BG3: 10 BEST Act 1 Items With Hands-on Experience

Learn everything there is about the best items you can find in Act 1 of BG3, alongside their uses and location.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with tons of items that grant various buffs, bonuses, and advantages across all three acts. There are many items that you’ll come across in the first act that are helpful in both early and late-game. So in order to build your character in the best possible way and ensure better survival chances in the later acts, it is highly recommended to get your hands on the BG3 best Act 1 items.

Key Takeaways
  • Wyvern Poison can be used to enhance your attack power in BG3. 
  • Thieves’ Tools are a must-pick as you will be able to open most of the locks in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Both Soul Coins and Iron Amulet don’t really have a purpose in Act 1, but they will be beneficial for you in the future.
  • Smokepoweder Satchel and Goodberries are also helpful.
  • Disintegrating Night Walkers, Amulet of Branding, Adamantine Armor, and the Grymskull Helm are some of the best Act 1 items that you must get.
  • Each of these items has a special ability that will make your game fun.

Best Act 1 Items in BG3

Here’s an overview of the best items, alongside their descriptions.

Wyvern PoisonIt can be used to enhance the damage of your weapon.
Thieves' ToolsThese tools allow you to open almost any type of the locks in Baldur's Gate 3.
GoodberriesGoodberry is used to restore the hit points from 1 to 4.
Soul CoinsThere is no use of Soul Coins in Act 1 but they are useful for future quest or when you are dealing with creatures of Nine Hells.
Smokepowder SatchelWith this item you can blow up many things including your enemies.
Infernal IronInfernal Iron doesn't have much use in the Act 1; however it will be quite useful in Act 2.
Disintegrating Night WalkersThese boots give you the ability of a Night Walker along with a pretty useful ability Misty Step.
Amulet of BrandingThis Amulet grant you the power to create Brand the Weak.
Adamantine ArmorIt is one of the best armors in the game that can reduce all incoming damage by 2.
Grymskull HelmThe enemy won't be able to land a critical hit on the wearer of Grymskull Helm.

1. Wyvern Poison

Wyvern Poison (image credits: eXputer)

There are plenty of options you can use to coat your weapon to deal more damage. Wyvern Poison is among the finest potions in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can increase your damage input. Wyvern Poison can be beneficial for you as you can easily get in Act 1 if you visit Druid Grove.

You can get the Poison by talking to Mattie. She will give you the potion so you can use it on yourself. However, the better use of this Poison is to coat your weapon and defeat your opponents. You can get the other Wyvern Poison from the box, located to the left of the vault entrance when you rescue Halsin

2. Thieves’ Tools

Thieves’ Tools (image credits: eXputer)

This tool will allow you to open locks which is a great way to avoid many fights. With Thieves’ Tool, you won’t have to fight the guards for the keys, as you will be able to unlock the door yourself. These tools go well with the Sleight of Hand skill, so make sure to use a character who has this skill. 

With Thieves’ Tools, you won’t be just able to unlock the door lock; you will be able to unlock most of the locks, like the chest locks and even the jail cells. This comes in really handy when you make your way to the Underdark.

3. Goodberries

Goodberry received (image credits: eXputer)

Goodberries are food items that can be created by Druids and Rangers, and each berry can restore 1 to 4 hit points. These are temporary items that will last until you take a long rest. Goodberries will appear in your inventory as soon as the cast is applied. However, keep in mind that doing it in combat is not ideal, as the spell takes a little time to cast. So, make sure to do it outside the battle.

4. Soul Coins

Soul Coin (image credits: eXputer)

These won’t be necessary for you at the start of your journey; however, you will need them as you progress. Soul Coins are a currency in Avernus, the realm within the Nine Hells in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can find some Soul Coins in Act 1, so make sure to grab them.

The first one can be found inside the Druid Grove with an NPC, Nadira. You can find some more in a house near Risen Road and in the Dank Crypt. Soul Coins will be useful for future quests or when you deal with the creatures of Nine Hells.

5. Smokepowder Satchel

Destroying The Cave By Explosives (image credits: eXputer)

Smokepoweder Satchel is one of the best Act 1 items. With Smokepowder Satchel, you can blow things up, so it can be pretty useful sometimes. As the item is useful, you should carry a few with you. You either drop it or set it as a trap for the enemies. 

To make it blast, all you have to do is use a fire spell or arrow. You can use this item to even destroy the blocked doors. However, blowing the enemies is the most fun you will have with this item.

6. Infernal Iron

Infernal Iron (image credits: eXputer)

Just like Souls Coin, you don’t really have any use of Infernal Iron in Act 1. However, you must collect them so you can make use of them in Act 2. Infernal Iron can be found in the treasure room of the Shattered Sanctum, Grymforge, and Blighted Village blacksmith building.

This item is used by Karlach so she can power the Infernal Engine in her chest. 

7. Disintegrating Night Walkers

Disintegrating Night Walkers (image credits: eXputer)

When you wear Disintegrating Night Walkers, you will gain the ability of a Night Walker. This means you will never get Enwebbed, Entangled, Ensnared, or slip on the greaser ice. It also gives you Misty Step, which is like a teleportation ability.

You can find loot these boots from True Soul Nere in Grymforge.

8. Amulet of Branding

Amulet of Branding (image credits: eXputer)

There are two types of accessories in Baldur’s Gate 3, Amulets and Rings. There are different Amulets you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3, but Amulet of Branding is one of the best you can find as it gives you the ability to create Brand the Weak. This is a handy item you can get in Act 1, so make sure to get it.

You can get the Amulet by killing the Quartermaster in the crash.

9. Adamantine Armor

Adamantine Armor (image credits: eXputer)

There are two variations of Adamantine Armor, the Splint one and the Medium one. You can get both variants, or you can just get one, depending on your preference. However, if you get both armors, you won’t be able to get the Adamantine Weapon. 

Adamantine Armor is an extremely handy armor that decreases the incoming all damage by 2. The other benefit of this armor is that the enemies won’t be able to land the critical hit on you. You can get the Adamantine Flint Armor at the Gymforge by doing the Adamantine Forge quest.

10. Grymskull Helm

Grymskull Helm (image credits: eXputer)

This helm can also be found in the Grymforge. You can loot it from the Grymforge Golems after you defeat them. Attackers won’t be able to land a critical hit on the wearer of a Grymskull Helm. This is the main benefit of this Helm. But that’s not all it has to offer. It also gives you resistance to fire damage.

It also lets you cast a pretty useful spell known as Hunter’s Mask. It gives you plenty of defense as well as offense, so it’s great for fighters. 

That’s Almost everything you would want to know about the best Act 1 items BG3. These items will be pretty useful for you in Act 1. Some items discussed in this guide don’t have a use in Act 1, but they will be helpful in the further stages of Baldur’s Gate 3. When you are done reading this guide, make sure to read the Nightsong Quest for the location, objectives, and choices.

After that, check out the guide on How to Romance Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you are done with that, visit the page of Baldur’s Gate 3 Efrin to know how to Dispel Petrification and Stats. Do not forget to read the guide on Necromancy of Thay for a detailed walkthrough of uncovering some dark secrets. Lastly, check out the guide on Who is the Guardian to get to know more about him.

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