How To Get Gloves of Dexterity In Baldur’s Gate 3?

This guide will show you how to get Gloves of Dexterity which is one of the best early game equipment pieces.

Gloves of Dexterity are a unique pair of Gloves that are exceptionally suitable for any Dexterity Focus class like Ranger, Rogue, Monk, and more. This equipment can save you from spending your precious ability points on Dexterity. It can increase your Dexterity to 18; you must equip it for that. This can have a significant effect on your playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • Gloves of Dexterity is an Item that can be found early in Act 1.
  • These gloves Boost your Dexterity to 18 points off the bat.
  • You can find these gloves from the Vendor, A’jak’nir Jeera.
  • A’jak’nir Jeera is at the Crèche Y’llek near the Rosemary Monastery.
  • These Gloves cost 630 Gold pieces to purchase.
BG3 Dexterity Gloves
Gloves of Dexterity [image by me]

Gloves of Dexterity Location

Gloves of Dexterity in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be bought from the Vendor, A’jak’nir Jeera, for 630 Gold. She can be found at the Crèche Y’llek near the Rosemary Monastery waypoint. 

Finally, follow my steps below for the Gloves of Dexterity in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  1. Start by Heading Towards the Trielta Crags, Waypoint.
    BG3 Waypoint Trielta Crags
    Trielta Crags Waypoint [image by me]
  2. This can be done by heading through the Mountain Pass to the location shown below.
    BG3 Mountain Pass
    Mountain Pass [image by me]
  3. Once you reach the Trielta Crags Waypoint, you must approach the Rosemary Monastery Waypoint.
  4. Afterwards, you need to climb roots and jump across a platform near the Waypoint.
    BG3 Roots
    Roots [image by me]
  5. Now, you need to break a barricade to enter the Location and have to deal with some easy enemies inside.
    BG3 Barricade
    Barricade [image by me]
  6. After dispatching the enemies, you need to head to the location shown below and break another Barricade.
    Barricade Location BG3
    Location of Barricade [image by me]
  7. With the Barricade broken, you need to climb the roots up.
    BG3 Roots
    Roots [image by me]
  8. After climbing up the root you need to head towards the location shown below and break another barricade.
    Barricade Location BG3
    Location of Barricade [image by me]
  9. Once in the clear, go to the location of the Crèche, which can be accessed from the Monastery Basement.
    BG3 Monastery Basement
    Monastery Basement [image by me]
  10. Finally, you can claim your prize from the Vendor, A’jak’nir Jeera.
    Vendor A'jak'nir Jeera BG3
    A’jak’nir Jeera [image by me]
  11. You need to pay 630 Gold to purchase the Gloves.
    A’jak’nir Jeera Inventory [image by me]

That was everything you need to know about how to get the Gloves of Dexterity. These gloves are excellent for a Dexterity-focused build, saving you 1 point investment. This can be quite a huge investment, allowing you to spend your ability points on something else like Health. Plus, ability points are hard to come by.

Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 review for a more detailed analysis. Lastly, I suggest you go through our All Dribbles Body Parts or Whispering Depths guide. If you are confused about builds, you should check this Guide.


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