Modern Warfare 2: Level Up Weapons Fast [Step By Step]

These are the fastest way to upgrade weapons and unlock all attachments.

Modern Warfare 2 has some of the best weapons, and due to the new unlocking system, you will have to unlock and upgrade most of them. Unlocking multiple weapons and leveling them up because you need specific attachments that are only in one gun. Maybe you want to unlock a weapon but have to unlock and upgrade 3 other guns before that. You might be frustrated by this, but we are here to tell you the best ways to level up Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2. 

Key Takeaways
  • You can gain weapon XP in numerous ways in the game, but the main one is killing enemies.
  • You need to focus on Perks and Field upgrades, as they can double the XP you gain in a match.
  • Focus on objectives and kills in game modes like Hardpoint and Ground War.
  • Invasion is the best way to level up your weapon. Queue up Invasion and farm bots.
  • Active XP token or wait for double XP weekend to get 4 times the experience.

Step By Step Guide To Level Up Weapons Fast

How To Upgrade Weapons Fast In Modern Warfare 2
Fastest Way to Level Up Weapons – [Image credit: eXputer]
You can upgrade guns by multiple methods, whether it be getting the most kills, completing missions, or capturing objectives. You gain XP for the gun you have in your hand and are using while performing these tasks. There are a lot of ways to Level Up your guns, and we have tested all methods to tell you the fastest Ways. So, let’s get straight to the point. 

1. Prioritize Eliminations: Whether you’re playing multiplayer or cooperative modes, getting eliminations (kills) is the primary way to level up your weapons. Focus on achieving the most kills in the least time possible.

Eliminations and Kills
Modern Warfare 2 Eliminations – [Image credit: eXputer]
2. Loadout Setup: Customize your loadout to maximize weapon leveling efficiency. Create a dedicated loadout for grinding weapons, so you don’t have to change it for regular gameplay. Ensure that the weapon you want to level up is set as your primary weapon.

3. Perks: Perks can significantly boost your weapon XP gain. Consider the following perk loadout for efficient weapon leveling:

  • Basic Perk: Scavenger (to refill your ammo from fallen enemies).
  • Second Perk: Double Time (for increased movement speed).
  • Bonus Perk (1): Hardline (reduces the kill/score cost for killstreaks) or Fast Hands (faster reload and weapon switching).
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost (keeps you hidden from UAVs) or High Alert (notifies you when an enemy has a line of sight on you).
    Modern Warfare 2 Perks – [Image credit: eXputer]

4. Field Upgrades: Choose the right field upgrade based on your playstyle. Tactical Insertion is excellent for quickly returning to action, while the Ammunition Box provides maximum ammo without scavenging.

5. XP Tokens: Use XP tokens to double your XP gain during matches. Save them for Double XP weekends for even greater XP boosts. Activate an XP token before entering a game to start grinding with increased XP rewards.

6. Best Multiplayer Game Modes: Play game modes that allow for a high number of kills and XP gain. Modes like Domination, Headquarters, Hardpoint, and Ground War are excellent for accumulating kills and capturing objectives for extra XP.

  1. Ground War: Ground War offers large maps and multiple objectives, providing ample opportunities for kills and objective-based XP.
  2. Search and Destroy or Prisoner Rescue: While these modes offer more XP per kill, they can be slower-paced and less efficient for weapon leveling due to limited kill opportunities and downtime when you die.
Best Game Mode To Level Up Weapon In Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes – [Image credit: eXputer]

Fastest Way to Earn XP

The way to currently Level Up Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2 is by playing Invasion.

Here’s why Invasion is the fastest way to earn XP:

  1. Focus on Kills: Invasion is all about getting kills, with 20 players on each team and 20 bots. There are no objectives other than eliminating the enemy team.
  2. Bot Farming: Bots in Invasion are relatively easy targets. They shoot infrequently and don’t pose a significant threat. They provide the same XP as normal kills, don’t fight back effectively, and often stand still.
  3. Helicopter Drops: Bots are dropped onto the map by helicopters, creating smoke clouds upon landing. You can follow the helicopters to locate new groups of bots and eliminate them quickly.
  4. Aggressive Play: To level up weapons rapidly, adopt an aggressive playstyle near the enemy spawn area. Focus on eliminating players first, as bots don’t deal much damage. Pop UAVs and other killstreaks for bonus XP and kills.
  5. Game Duration: A typical Invasion game lasts around 10-12 minutes. If you find that bots are becoming harder to kill due to their increasing armor, consider leaving the game and queuing for a new one to save time.
  6. Field Upgrades: Use Tactical Insertion to respawn near the action and Ammunition Boxes to replenish ammo. Additionally, take advantage of vehicles and tanks available in the game mode, as killing enemies with them also levels up your equipped weapon.
    Modern Warfare 2 Invasion
    New Invasion Mode In Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]

Cooperative Game Modes

Though not as effective as the multiplayer modes, Cooperative game modes can help you level up weapons. These are limited in what weapons you choose and how much XP you can get, but they are much easier. 

The best Cooperative mode to level up weapons fast is Defender: Mt. Zaya Mission. You can only select the weapons available in the game mode, so you are limited to those. But you can max out a weapon in about an hour and 20 minutes compared to the hour it will take you to max out a weapon in Multiplayer.

Only play the mode to round 3 because as you go on, the enemies get tougher and take too much time to kill and not for too much XP. So just leave the game and get into another one.

Final Words

After learning all of these tips and methods, you can easily unlock and upgrade all weapons in Modern Warfare 2. So make your loadouts and get into Invasion for the fastest ways to upgrade these weapons. Focus on farming bots and completing objectives in other game modes. Don’t forget to use tokens and field upgrades to double your efficiency. So which game modes are you going to play to upgrade your weapons?


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