Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Siegfried Build [Personal Favourite]

After spending over 15 hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink, the following is my take on the best build for Siegfried to increase his overall DPS.

With nearly 20 characters available in Granblue Fantasy Relink, it is hard to choose a main. If you have chosen Siegfried as your main, then you should definitely know about his best build in Granblue Fantasy Relink for optimal experience. Siegfried is one of the best characters in-game, and despite his slow attacks, he falls among the best DPS.

Key Takeaways
  • Siegfried is among the best DPS in Granblue Fantasy Relink. 
  • The DPS potential can be increased tremendously with the best build. 
  • The best build for Siegfried includes sigils, gear, skills, and mastery.
  • Mastery plays an important role as it provides skills to use in combat. 
  • Over-mastery is also an important part of the build, providing additional buffs. 
  • The build mainly focuses on increasing Siegfried’s damage output.
  • I recommend beginners choose another character and come to Siegfried after a while. 

Best Siegfried Build

Siegfried, The Best Heavy Hitting DPS Character Showcase (Image Taken By Us)

Here is an overview of the best Siegfried build as per my experience:

CharacterBest SkillsBest GearMaster
SiegfriedL'Ombre d'Hier, Salvator, Nelah Nav, Draconic Release, and Manigance.Weapon: Hrunting.
Sigils: Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage Sigils, Dragonslayer's Dominance, and the Damage Cap.
Players should focus on all masteries but more focus should be on the offensive skill tree and over mastery.

Siegfried has high DPS potential, as his heavy hits can dish out some massive damage. You just have to learn the combos and execute them properly in the battle. My build will mainly focus on increasing Siegfried’s overall damage. For that, focus on the best sigils, gear, skills, and mastery is crucial.   

  • His heavy hits deal massive damage.
  • Has some great combos in arsenal. 
  • Features great offensive and defensive skills.
  • The play style isn’t overly complicated.
  • Has some great buffs.
  • Some buffs require perfect execution.
  • Not a beginner-friendly character.

Siegfried’s Best Skills

L’Ombre d’Hier, A Parry Skill Exclusive To Siegfried (Screenshot By Us)

The following are my recommended skills to use for Siegfried as a DPS: 

  • L’Ombre d’Hier: This is my personal skill of Siegfried as it is a mix of both defense and offense. This skill will allow you to dodge the enemy’s attack and counter-hit, which deals some good damage. The execution requires perfect timing, so do keep that in mind. 
  • Salvator: If you don’t have a healer in your party, then this skill will be perfect for you. It grants debuff immunity to all of the party members along with a drain that will recover damage whenever you or the other party members deal some damage.  
  • Nelah Nav: Stun is extremely important in Grablue Fantasy Relink and can help you a lot in combat. Nelah Nav deals a massive amount of stun to the opponent, which can give you more openings. 
  • Draconic Release: This skill boosts 15% of Siegfried’s overall attacks, but the buff will increase with every perfectly timed attack. Make sure to use combos with the X/Square button and take advantage of the buff. However, do note that the buff will dispel if you mistime any hit.  
  • Manigance: Another skill that buffs Sigfried, but it doesn’t have any drawbacks. If you don’t like the Draconic Release, then you can go with this one. Manigance will increase Attack and Defense by 30%, which can be necessary in combat.  

For the best Siegfried build in Granblue Fantasy Relink, the skills mentioned above are the ideal ones. You can choose any 4 among these and dominate the combat. 

Best Gear For Siegfried 

Weapon And Sigils of Siegfried (Image Captured By Us)

The following is the best gear to choose for Siegfried to increase his DPS:

  • Hrunting As The Best Weapon: As per my experience in-game, I believe that Hrunting is the best weapon for Siegfried. This weapon increases the DPS potential a lot as it offers a massive boost in the Critical Hit Rate. 
  • Best Sigils For Siegfried: I am currently using the Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Damage Sigils for him for more damage. However, instead of Attack Power and Critical Hit Rate, you can use the Dragonslayer’s Dominance or the Damage Cap.

You can try out different weapons and sigils for him, but according to my experience, the aforementioned ones are the best. The weapon already boosts the Critical Hit Rate, so you can focus more on the Critical Damage with the sigils. 


Siegfried’s Mastery For Different Skills And More Buffs (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

As you are making the DPS build of Siegfried, you need to focus on mastery a lot. That is how you will get the best offensive skills along with the defensive ones. For the DPS, it is ideal that more focus should be on the offensive skill tree along with the over-mastery. 

However, I would recommend you focus on the defensive skill, too, as it unlocks the sigil slots. Also, when your character reaches level 100, make sure to provide him with over-mastery bonuses. It is expensive, but the buffs you can get are so worth spending Mastery Points on.  

Siegfried’s PlayStyle

Siegfried’s play style focuses on hitting hard, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to learn. It isn’t that welcoming for beginners, but with some practice, they can manage. 

  • Heavy-Hitting & Dealing Massive Damage: If you have a perfect party, then you might be able to spam the heavy hits and deal massive damage. However, I would recommend paying strategically by applying buffs and utilizing different combos to finish off the opponents. 
  • Buffs Help A Lot: Siegfried has many skills that grant him buffs, so make sure to utilize them and increase the overall DPS. There are buffs that can be increased based on how you utilize the combos in battle. 

Siegfried doesn’t have an overly complicated play style like Narmaya. However, it isn’t easy, too, so make sure to practice his combos and then head into the battlefield. 

My Thoughts 

I personally think Siegfried is the coolest character in Granblue Fantasy Relink, and his damage is pretty high, which can be increased tremendously with the right build. 

Siegfried is a heavy-hitting character with a lot of combos that deal massive damage. His DPS is pretty high and can be increased even more with the right skills, weapons, and sigils. The character has a little difficult play style, so I think beginners should stay away from him and choose a different character for the time being. 

That is almost everything you want to know about the best build for Siegfired in Granblue Fantasy Relink. While you are at it, you should take a look at the game’s review by Hanzala Iftikhar to learn everything about it. After that, read the guides on the best tanks along with the best healers in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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