Lost Ark Signatus: Raid Location, Spawn Times & Rewards

Finding the Lost Ark Signatus Location can be quite tricky, especially considering the odd spawn times but this guide will explain it all!

In Lost Ark, some empty arenas with greyed-out symbols host powerful Field Bosses or Raid World Bosses. These bosses spawn at specific times each day, separate from regular bosses that appear every 30 minutes. These bosses often require a minimum equipment level to damage them. Lower gear results in zero damage.

One example is Signatus, a Raid World Boss resembling a giant mechanical robot with diverse moves and multiple weapons, similar to the Gunslinger build in Lost Ark.

Key Takeaways
  • Signatus is a Raid World Boss in the Scraplands region of Arthetine.
  • The calendar or the field boss tab in Procyon’s Compass can track its spawn time.
  • To defeat Signatus, players need a minimum item level of 380 and knowledge of its moves, including a 180-degree rotation attack, fire attacks, and a force field move.
  • The boss has various phases, such as spreading oil and setting it on fire, and a missile barrage targeting player positions.
  • Success in defeating Signatus relies on dodging attacks and exploiting openings.
  • Rewards for defeating Signatus include Forbidden Magic Earrings with 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality, as well as Forbidden Elemental Earrings.
Scrapland Lost Ark
Lost Ark – Scrapland, where Signatus can be found


Lost Ark Signatus Location
Lost Ark – Signatus Location
Location Spawn Time How to Defeat
Scraplands region of Arthetine It can be checked by:
-the calendar in the top left of the UI
-through the field boss tab in Procyon’s Compass
-Minimum item level of 380
-Avoid major attack moves including:
180 degree rotation attack and fire attacks

Signatus can be found on the continent of Arthetine, specifically in the northern area of the Scraplands region of Arthetine. Its arena is located southeast of the Soldier Ant Nest and north of the Hoverboard Testing site.

As for the spawn time of Signatus, it can vary, and players have reported different spawn times.

To keep track of its spawn timing, you can do the following:

  1. Check the area chat: Other players often announce when they spot a world boss in the area chat. This can give you a general idea of when Signatus might be up.
  2. Use the calendar: In the top left corner of the UI, you can access the calendar. Choose the date you’re playing, and select the “Field Bosses” tab. Here, you’ll find the timings of various bosses, including Signatus, under the “Field Bosses” section of Procyon’s Compass. This can provide more accurate information about its spawn times on a specific day.

Spawn times for Signatus may vary, with reports of it spawning every hour from 11 am to 5 am, while others have encountered it every two or three days. Keep an eye on the calendar and area chat to improve your chances of finding Signatus when it spawns.

How to Defeat Signatus

Lost Ark Signatus Location
Lost Ark – Signatus Raid Fight Gameplay

Let’s say you’ve reached the Signatus location in Lost Ark, and now it’s time to fight the boss. Here are the tactics that you should employ to get an advantage.

Defeating Signatus in Lost Ark requires careful positioning and knowledge of its moveset. Here are some tactics to help you defeat this Raid World Boss:

  1. Recommended item level: around 380 for Signatus battle.
  2. Caution: Avoid 180-Rotation Attack; don’t attack head-on during fire emission.
  3. Electric Field and Rockets: Dodge rocket barrage; move away or opposite boss.
  4. Frontal Attack: Stay behind boss to avoid primary gun attack.
  5. 360-Degree Laser Spin: Attack from melee range during red-highlighted area to dodge lasers.
  6. Lightning Strike: Move away from blue circle to avoid lightning strike.
  7. Oil Pools and Fire: Avoid standing in ignitable oil pools to prevent burn damage.
  8. Missile Barrage: Use movement skills to evade missiles, even if behind boss.
  9. 180-Degree Buckshot or Machine Gun: Position behind boss to dodge attack.
  10. Charge Move: Move out of path of red moving beam to avoid hit.

Signatus Rewards

The following are the rewards you can expect to get once you’ve gotten to the Signatus location and defeated it:

Forbidden Elemental Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.
Forbidden Elemental Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
Forbidden Magic Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.
Forbidden Magic Necklace 351 primary stat (your class), 243 Vitality.
Forbidden Magic Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare) Grants a rare battle engraving.
Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon) Grants an uncommon battle engraving.
Bleed Gives a bleed effect to your skill.
Signatus Rare collectible card.
Destruction Stone Fragment A fragment used to upgrade honing armor.
Epic Ability Stone An epic ability stone that matches the character’s item level.
Guardian Stone Fragment Honing armor fragment.
Star’s Breath Increase the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
XP Card A Legendary XP card will be sent to any character on your server’s roster.

There are quite a lot of rewards, and these are what the players have reported getting after their victories. Do note that you will not get all of these rewards; the above-mentioned items are part of the loot table.

With that, you know everything about Lost Ark’s Signatus location. The fact that you have to wait for the boss to respawn can be quite inconvenient for many players. But the rewards can be somewhat worth it.

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