Lost Ark Stronghold Farm: Unlock, Upgrade & Tips

Lost Ark is full of complexes; its complex activities can keep players busy for hours. Moreover, new players can get confused with a few complexities, and a stronghold is one of them. So, if you are a beginner looking to unlock a stronghold or a Lost Ark fan stuck with the Lost Ark Stronghold Farm, this guide is the best solution for you. While talking about farming, must read our insightful guide on Lost Ark gold farming.

Strongholds usually act as a progression system, crafting system, or player’s house simultaneously. If you disregarded the stronghold system just by seeing it, we do not blame you.

However, it is highly recommended to use the stronghold system, as it will enable players to unlock many end-level features for your character. Following is the complete guide to Lost Ark Stronghold System. 

What is a Lost Ark Stronghold Farm

What is stronghold
About Stronghold

A stronghold farm is like a private island that gives players a chance to build it however they want. They will have to spend a certain amount of currency overbuilding various items. This option is like player housing in other MMOs, as you can decorate it, place items that you like, and hold events with your friends. If you want to know everything about pirate coins and the song of resonance in Lost Ark, consider reading our guide. 

Stronghold makes a decent chunk of the Lost Ark, as it gives players a chance to unlock new things. If you do not want to spend hundreds of Gold to purchase consumables, you should focus on your stronghold. Stronghold will give you a chance to unlock endgame necessities. The following guide covers how to unlock Stronghold Farm

How to Unlock Lost Ark Stronghold Farm

Guide to Stronghold Farm
How to Unlock Stronghold Farm

Completing the quest “Clerk Theo’s Invitation” will give you the stronghold. However, unlocking a stronghold will not make it available for its best use. The best use of the stronghold will be possible by completing the quests in the stronghold, research project, and increasing the rank.

The quest to reach the stronghold is obtained in level 25, so keep following the main story to access it. Once unlocked, click CTRL+1 to open the management tab with many options available to manage various aspects of the stronghold.

Managing Your Stronghold

You can manage strongholds by accessing the managing tab by pressing CTRL+1, and you can play around with the options in your estate by clicking CTRL+2. In the management menu, you can access the following options.

  • Lab
  • Workshop
  • Station
  • Manor
  • Training Camp
  • Knowledge Transfer

Before moving forward, let us have a look at what each of these individual options does.


The lab enables you to unlock various options in the stronghold. Moreover, it gives players access to unlock new recipes for the workshop, unlock new ships, and upgrade parts of the stronghold. Research projects usually take hours to complete and also require ore and wood for completion.


Crafting new items is also an important task in the Lost Ark Stronghold Farm, and the workshop enables you to farm new items. You can also unlock new recipes and upgrade your character stats. This requires all of your trade skill materials. 


Once you unlock ships, you can send your crew members on certain missions. The completion of this mission will give rewards to players, which they can use to upgrade skills and make necessary changes that they want in the character stats. The missions also offer currencies for the stronghold.


You have a chance to build some passive effects in the game and make them active whenever you want. For instance, Platinum founders received a train cosmetic that has a crafting passive reward.

Training Camp

Training Camp upon reaching level 52 will enable players to passively upgrade their character features. It only allows players to upgrade characters to two levels below the maximum player level. For instance, if you are at player level 60, a training camp will allow you to upgrade your character skills to a maximum level of 58. This character upgrade with the help of a training camp can take several days, depending on the character level.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is a better training camp; players are able to spend 600 Gold to boost any character to level 50. This is available after a quest “Nothing is impossible for Cykins” and takes a total of eight hours to complete.

Upgrading Your Lost Ark Stronghold Farm

Most of the stations in strongholds are unlocked by Labs. However, if some of the stations specifically mention Workshop or Manor, then try considering these stations first. These stations will be the ones responsible for unlocking the majority of options in your stronghold.

Most strongholds have a requirement of a certain level, so if you are unable to apply some upgrade, then try considering upgrading your stronghold first. 

Obtaining Stronghold Materials

The stronghold materials involve ores, woods, plants, and food, and they are frequently required throughout the stronghold for different purposes. In short, everything is nearly impossible without these materials. You can harvest each material at different locations.

We have mentioned some good spots for finding these materials for people who have just started playing the game and find it hard to access the material.

Ores can be found at Lake Bar, wood at Sunbright Hill, and Flowers at Dyorika Plain. You can go to these locations to access the material, as it will prevent you from wasting the time you could have spent on other tasks. 

Exchanging Stronghold Material

The exchange merchant near the spawn point of your island will enable you to exchange your materials. This will assist you in converting rare materials into common variants. You may have earned seals from the crew missions; they can also be exchanged here. However, the conversion rate of this exchange is not one-to-one.

Additional Stronghold Farm Features

Additional features
Additional Features of Stronghold Farm

We have covered everything that you need to know about the stronghold farm in detail, but here are some additional features that will be very helpful for you, and we have listed them below.

Trade Merchants

Trade merchants have a duty to offer unique goods, so they act as temporary vendors. They also exchange seals for rare material, the ones that are obtained from station missions. These vendors also have the ability to exchange seals with crafting recipes, collectible items, and new crew members for your ship.

You should check your stronghold to see what is in stock. If you want to know the best ships in Lost Ark, our guide has you covered.

Resource Farm

Once you complete the quest named “A Verdant Land”, there will be an unlocked portal that will have many resources. The materials that you will obtain from this farm will not be traded or sold, but you can use them for crafting. The items that you will make by crafting can then be traded with other players. 

Special Station Missions

Reaching level 50 will unlock special missions, which are just like typical station missions. The difference in these special missions is that they grant endgame loot. For example, completing a Chaos Dungeon mission will give you a Chaos Dungeon loot when completed with a typical station. 

Pet Ranch

In Korean clients, access to pet ranches enables players to convert excess pets into resource farmers. Selecting pets assists you in creating cookies; the pet range is four. These cookies can be redeemed to a vendor to upgrade pets or get new pets. While mentioning pets, our guide on Vertus pet in Lost Ark is a must-read.


The Feast menu can be unlocked on reaching level 10. They will enable you to craft powerful consumables. They also offer buffs that are powerful and persist after death.  

Leveling Stronghold Farm Character

Training Camp and Knowledge transfer menus help you upgrade your character skills, and the character upgrade feature in stronghold differs from the Power pass available at level 50.

The Training Camp is unlocked at level 52, allowing you to upgrade your character features for free, as this does not cost you Gold. You can still play using characters that utilize the training camp. Make sure to make the best use of it.

Knowledge transfer is comparatively a new feature to the Lost Ark; completion of the “Nothing is Impossible for Cykins” quest can unlock this system. This requires a lot of Gold as well, so do not utilize it unless you have a lot of Gold. However, once unlocked, this can get you many benefits.

Tips for Lost Ark Stronghold Farm

Tips of Stronghold Farm
Tips You Need To Know
  • You need to earn stronghold XP and seals; the best way to earn these is to always have a station mission active. 
  • You should unlock lab research options by upgrading your Manor first. 
  • Send your crew on a lengthy station mission before logging off; it will enable you to claim your rewards when you log in.
  • Use your trade skills, as you will need ores, wood, and other materials to unlock the stronghold features.
  • Always buy the collectibles that the trade merchants are selling, as they will help unlock character stats, grant skill points, and much more.

Stronghold is surely one of the complexes in the Lost Ark but gives a lot of benefits. You should focus on the stronghold, as it helps you unlock many things. If you follow the steps mentioned in the guide above, you will be able to make the best use of the stronghold.  

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