The Best Rosetta Build In Granblue Fantasy Relink [My Opinion]

This build for Rosetta is so good that I kept her in my party even during the tenacious end-game.

Rosetta is one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink, and players can start creating her best build from the very beginning since she does not require crewmate cards to unlock. By creating the perfect build, you can even use Rosetta in your party, even after beating the main story.

Key Takeaways
  • Rosetta is a powerful AOE character in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • She can crowd-control large groups of enemies with her offensive skills.
  • With the right skills and sigils, she can deal massive damage to bosses from range.
  • Rosetta is also one of the starting characters which is why no crewmate card is needed to unlock her.

The Best Rosetta Build

The Best AOE Build.

Here is the complete build for Rosetta with all of its components in detail:

WeaponRose Crystal Knife.
SkillsSpiral Rose, Lost Love, Iron Maiden, and Rose Tycoon.
SigilsAttack Power, Damage Cap, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Linked Together, Aegis, Quick Cooldown, and Nimble Onslaught.

This build capitalizes on Rosetta’s AOE attacks and increases the damage of such attacks while compromising on defensive skills completely. Using my build, you will be able to deal easily with ganks but will need to depend on your party for support and long-term healing.

  • Maximum AOE damage.
  • Amazing ranged attacks.
  • Easily deal with ganks.
  • High critical damage.
  • Weak defense and support.
  • Need support characters in party.


character in game
The Best Weapon For Rosetta In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Rose Crystal Knife is not only one of the best weapons for Rosetta in Granblue Fantasy Relink but is also easier to obtain. It is definitely not at the top of the list, but you really won’t need to grind to obtain it. However, I found this weapon perfect for my build, as it deals the right amount of damage.

Additionally, it also boosts my crit rate and crit damage, which is essentially the main offensive focus of my build. Even though the skills in my build will have you covered damage-wise, the Rose Crystal Knife will ensure that your melee attacks also deal good damage to bosses while the skills recharge.


best rosetta build granblue fantasy relink
The Best Skills For Rosetta In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by eXputer)
1Spiral RoseOffenseIt is a powerful AOE attack that allows Rosetta to use vines to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
2Lost LoveOffenseRosetta can plant roses around the battlefield and Lost Love allows her to detonate these roses like bombs to deal AOE damage.
3Iron MaidenOffenseThe best skill for Rosetta and it not only gives her hyper armor but it also allows her to attack simultaneously with her planted roses.
4Rose TycoonOffenseThis skill will allow Rosetta to use her roses and deal poison damage to all the enemies in range.
  • Uses of Spiral Rose: Spiral Rose can instantly deal big damage to groups of enemies on the battlefield, and it can make gank boss fights easier as well.
  • Uses of Lost Love: It can also be used when your party gets jumped by many enemies or when Rosetta has planted enough roses around the battlefield.
  • Uses of Iron Maiden: The most useful skill for Rosetta because it gives her hyper armor and allows her to spam attacks and plant roses without worrying about getting interrupted by enemy attacks.
  • Uses of Rose Tycoon: It is good for dealing poison damage in Granblue Fantasy Relink and can be really helpful to kill bosses with large health bars.


best rosetta build granblue fantasy relink
The Best Sigils For Rosetta In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured by Us)
1Attack PowerIncreases the maximum amount of damage that Rosetta can deal by increasing her attack power.
2Damage CapIt boosts the damage limit of Rosetta's attacks in the game.
3Critical Hit RateEssential sigil for my build because it increases the chances of a critical hit occurring in battle.
4Critical DamageAnother important sigil for Rosetta's best build because it increases the damage of critical hits.
5Linked TogetherDamage of link attacks in considerably increased.
6AegisIncreases Rosetta's maximum health to prolong her survival.
7Quick CooldownExtremely useful sigil since it decreases the recharge time for skills.
8Nimble OnslaughtIt can boost the effects of the ability that causes invincibility after a perfect dodge.

For my best Rosetta build, I have decided to increase the maximum damage the character can deal by using some of the best offensive sigils. I have also tried to keep defense into account by increasing her health and also invincibility after a perfect dodge. However, Rosetta must depend on her teammates after her heals run out.

How To Recruit Rosetta

Thankfully, you won’t need to grind for crewmate cards to unlock Rosetta in Graanblue Fantasy Relink. She’s actually one of the starting characters that automatically gets unlocked after beating the tutorial mission. Rosetta is powerful for a character that does not need grinding to unlock and can make your early game a cakewalk.

My Take On Rosetta’s Best Build

I have grown to like this build of Rosetta so much that I still include her in my party during the end game, even though I’ve unlocked new characters over the course of the entire story. She’s just that good for crowd controlling and taking care of ganks with the right skills and sigils. Even when I don’t use her as the main, she still ends up in my party with the best build.

This concludes my guide on the best build for Rosetta in Granblue Fantasy Relink. I have listed the best weapon, skills, and sigils for her that you can use. I hope that the guide helped make Rosetta an overpowered ranged character in your party. Let me know if you’re enjoying playing Granblue Fantasy Relink in the comments below!


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