Granblue Fantasy Relink: 4 Best DPS [Battle-Tested]

After spending over 15 hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink, here is my ultimate list of the best DPS characters!

Granblue Fantasy Relink has 19 characters. Among them, many shine as a DPS, but I didn’t find them all appealing enough to main. After spending several hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink, I have figured out the best DPS character available, along with some alternatives for different situations. These characters can help you dominate the battlefield. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 19 characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • Arguably, the best DPS character in-game is Narmaya.
  • She has some great skills and extremely high damage that can help players dominate the fight.
  • Narmaya covers all ranges, too, making her the best choice as a DPS.
  • Mastering Narmaya is extremely difficult due to complicated combos and dual stances.
  • Lancelot and Sigefried are also great choices as DPS characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • The best choice as a DPS for beginners is the main character.

Best DPS Characters Granblue Fantasy Relink

The following is my take on the best DPS characters after spending several hours in-game: 

No.DPSElementHPAttackCrit PowerStun PowerPWRBest For
1NarmayaDark5486225835%1116052The Best DPS Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink
2LancelotWater4424160335%1114712The Best Water DPS Character In-Game
3SiegfriedFire397781314%853665The Best Heavy Hitting DPS In Granblue Fantasy Relink
4Main CharacterWind666511289%895060The Best Well-Balanced DPS In Granblue Fantasy Relink

1. Narmaya

The Best DPS Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink.
Showcase of Narmaya, The Best Damage Dealing Character In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Narmaya as the best DPS due to her complex gameplay and the fact that she is my main character in-game and helps me obliterate enemies.

Narmaya is arguably the best DPS character in-game, as no one comes close to her, especially when you make the Best Narmaya build. Her damage output is unparalleled, making her the highest damage-dealing character, Granblue Fantasy Relink. I personally am a fan of characters that wield katana. However, the Nramaya on top doesn’t consist of my bias as her DPS is extremely high.

She has two stances, and both of them have different movesets. Some of her attacks can even be used in long-range, making her the perfect character in the whole game. With that said, her playstyle is extremely hard to learn, as you can also change her stances mid-combo. So, mastering her will take some time.

  • Features extremely high DPS.
  • Has two different states: Kagura and Genji.
  • Can cover short-range, mid-range, and long-range. 
  • Has some of the best skills in her arsenal.
  • Features many different combos.
  • Extremely difficult to master.

2. Lancelot

The Best Water DPS Character In-Game.
Lancelot’s Showcase In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Lancelot is on my list as he is extremely fun to play with and features some of the best combos in the game, featuring pretty great damage.

Another character on the list is Lancelot, who features extremely high DPS. He has some of the best moves in Granblue Fantasy Relink and can help you dominate the combat when you make the Best Lancelot Build. Lancelot has the water element, but he can also infuse his attacks in ice, which seems pretty cool. He also features some of the best offensive skills, which can come in handy during battle.

The thing I personally like most about Lancelot is his never-ending combos. You can spam his normal attacks, and they will never stop until the enemy stuns you. Moreover, Lancelot features some skills that can be used when he is spamming the combo. This makes him the best water DPS character in-game.

  • The damage output is pretty high.
  • Has some of the best combos.
  • Features some never-ending combos.
  • Skills can be used mid-combo.
  • Spamming a combo is not ideal.

3. Siegfried

The Best Heavy Hitting DPS In Granblue Fantasy Relink.
Showcase of The Best Heavy Hitting DPS Character, Siegfried (Image Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Siegfried during my first playthrough; he served as my main DPS and dealt tremendous amounts of damage to whoever stood in my way.

Siegfried is an absolute unit in-game, and he is among the most cool characters. His playstyle revolves around heavy hits that allow him to deal some great damage. Even if he isn’t fast, the damage that comes from his heavy hitting is exponentially high, making him one of the best DPS characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink. 

Siegfried has a skill Uwe that can be used as a combo. It is a multi-slash lunge attack, but with the perfect execution, you can use it as a combo for massive damage. Other than that, he even has a skill called L’Ombre d’Hier that you can use to parry the enemy’s attack hit with a counter. That is why I would highly recommend you to try him.

  • Has high DPS potential.
  • His heavy-hitting combos are pretty satisfying.
  • Unstoppable in close-range combats.
  • He isn’t that hard to use.
  • Has fewer long-range skills.

4. Main Character

The Best Well-Balanced DPS In Granblue Fantasy Relink.
Showcase of Main Character, The Best Well-Balanced DPS In-Game (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I am the main character to be the last one on my list due to the fact that he has a plethora of skills available that give players opportunities to customize him/her accordingly.

You can use the main character as any type of character in-game. The main character has tons of offensive and defensive skills that give players many opportunities how to use him. I personally think using the main character as a Sub-DPS is the perfect choice. In my current playthrough, I am using him as a Sub-DPS along with my main DPS Narmaya, and believe me, the pairing is perfect.  

With the best build for the main character, you can play him as a DPS. He has some great offensive skills that can help you deal tremendous amounts of damage. The plethora of skills is what makes them an outstanding character and one of the best DPS in Granblue Fantasy Relink. 

  • DPS potential is high.
  • Has some of the best offensive skills.
  • Is extremely easy to master.
  • His charge attack deals great damage.
  • The play style is too straightforward.
  • Acts better as a Sub-DPS.

Honorable Mentions

I have ranked only 4 best DPS according to my experience in-game. So, these are the ones that I didn’t rank, but you can still try them out: 

  • Charlotta: A great DPS who has the potential to dish out massive damage, but I think her play style is a little boring as she gets invincibility way too often. 
  • Id: The last unlockable character that dishes out some massive, but for that, you need a proper build, as his base weapon makes him more of a tank.
  • Yodarha: A character with attributes that have some of the best skills. Yodarha can undoubtedly do some great damage, but I personally don’t enjoy playing with him.

Best DPS Character In-Game – My Recommendation 

I would recommend starting the game with an easy character, such as the main character, and then shifting to a better DPS.

I personally think that Narmaya is the best DPS character. However, she is extremely difficult to master, so using her early could be a mistake. Similarly, Lancelot and Siegfried aren’t that easy to play with, leaving beginners with the main character as the best choice. With that said, if you don’t like the main character, then you can choose Siegfried to help you dominate the combat. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best DPS character in Granblue Fantasy Relink. While you are at it, check out its unbiased and rational Granble Fantasy Relink review by Hanzala Iftikhar. When you are done with that, make sure you read the guide on best tanks to enhance your gameplay. 

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