Horizon Forbidden West: All Regalla Choices/Ending

Learn about what the best choice for Regalla's fate is in Horizon Forbidden West!

When you reach the endgame of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll eventually have a choice to make regarding the fate of Regalla. Whether she lives or dies will be in your hand, and it’s important to know the outcomes of both choices to make the “right choice.”

Although there is no actual “right choice” in the matter, subtle changes can lead to some interesting moments depending on what you choose. But, you can be assured knowing that regardless of your decision, you won’t affect the narrative outcome or the ending of the game by much.

Important: There are major spoilers ahead, some are even for the ending, ready only if you’ve reached the endgame.
Key Takeaways
  • In Horizon Forbidden West, you have a choice regarding Regalla’s fate. This main antagonist leads to subtle changes in the game but doesn’t affect the overall narrative outcome.
  • The choice is to save Regalla, who then aids against the Zeniths but dies later, or to end her life and obtain Regalla’s Wrath, a powerful Sharpshot bow.
  • Regalla’s Wrath offers a damage boost for long-range shots but has alternatives later.
  • The choice depends on your playstyle and story preference, with saving her aligning with Aloy’s character and providing a narrative-focused experience.
  • For first-time players, saving Regalla is recommended for a richer narrative; consider ending her life in subsequent playthroughs or NG+ for Regalla’s Wrath gameplay.

All Regalla Choices

For the majority of the game, Regalla acts as the main antagonist. She appears to do some extremely cruel things, and the player is led to believe that she’s completely evil. But as things unfold, we get to discover everything that’s truly been going on behind the scenes, and we discover much more about her.

That is why when we’re faced with the Regalla choice of ending her life or sparing it in Horizon Forbidden West, many players get conflicted and, in fact, even inclined to let her live. It is worth mentioning that choosing whether Regalla lives or dies will have minor implications, such as a difference in cutscenes or acquiring a missable item. Asides from that, there are only moral implications that are worth considering for the two choices.

1. Save Regalla: If you choose to save Regalla, she will join you in the fight against the Zeniths. Despite skepticism from others, Hekarro vouches for her, and Regalla agrees to help you in the battle against the Zeniths. Regalla’s fate, however, is sealed, and she will eventually meet her end during the final mission, Singularity, as part of the story. This choice doesn’t offer any tangible benefits but is seen as a more compassionate and canonical option, as it aligns with Aloy’s character.

horizon forbidden west regalla choice
Additional Cutscene for when Regalla is saved [image by eXputer]
2. End Regalla: Choosing to end Regalla’s life results in her immediate death in the arena. She will not appear in the final battle, and her story ends there. However, this choice rewards you with Regalla’s Wrath, her personal bow. Regalla’s Wrath is a powerful weapon that can be useful in combat.

regalla choice of ending her horizon forbidden west
Ending Regalla [image by eXputer]
Ultimately, the choice between saving Regalla and ending her life mainly affects minor story elements and the acquisition of the Regalla’s Wrath bow. Players can choose based on their moral stance or their desire to obtain the unique weapon.

Importance Of Regalla’s Wrath

Regalla’s Wrath Bow [screenshot by eXputer]
As mentioned, the upside to ending Regalla’s life is getting the chance to acquire Regalla’s Wrath, a bow that can only be acquired if you let Regalla die.

Here are some key features and details about Regalla’s Wrath:

  1. Long-Range Capabilities: Regalla’s Wrath excels at long-range combat. It offers a 15% damage boost when targeting enemies from a distance of 30 meters or more. This makes it a powerful choice for sniping enemies and dealing high damage from afar.
  2. In-Game Description: The bow’s in-game description mentions that it was once the cherished possession of Regalla, one of the main antagonists in the game. This adds a unique narrative element to the weapon.
  3. Upgradable: Like other weapons in the game, you can enhance Regalla’s Wrath by adding weapon coil slots. This allows you to upgrade its damage, handling, and other attributes. Some players prioritize improving the bow’s firing rate to make it more effective in combat.
  4. Early-Game Potency: Regalla’s Wrath is particularly potent in the early stages of the game. It has the ability to eliminate smaller machines with a single shot, making it a valuable asset when facing various threats.
  5. Alternative Bows: While Regalla’s Wrath is a strong weapon, players should be aware that they can obtain even more powerful Sharpshot bows as they progress through the game. For example, Forgefall is a Legendary Sharpshot bow that surpasses Regalla’s Wrath in every aspect and can be acquired with Arena Medals. In New Game+ mode, players can obtain Iriv’s Downfall, another Legendary Sharpshot bow with superior performance.
  6. Long-Range Combat: If you prefer a playstyle that involves sniping enemies from a distance and dealing high damage to distant targets, Regalla’s Wrath can be an excellent choice.

When deciding whether to spare or end Regalla’s life in the game, consider your gameplay style and story preferences. While Regalla’s Wrath is a valuable and unique weapon, it’s important to keep in mind that other, more powerful Sharpshot bows become available as you progress through Horizon Forbidden West.

What Ending Should You Choose

regalla choices horizon forbidden west
Choices [image by us]
Now that we’ve discussed the outcomes of each decision, we can finally discuss which decision is the best for you.

Choosing whether to save or end Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West depends on your preferences:

  1. Save Regalla:
    • Recommended for those who want a loyal narrative experience and stay true to Aloy’s character.
    • Allows Regalla a chance at redemption despite her past actions.
    • Aligns with Aloy’s morals and values.
  2. End Regalla:
    • Ideal for players focused on gameplay and collecting items.
    • Grants access to Regalla’s Wrath, a unique and powerful Sharpshot bow.
    • Keep in mind that other Sharpshot bows may eventually surpass it.

For a first-time playthrough, saving Regalla is recommended to fully enjoy the narrative. In subsequent playthroughs or New Game+, consider ending Regalla to acquire Regalla’s Wrath and explore its mechanics. This approach offers the best of both worlds.

Regalla’s Choices puts you in a critical choice regarding the fate of Regalla, the main antagonist. The decision to save or end her life affects the game’s narrative and gameplay experiences.

Saving Regalla aligns with Aloy’s character and allows her to join the fight against the Zeniths while ending her life grants access to the powerful Regalla’s Wrath bow. First-time players are advised to save Regalla for a richer narrative experience, while subsequent playthroughs or NG+ can focus on obtaining the unique weapon by ending her life. Ultimately, the choice depends on the player’s preferences and gameplay style.

Besides just diving into the NG+ with Regalla’s bow, you can also choose to experiment with it around in the Burning Shores DLC. It has a new map and many new machines to offer. To get started, you can read our How to start Burning Shores guide to get a better idea of everything you need to know.

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