Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Id Build [My Picks]

With spending over 15 hours in Granblue Fantasy Relink, here is my take on the best Id build that can dominate the combat with a right party!

Granblue Fantasy Relink has 19 unique characters, and among them, some characters like Id, Narmaya, Siegfried, and Lancelot stand out from the rest, each with a unique build. Id is the last unlockable character, making his significance more than others, and he has some unique moves. However, without the best build, he can’t do much while fighting enemies in the game.

Best Id Build In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Showcase of Id in Granblue Fantasy Relink (Screenshot By eXputer)

My build for Id mostly focuses on increasing his overall damage output and carefully using his transformation skills. He has great damage potential, but to reach his true potential, players need the best weapons, skills, and, of course, the best sigils.

The following is an overview of the best build for Id, in my opinion:

IdRagnarok Form, Fourfold Vengeance, Never Enough, Unbound, and Reginleiv Recidiv.Best Weapons: Sword of Bahamut, Aviaeth Faussart, and the Premium Sword.
Best Sigils: Damage Cap, Catastrophe, Quick Cooldown, Combo Booster, Tyranny, Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, War Element, Supplementary Damage, Glass Cannon, Regen, and Stamina.
The focus on the mastery should be mostly on the offensive skill and the over mastery tree. However, players shouldn't neglect the defensive skill and collection tree for extra buffs.
  • High DPS.
  • Can be transformed into a dragon.
  • Has an ability that can heal.
  • Is extremely tanky.
  • A little challenging to master.
  • Unlocks at the very end.

Best Skills For Id

Showcase of Ragnarok Form, A Skill Exclusive To Id (Image Captured By Us)

The following are the best offensive skills I selected for Id after thoroughly testing each one out in-game:

Ragnarok Form: This one is arguably the best skill Id has, but it should be used according to the situation. Upon activation, Id will instantly enter the Dragonform. This will increase the DPS, and if you activate it while in Godmight, the Versalis Gauge will be fully restored. I would recommend using it more in boss fights.
Fourfold Vengeance: While this skill is excellent and deals massive damage, it is a little risky. It is a chargeable attack that uses the dragon’s power to deal enormous damage. While you are charging the skill, you will take damage, so I would recommend using Never Enough after this one, or you can manually heal, too.
Never Enough: A great offensive skill that allows Id to launch a lunge attack on the opponent. This skill deals a great amount of damage and heals your HP based on the damage you have dealt, making it a good choice.
Unbound: This skill can be used for a long-range, as upon activation, you will launch a shockwave slash straight ahead. This skill is more useful in normal fights, but players can also use it in boss fights.
Reginleiv Recidiv This is another long-ranged skill of Id that can be used when you are trying to close distance. It is similar to the Reginleiv skill you use in Granblue Fantasy Relink, so using it is simple.

Players can select any four of the five I have mentioned. I highly recommend selecting the first three. Selecting the best skills is the most important part of making the best Id build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. 

Best Id’s Gear

Ideal Gear For Id In-Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Here are the best weapons and sigils for Id, in my opinion:

  • Best Weapons: Sword of Bahamut, Aviaeth Faussart, and the Premium Sword are the best in-slot weapons for Id. The Sword of Bahamut is the ideal choice for higher DPS, but getting it is a little challenging, so until players get this sword, I would recommend using Avieath Fassart for some decent damage.
  • Best Sigils: Damage Cap, Catastrophe, Quick Cooldown, Combo Booster, Tyranny, Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, War Element, Supplementary Damage, Glass Cannon, Regen, and Stamina are the best Sigils u can use for Id. 

Without the best sigils, you won’t be able to reach the highest damage potential. These are extremely important, especially the sigils, as they can even help increase the maximum damage cap.


Id’s All Four Mastery Trees in Granblue Fantasy Relink (Screenshot Taken By Us)

Mastey is extremely important for making the best Id build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. As my build revolves around increasing the damage of Id, the focus should be on the offensive skill tree. However, that wouldn’t be enough, as you would need to focus on the defensive skill tree, too, for various buffs and sigil slots. 

Other than that, players must focus on the over-mastery tree, as that is extremely important. It gives you extra bonuses that increase the damage way more. It can also increase your defense, so over-mastery is crucial. Players should also spend some mastery points in the collection tree.

Play Style

Id’s play style revolves around heavy hitting and transforming into a dragon. Despite being a heavy hitter by nature, I find Id to be quick. 

  • Combo Potential: The character has many combo potential but mainly revolves around normal attacks and combo finishers. If you press the attack button three times and then use the light combo finisher, sword fury, and heavy combo finisher, you will damage the opponents. 
  • Transforming Into Dragon: Id can be transformed into a dragon mid-battle, which can be extremely helpful in combat. Skills like Fourfold Vengeance allow him to transform into a dragon immediately, or you can fill the gauge normally and transform it into a battle. 

Id isn’t that hard to play. You just need to learn some of his combos and how to utilize his dragon form. The dragon form is the most crucial part of his build, so make sure to take advantage of that. 

My Take On The Best Id Build

I think Id is one of the best characters in-game, and with this build, he would dominate the battlefield.

There are some complicated characters in-game, and Id is one of them. However, he isn’t the most complicated character, so you won’t have much trouble learning his pal style. My recommended build will allow you to dominate the battlefield, but of course, you would need the best party in order to do that, too.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best Id build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. While you are at it, you should take a look at Hanzala Iftikhar’s thorough review of Granblue Fantasy Relink. When you are done with that, read the guides on how to farm, get the Golem Finger, and finish the Jobs that Rolan started

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