Best Offensive Build For Lancelot.

Here is the complete build for Lancelot with all of its components in detail:

WeaponKnight of Ice.
SkillsBlade Impulse, Lawinensturm, Southern Cross, and Turbulenz.
SigilsTyranny, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Aegis, Damage Cap, and Attack Power.

This build focuses on increasing Lancelot’s maximum damage output whilst providing him with amazing movement and ranged attacks.

  • Maximum damage output of Lancelot.
  • Can absolutely melt late-game bosses.
  • Gets both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Can also deal with ganks.
  • Amazing mobility.
  • Reliance on other party members for healing and support.


character in game
The Best Weapon For Lancelot In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Knight of Ice weapon is one of Lancelot’s strongest weapons and is also not that hard to obtain post-endgame. Basically, the actual game content in Granblue Fantasy Relink starts after you’re done with the main plot, and those post-endgame raids are where you’ll have the most fun since they are also challenging. 

  • Knight of Ice also lacks a critical hit rate and stun damage but I will compensate for that with the sigils.
  • In order to boost the maximum damage dealt by Lancelot, Knight of Ice should be your weapon of choice.
  • It will become available for crafting at the Blacksmith once you’re done with a specific number of post-endgame quests on multiple difficulties.


best lancelot build granblue fantasy relink
The Best Skills For Lancelot In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by eXputer)
1Blade ImpulseOffenseA slash that can be used as a combo starter and to close distance between the boss and the player.
2LawinensturmOffenseAn amazing ranged attack that has multiple charges and is good for finishing off enemies from distance.
3Southern CrossOffenseA powerful chain attack which deals great damage and can be used to start up a combo.
4TurbulenzOffenseJump and slam into the ground to produce a powerful AOE attack that damages multiple enemies at once.
  • Uses of Blade Impulse: It has a fast recharge time so I continuously use this skill for quick movement paired with good damage since many bosses in the game are quick and agile.
  • Uses of Lawinensturm: I have kept only one ranged skill for Lancelot since he is a melee-focused character but just in case if the situation arises, you’ll have a strong ranged skill to fight enemies.
  • Uses of Southern Cross: It is an amazing skill to use between combos as it initiates a chain of fast attacks that deal a lot of damage.
  • Uses of Turbulenz: A lot of boss fights in the main story and even a lot of levels will put your party against gank fights and that is where the Turbulenz skill shines since it can kill a group of weakened enemies with a single use.


best lancelot build granblue fantasy relink
The Best Sigils For Lancelot In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by Us)
1TyrannyCan increase the attack power but decreases the total amount of health in exchange.
2Critical Hit RateIncreases the chances of getting critical hits in battle.
3Critical DamageDrastically increases the damage dealt by critical hits in battle.
4AegisIncreases maximum health and it is used to counter the debuff of the Tyranny sigil.
5Damage CapDamage limit of attacks can be increased by using the Damage Cap sigil.
6Attack PowerIncreases the attack power of Lancelot and makes him deal even more damage.

I’m going for a pure offensive build with Lancelot, as you can probably deduce from the best offensive sigils that I’m using in my build. This is the only method of utilizing the character to his maximum potential. You will need to be completely aggressive when using Lancelot and will also need to keep the best healers in your party to back up Lancelot during battle.

How To Recruit Lancelot

Unfortunately, Lancelot does not come unlocked and is not one of the early characters you can use after completing the tutorial mission. You will need to use a crewmate card to unlock Lancelot. The earliest cremate card you can get in Granblue Fantasy Relink is after completing chapter 3.

In my opinion, you should immediately recruit Lancelot as soon as you get your first crewmate card. Not only will that make your story playthrough easier, but you can also start creating your Lancelot build from the early game. My build also contains most skills that come unlocked with the character himself. 

My Take On Lancelot’s Best Build

Lancelot is my personal favorite character in Granblue Fantasy Relink and he is also the strongest DPS as well. He is already pretty strong with his base skills and weapon when you recruit him to your party. However, once I used my perfect build for the character, the end-game boss fights became a cakewalk for me additionally.

This concludes my guide on the best Lancelot build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. I have listed all of the components of my perfect build in complete detail. I have also listed the sigils and skills that you need to use for Lancelot to get the maximum damage output. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoy playing Granblue Fantasy Relink!


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