Marvel Snap: BEST Fantastic Four Decks [120+ Hours Experience]

You can have unique team powers by having the best fantastic four snap characters and decks in Marvel Snap.

The entire Fantastic Four deck lineup is potent with extraordinary individual abilities. Each one has its own set of pros and cons, as well as its strategic play style. After all, having a themed deck might increase your chance of winning. So, let’s jump right in and see the best Fantastic Four decks and how to play each one of them!

Key Takeaways
  • You can assemble a team of 12 characters, which is called a deck.
  • A strong deck is comprised of good characters, good synergy, and good backups.
  • You can create hundreds of combinations to suit your playstyle.
  • A good Fantastic Four deck can be easily overlooked, yet they possess some of the best synergies in the game.

Here’s a quick look at the Best Fantastic Four Deck in Marvel Snap:

Mister Fantastic32Adjacent Locations have +2 Power
Invisible Woman22The cards you play here are not revealed until the game’s end
Human Torch12When this moves, double its Power
Doctor Doom65Add a 5-Power Doombot to each other location

Best Fantastic Four Characters

Now that we’ve gone over what defines a good character, I can begin to discuss the best Fantastic Four snap characters and decks. We’ll start by picking the best individual F4 characters in the game.

Mister Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 3
AbilityAdjacent Locations have +2 Power

Mister Fantastic is a mid-cost character that can add +2 overall power to your left and right areas. This means that if you place Mister Fantastic in the middle, he will add +2 to both your left as well as your right area. However, if you place him in a corner, he will only add +2 to one side. So in a perfect situation, Mr. Fantastic can add an extremely beneficial +6 overall power to your play, which can easily change the game. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure you remember a space for him in the middle.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 2
AbilityThe cards you play here are not revealed until the game’s end

Invisible Woman is another slightly low-cost character that can hide all your card’s abilities until the end of the game at the location she’s placed. As a result, all the abilities of your characters in that area are also not played until the game’s end. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you don’t place any cards alongside Invisible Woman whose abilities are dependent on the next round, like Hawkeye or Jessica Jones. She’s highly strategic as she can confuse the opponent and mess up their game plan. At the end of the sixth round, you can reveal all of your cards at once in a surprising fashion, which can often prove game-changing.

Human Torch

Human Torch card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 1
AbilityWhen this moves, double its Power

Human Torch is a great low-cost, round starter character that can double its power from 2 to 4 when moved to a different via a character or area ability. For a character with only 1-Cost, having 2 as a base power is already really good. However, if you have a card that can move characters or an area that moves characters, such as the Bifrost, then you have an extremely rewarding character in terms of the power-to-cost ratio and spacing.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom card (Image Credits: eXputer)
Cost 6
AbilityAdd a 5-Power Doombot to each other location

Doctor Doom is a high-cost character with an extremely powerful ability. When he’s played, he adds a 5-Power Doombot to the other two locations, if there’s space available. This means that not only does Doctor Doom have a whopping overall 15 Power in the best-case scenario, but he can also retake and increase your power in other areas, and your opponent will never expect it! It’s best to make sure you have at least 1 slot left for each location by the sixth round so that you can utilize Doom’s ability properly.

Best Fantastic Four Decks And Teamups

Now that we’ve explored the best individual characters from the Fantastic Four cast, you can now look at which other characters you can team them up with. Keep in mind that your goal is to create a strong synergy within the team so that your characters’ abilities are properly availed. You also need to have strong backups in case you don’t get the required cards for a specific turn.

Deck 1: Intensifying The Human Torch

Deck 1 (Image Credits: eXputer)

This deck focuses on amping up the Human Torch as much as possible. Since Human Torch requires to move to double its Power, you need cards that’ll help him move and/or increase his base power. In essence, you are making sure that the Human torch moves to another location and use other characters that also gain Power by moving as well.

For the first round, we’ll place the Human Torch at the left-side location. If you do not have him at the round start, you could also place hawkeye in the same location. In the second round, we’ll either put down Kraven to set up additional Power when characters move or the Scarlet Witch to further ensure that the Human Torch moves to another location and as a result, gets double the Power.

In the third round, you can either put in Mr. Fantastic at the center for +2 Power at every location or put in Vulture to further get more Power via the Vulture’s ability in case the character moves. Now, you can either put in Kazar in the next round to give your 1-Cost cards additional power.

In the fifth round, you can add Iron Man to either a winning location to secure that location or add him to a losing location to increase your chances to win that particular location. Finally, you can use Heimdal in the sixth round to move all your characters and pretty much win the game. Alternatively, you can even use the tanky Doctor Doom to increase your Power by at least 5 in all three locations.

Deck 2: Doctor Doom’s Plan

Deck 2 (Image Credits: eXputer)

This deck relies on mid to high-cost characters that can change the shape of the game. Additionally, this deck also focuses on leaving enough by the sixth round so that you maximize Doctor Doom’s potential.

To kick things off, you can place Ant-Man towards the left-most location to set him up for additional Power gain once this area fills up. Alternatively, you can also use the Human torch in case the location ability is to move characters. For round 2, you can use Okoye to give the rest of your unused characters +1 Power to make them stronger. Using Okoye early means more characters having +1 Power. You can even use Psylocke as your next-best option to give your third round more variety.

In the third round, you can either use Mr. Fantastic in the middle location or place Hulk Buster in a non-empty location to fuse him with another character. Going into the fourth round, your best choice would be to use Mister Negative to swap the costs of your big characters like Doctor Doom so you can use them earlier.

After that, you can go ahead and use Doctor Doom in the fifth round and gain an early lead. Otherwise, using Sera in the fifth round is also a great option. And to finish things off with a bang, you can use Odin in the final round to add another 2 Doombots to your locations, so a total of 4 Doombots and 20 Power. If you used Sera in round 5, then you can also use a 1-Cost character alongside Odin as well.

Deck 3: Mr. Fantastic’s Fantastic Deck

Deck 3 (Image Credits: eXputer)

This deck is primarily focused on giving you much more options near the mid-range and high-cost cards.

To start the battle off in the first round, your obvious choice would be to use Hawkeye in the left-most location, your only 1-cost card. Moving onto the second round is where you have the most options. The best choice would be to use Invisible Woman to get that early-game confusion in your favor. Keep in mind that you will not place anything before round 3 in the middle as it might get filled up early and ultimately affect Doctor Doom’s ability

Once we’re into round 3, you can use Mr. Fantastic in the middle location to get that +6 Power equally divided among the 3 locations. After that, since you don’t have any 4-Cost cards in this deck, you can use 2 2-Cost cards in round 4. The best 2 choices would be to use Mysterio and Medusa for maximum possible Power. However, you can also Mister Sinister instead of Medusa if you don’t have Doctor Doom in your set so far.

The fifth round is also where we’ll have a ton of variety. You could use Rescue for a possibility of +5 additional Power, use Klaw for a possibility of +6 Power, or even use Leech to remove any surprise attacks from your opponent in the last round. The final round’s card placement depends upon what card you used until Round 6. If you’ve used Mr. Fanstastic or other Ongoing characters then you can use Spectrum to enhance the Power of those cards. Otherwise, using Doctor Doom in round six is also a good strategy. Remember to ensure that by the end of Round 6, the left-most side has 4 characters so that Ant-Man can get an additional +3 Power.

What Makes A Good Character Deck? 

First things first, you need to see what makes a character stand out in Marvel Snap. This will help decide which Fantastic Four decks and lineups are the best in the game. To determine whether a character is good or not and ultimately creates a great deck, you need to consider the following aspects:

1. Power

There are three areas per game in Marvel Snap. To win the game, you need to have a higher overall power in 2 areas compared to your opponent. You can also win a game if both you and your opponent have higher overall power in 1 area each. Therefore, the higher power characters you have in an area, the higher overall power you have in that area.

White Tiger with a Power of 5. You can find a card’s power at the top right (Image Credits: eXputer)

2. Cost

There are 6 total rounds in a single game of Marvel Snap. You initially have one energy, and with increasing round, your energy per round increases by 1. Cost is the amount of energy your character will take when placed on the table. The more energy you have, the more cost you can use. The lower your characters cost, the more characters you can place per round.

Medusa with a Cost of 2. You can find a card’s cost at the top left (Image Credits: eXputer)

You will start small by placing weak characters due to low energy, but as the rounds go on, you’ll have much more options and a wider range of characters you use.

3. Abilities

Abilities are the special moves your character can do. These abilities generally range from increasing a character’s power to increasing your overall power in an area. Some abilities further increase your character’s power after fulfilling certain conditions, while other abilities might increase the power of other characters in your deck as well.

Iron man and his ability stated at the bottom (Image Credits: eXputer)

Abilities are by far the most vital component of a character. This decides how practical a character can be, and thus determines how that character should be played. Some characters that are terrible in the cost-to-power ratio usually compensate for it for their ability. Most abilities can also be enhanced by the location they’re placed in, so play your cards carefully! The higher your character costs, the more effective it needs to be.

4. Spaces

Spacing is the number of spaces your card takes in an area. You can put a maximum of 4 cards per location, so it’s important to make sure each card you place is valuable in terms of power. If you keep putting in low-power cards in a single area, then your overall power in that area will be low as well, and you won’t have the option to add cards further due to the limit.

Hulk Buster, a card that merges itself with another card in the same location (Image Credits: eXputer)

Overall, a good character deck should have a nice balance between high-cost and low-cost characters, as well as each character having an ability that compliments each other and creates perfect synergy with the rest of the team. Therefore, good cards combo are essential for winning.

My Thoughts On Fantastic Four Decks

After playing Marvel Snap competitively, I must say I was somewhat disappointed with the Fantastic Four cards and their themed decks, even though I’m a huge Fantastic Four fan. The abilities of these cards don’t complement each other since they’re a mixture of Ongoing, On-Reveal, and basic cards. From my experience, you can barely make any strategic plays in the late-game phase, even with a good Fantastic Four deck.

marvel snap hours save slot
My in-game hours on Marvel Snap (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

As characters alone, though, you can use Fantastic Four cards fairly effectively in other themed decks. Human Torch, for instance, is one of the best 1-Cost characters in a Move Deck. Similarly, Doctor Doom and Mister Fantastic can work well together in a Devil Dinosaur deck. Overall, I encourage using most Fantastic Four cards but not a themed deck specifically around their team.


While most card-based strategy games rely on sheer luck and sometimes microtransactions to win, Marvel Snap focuses on character and area knowledge for in-game success. Every move you make during a match is highly crucial, thus creating that addictive and intricate gameplay loop.

You can stack your team with up to 12 characters, with each character having a different ongoing or on-reveal ability. It’s up to you to determine your preferred gameplay style and carefully use your abilities per round. 

Marvel Snap has so many unique Ongoing and On-Reveal decks and combinations that you can take hours upon hours to develop your team according to your needs and playstyle. While there are tons of decks out there, Fantastic Four decks are quick to learn, easy to update, and viable in almost any scenario.

So spend time trying different decks and combinations, and you’ll ultimately find a deck that is perfectly suited to your preferred strategy!

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