Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Hawaii Proficiency Tier 2 Exam

Learn everything about the Hawaii proficiency tier 2 exam in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and the correct answers to pass it.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has the Ounabara Vocational School which has you partake in trivia-based exams, with the first one you take called the Hawaii Proficiency Exam Tier 2. At first glance, tackling this exam can be a headache due to the mixed bag of questions related to Hawaii and its locality, but with my quick and easy guide, you can get a rundown of all the answers needed to complete it.

Important: The Ounabara Vocational School is unlocked in Chapter 4 via the “Playing with Fire” substory.
Key Takeaways
  • The Hawaii Proficiency Tier 2 Exam is one of several Trivia-focused exams offered at the Ounabara School in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.
  • You need to answer 3 out of 5 questions right to pass the exam.
  • In total, ten questions can be featured in the exam whose answers I have mentioned below.

All Hawaii Proficiency Exam 2 Answers

like a dragon infinite wealth hawaii proficiency tier 2 exam
The answers to the MCQ questions of the Hawaii proficiency tier 2 exam. (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Exam Fee: Free
  • Personality Rewards: +30 Passion and +30 Charisma

There are a total of ten possible Multiple-choice Questions found in the Hawaii Proficiency Exam 2 and I have mentioned the correct answer to each one in the summary table below:

The ukulele is a suitable instrument for playing cheerful Hawaiian music. What does its name mean?Jumping Flea
Up until the first half of the 20th century, what plant was cultivated all over Hawaii in large fields, such as the one shown here, and used to brew a type of Hawaiian alcohol?Sugarcane
The white flower shown in the image is often seen in Hawaii and used in hair ornaments and lei. What is its name?Plumeria
What is the Hawaiian gesture that involves raising both the thumb and pinky called?Shaka Sign
Which of the following pictures is of the Hawaiian dish, kaula pig?Also covered in the menu items for the Wait for Me Substory. but the correct answer is the one with the brown Plate.
Ahi poke is a popular dish in Hawaii. Poke means 'slice' but what does ahi mean?Pacific Bluefin Tuna
What famous Hawaiian confection is a fried doughnut coated in sugar?Malasada
Which of the following statements is true about Waikiki Beach as of 2024?It was man-made
Which of the following volcanoes and famous tourist spots is named Le ahi in Hawaiian?Diamond Head
Which of the following images is of a lei, a decorative object known to have many variations and is often seen in Hawaii?The image with the red-colored Lei.

This brings me to the end of my short guide. I hope this helps you quickly solve the questions needed for the first exam you will participate in with the Ounabara Vocational School. Personally, unlike a few players, I loved this side activity since it is also one of the best ways to increase Ichiban’s Personality stats. For similar guides, I suggest reading my guides on how to Upgrade weapons and How to Unlock or Change Jobs.

While you’re at it, if you’re a hardcore fan of the Yakuza series like me, be sure to check out my extensive Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth where I declared it as the Most Ambitious JRPG of 2023. Let me know if you have any further questions or queries in the comments box below!

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