Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Ferry Build [My Opinion]

Having spent over 20+ hours, the following is my take on the best build for Ferry to play as a main!

Ferry is among the characters that you can unlock pretty early in-game. She is also one of the best healers in Granblue Fantasy Relink. However, just playing her as a healer will be extremely boring. So, for a better experience, you would need the best build for Ferry in Granblue Fantasy Relink. The build will focus on almost all aspects of a character, so it is more of a hybrid build.

Key Takeaways
  • Ferry is among the best healers available in Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  • Playing her as a healer is not optimal, so focusing should be on making her well-balanced.
  • My build focuses on making Ferry a well-balanced character that can heal, fight, and provide buffs
  • To make the best build for Ferry, players should focus on skills, gear, and mastery. 
  • Ferry’s Play style revolves around her pets, so it might be a little complicated to understand. 
  • The more pets on the battlefield mean more damage to the opponent. 

Best Ferry Build

Ferry, One of The 19 Characters In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Captured By Us)

The following is an overview of the best Ferry Build as per my experience in-game: 

CharacterBest SkillsBest GearMastery
FerryBenediction, Purge Spirits, Hinrichten, Strafe, Pendel. Weapon: Leather Belt.
Sigils: Stun Power, Critical Hit Rate, Regen, Cascade, Combo Finisher, Damage Cap, or the Attack Power Sigil.
The focus of the build is to make Ferry a well-balanced character, so that would require focus on the offensive and defensive skill tree along with the over mastery.

Ferry isn’t a powerhouse and doesn’t have different stances like Narmaya. However, she has many engaging systems that players can use in battle. My build will mainly rotate around, making her a well-balanced character in-game for the optimal experience. She has some of the best offensive and defensive skills that you can use to make her into a better character. 

  • It can heal, fight, and provide buffs to the team.
  • More damage is based on the number of pets available on the battlefield. 
  • Has some of the best skills in-game.
  • Playstyle isn’t that hard to understand.  
  • Relies too much on the skills. 
  • Summoning pets without skills can be hard. 

Ferry’s Best Skills 

Showcase of Benediction, A Skill Exclusive To Ferry (Screenshot By eXputer)

The following are the best skills for Ferry, in my opinion: 

  • Benediction: An offensive skill that can heal the party members and provide buffs. It can be pretty helpful in combat as it increases your survival rate.
  • Purge Spirits: One of Ferry’s best skills is dishing a lot of stun. Along with that, it also summons Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and Beppo on the battlefield. The summons can help you in combat, and some skills require them. 
  • Hinrichten: This skill can help you tremendously in combat. Upon activation, you will get a 50% boost in attack, a 30% boost in Critical Rate, more damage on hit, and invincibility based on how many pets are available on the battlefield. It can help you turn the tides in battle easily. 
  • Strafe: An offensive light skill that summons Fugee, Nicola, Geegee, and Beppo on the battlefield. However, this time, they will participate in an all-out assault that greatly damages the opponent. 
  • Pendel: This skill can be used when you want to retreat from the frontlines and come back with a better approach. Upon activation, Fugee and Nicola will take you back to safety while Geegee fights the enemy. 

All of these skills are pretty great, but I would recommend having Purge Spirits along with the Hinrichten to make the best build for Ferry in Granblue Fantasy Relink. 

Best Gear For Ferry

Ferry's Gear
Ferry’s Gear, Including The Weapons And Sigils (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

Now, the best skills aren’t enough, so you would need the best gear for the ferry, too. 

The following are the best gear for Ferry: 

  • Leather Belt As The Weapon: Ferry focuses a lot on dealing stun damage to the opponent, and the Leather Belt will do the job just right. The leather belt is a great choice for Ferry as it is a great weapon against bosses. Also, Ferry has some great combo finishers, so using this weapon can be pretty helpful.
  • Best Sigils: There are tons of best sigils, but you must choose the ones that complement Ferry. I recommend choosing Stun Power, Critical Hit Rate, Regen, Cascade, Combo Finisher, Damage Cap, or the Attack Power Sigil. These can go well, but you must use the Stun Power and Critical Hit Rate Sigil. 


Ferry's Mastery
Showcase of Ferry’s Mastery In Granblue Fantasy Relink (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

Focus on mastery is one of the most important aspects of making the best build for Ferry in Granblue Fantasy Relink. As mentioned, the focus is to make a hybrid build that will make Ferry a more well-balanced character. So, you should focus on the offensive and defensive skill trees.

Also, remember that Over Mastery is extremely important for the characters as it can massively increase the damage output. The build focuses on maintaining balance, so you need more attack and skill power in the mastery. You can look at the ones I got in the images, which are rare. You won’t be able to get the over-mastery bonuses unless your character reaches level 100.

Playstyle Information

Ferry doesn’t have a complex play style like Narmaya, but she isn’t easy to play with. You will need to spend some time understanding her kit.

  • Normal Attacks Are Pretty Good: Ferry’s isn’t as less as you might think. Her whips have a pretty long range and deal some great damage. Upon holding the button, you can deal continuous damage in the same direction, and the more you charge, the more damage she will do.
  • Ferry’s Pets: This is where things get a little complicated. Ferry can summon pets with the skills, and they can help a lot in combat. However, what if you can’t use your skills? You can also summon pets by performing a combo. Just hold X and perform a charge attack, and upon letting go of the attack, Ferry will summon a pet. However, if you miss the attack, the pet won’t appear. 

The overall play style isn’t complicated, but managing the pets on the battlefield can be a little challenging. I would suggest doing it more often with the skills.

My Take On The Best Ferry Build

Ferry is one of the best characters available early, and the best build can make it into a pretty well-balanced character. 

While she is not the best character in-game, she surely can help a lot in combat. My build focuses on healing, buffing, and dealing with damage. This allows Ferry to deal damage to the opponents and help their teammates. If you want to play as Ferry, then in my opinion, this is the best way to do so.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best Ferry Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. While you are at it, take a look at the review of Granblue Fantasy Relink by Hanzala Iftikhar if you are still uncertain about getting it. After that, make sure to read the guide on the best tank, along with the best supports.  

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