Destiny 2: How To Fish [Focused Fishing, Tackles & Exotics]

Learn everything there is to know on how to fish, obtain fishing tackle, focused fishing, and how to get exotic fish in Destiny 2.

With the launch of Lightfall’s new Season of the Deep, Bungie has introduced Fishing in Destiny 2. The fishing activity is not only a nice break from the constant grind in Destiny 2 but is also very rewarding. In this activity, you use fishing tackle as bait to catch fish at several fishing sites in Destiny 2. If you know how to fish in Destiny 2, you get rewards like Enhancement Cores and Ascendant Shards. Furthermore, with buffs like Destiny 2 focused fishing, if you get an exotic fish while fishing, you have a chance to drop exotic armor with great stat distribution.

Important: First, you must complete the seasonal quest up until step five. Afterward, you can access all fishing-related activities in Destiny 2.
Key Takeaways
  • Fishing is a new activity introduced in Destiny 2 that does not require matchmaking.
  • Players can access designated fishing areas in the patrol areas throughout the various planets.
  • If you know how to fish in Destiny 2, you can get end-game loot like shards and cores.
  • You must have Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle in your inventory, an item needed to catch fish.

  1. To start fishing, visit the fishing ponds in patrol areas and hold your interact button to start fishing.
  2. Eventually, a message appears “Perfect Catch.”
  3. Then you need to press the interact button again instantly to catch the fish. Good timing will lead to better fish catch.

  • Focused Fishing is a buff that increases the likelihood of catching higher rarity fish such as exotic fish.
  • A higher number of players at the pond will increase your Focused Fishing buff.
  • If you catch an exotic fish, you have a very high chance of earning exotic armor with good stat distribution.

How To Unlock Fishing Activity In Destiny 2

Once you have completed the first five steps of the Season of Deep seasonal quest, you will get a quest called Gone Fishin’. Head over to Hawthorne at the Tower Bazaar. She will provide you with an item called Fishing Tackle. 

Gone Fishin' fishing tackle destiny 2 quest
Gone Fishin’ Quest. (Image Captured By eXputer).

Gone Fishin’ Quest

  1. Visit Tower Bazaar and Speak with Hawthorne to get a Fishing Tackle.
  2. Collect 20 Bait by doing seasonal activities such as Deep Dive or other playlist activities.
  3. Head over to Outskirts, EDZ, and catch five fish.
  4. Afterward, head to The Cistern area on Nessus and catch five fish again.
  5. Repeat the process of catching five fish at Miasma, Throne World.
  6. Now visit the fish aquarium at the H.E.L.M. and release the fish you have caught.
  7. Finally, return to Hawthorne at the Tower to complete the quest.

What Are Fishing Tackles

fishing tackle item for fishing
Fishing Tackle. (Screenshot By eXputer).

Once you have spoken with Hawthorne, she will give you an item called Fishing Tackle. Going forward, this item will always be in your inventory. You will need Fishing Tackle to hold the bait which you will use to catch the fish.

At any given moment, the maximum amount of bait your Destiny 2 fishing tackle can hold is five hundred. The Fishing Tackle also tells you which location currently has increased activity of fish in Destiny 2.

There are several sources to obtain bait for your Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle. Essentially, bait can be obtained from any activity in Destiny 2. However, the most efficient way to farm it is through seasonal activities and the Vanguard playlist. It is recommended you do these activities with a fireteam to complete them quickly.

How To Catch Fish

fishing at outskirts EDZ
Fishing Pond At EDZ. (Image Captured By eXputer).

Now that you have collected enough bait and have learned the basics of how to fish in Destiny 2.  Look at your fishing tackle to see which location has higher activity. Once you approach the fishing pond of that destination, stand at the dock, press your interact button, and start fishing.

After a while, a message will pop up on your screen “Perfect Catch.” The moment this message appears, press the interact button again to catch the fish. If timed perfectly, you have a better chance to catch higher quality and more fish.

Important: Once you have caught fish in Destiny 2, it will be lying on the ground. You need to walk over it to collect it so that it is stored in your Destiny 2 fishing tackle.
collecting fish in destiny 2
Walking Over Fish To Collect. (Image Captured By Us).

Focused Fishing

During your fishing sessions, you will notice a buff called  Destiny 2 Focused Fishing. It appears as a bar on the left side of your screen. The Destiny 2 Focused Fishing Buff contributes to the number and rarity of the fish you catch. A higher buff meter will reward you with higher rarity fish like legendary and even exotic fish.

Whenever a player fishing at the same pond as you catch a legendary and exotic fish, the focused fishing buff will increase. Furthermore, it will affect every other player who is fishing at that pond.

focused fishing buff for catching better fish
Focused Fishing Buff. (Screenshot Grab By eXputer).

How To Get Exotic Fish In Destiny 2

If you want to have a higher chance of getting exotic fish in Destiny 2, you should form a fireteam of three people. This will increase the chances of you getting a legendary or exotic fish and also increase the Destiny 2 focused fishing buff. 

Unfortunately, despite forming a fireteam, there is still no guarantee that you will catch legendary or exotic fish. It is complete RNG. However, a more focused fishing buff will definitely contribute to increasing your chances.

fish turn in at helm aquarium
Turning In Fish At The Aquarium. (Screenshot By eXputer).

Once you have caught fish in Destiny 2, head to H.E.L.M. and turn the fish in at the aquarium. An exotic fish has a high chance of rewarding you with exotic armor and ascendant shards.

Tips And Tricks

One of the best ways to find more people at the fishing pond is to have your fireteam members load into the destination, as mentioned on the Destiny 2 fishing tackle separately. This will allow you and your fireteam members to find a public instance with a higher number of blueberry players at the fishing pond.

Once such an instance is found, have the rest of your members join the fireteam. The increased number of players will allow a quicker progression of focused fishing buff. Therefore, allowing you and your friends to catch a higher number and rarity of fish.

Now that you know how to fish in Destiny 2, you will have a comparatively easier time getting exotic armor and ascendant shards. These items require you to complete end-game activities to obtain them. However, since Bungie has introduced fishing in Destiny 2, casual players also have a chance to obtain them; if you want to find a fireteam to go fishing, head over to r/DestinyLFG.

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