Modern Warfare 2: How To Level Up Weapons Fast

These are the fastest way to upgrade weapons and unlock all attachments.

Modern Warfare 2 has some of the best weapons, and due to the new unlocking system, you will have to unlock and upgrade most of them. Unlocking multiple weapons and leveling them up because you need specific attachments that are only in one gun. Maybe you want to unlock a weapon but have to unlock and upgrade 3 other guns before that. You might be frustrated by this, but we are here to tell you the best ways to level up Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can gain weapon XP in numerous ways in the game, but the main one is killing enemies.
  • You need to focus on Perks and Field upgrades, as they can double the XP you gain in a match.
  • Focus on objectives and kills in game modes like Hardpoint and Ground War.
  • Invasion is the best way to level up your weapon. Queue up Invasion and farm bots.
  • Active XP token or wait for double XP weekend to get 4 times the experience.

Level Up Weapons Fast

How To Upgrade Weapons Fast In Modern Warfare 2
Fastest Way to Level Up Weapons – [Image credit: eXputer]
You can upgrade guns by multiple methods, whether it be getting the most kills, completing missions, or capturing objectives. You gain XP for the gun you have in your hand and are using while performing these tasks. There are a lot of ways to Level Up your guns, and we have tested all methods to tell you the fastest Ways. So, let’s get straight to the point. 


Eliminations and Kills
Modern Warfare 2 Eliminations – [Image credit: eXputer]
Whether it be cooperative modes or multiplayer, the bottom line is you have to get the most kills.

Achieving the most kills in the least time possible is going to be your primary mode of leveling up your weapons. There are a number of different factors that affect the amount of XP you earn. For example, kill bonuses have the right field upgrades and perks and even what game mode you’re playing. 

Loadout Setup

Having the right loadout while grinding guns is the most essential step to leveling up your guns. Most players overlook what they have in their loadout and just add the guns they want to upgrade to it. Perks and field upgrades make a huge difference in how efficiently you level up your weapons.

You should make a separate loadout for when you are grinding guns so when you actually want to enter a game and play, you don’t have to keep making your Loadouts. Having whatever gun you want to prioritize set to primary is also important. You can make a second loadout according to the gun mode and run two different perks and field upgrade loadout that we are about to tell you. 


Modern Warfare 2 Perks – [Image credit: eXputer]
These are quite overlooked by players who think that they don’t help and that just killing enemies is the best way to level up guns. Contrary to popular belief, perks also double or even triple the amount of XP you gain in a game. If you want to Level up weapons fast, you need to learn the Best Perks.

Basic Perk

For the First set, you need to run the Scavenger, and it is one of the most important perks. Having Scavenger on to gain ammo from bodies can double your efficiency. With the Scanvenger perk, you will die a lot less just because you ran out of bullets. It will save you a lot of time instead of wasting time running to the objective after the swap.

The second perk you run won’t really matter, but there are a few good ones. You can run double time to improve your movement speed and increase your tactical sprint. Double time will help you reach the objective faster and spirit across the map. Having Double time also helps you in fights as it increases your crouch movement speed as well. 

You can also run Overkill to have two primary weapons in your loadout. Overkill saves you time if you want to upgrade two weapons or one is about to max out. With overkill, you don’t have to keep switching weapons and waste time. 

Bonus Perks

You have two options for the bonus perk, and you can either run Hardline or Fast hands. Let’s talk about hardline first. Hardline reduces your kill cost and score cost to get killstreaks. With hardline in your perk set, you will be getting killstreaks faster, which will help your get more kills and even XP for just activating killstreaks. 

Now, if you want to focus solely on kills, Fast hands is going to be the perk for you. With Fast hands, you reload faster and also switch weapons quicker as well. Having Fast Hands will help you die less frequently while reloading or switching weapons. You can also use equipment faster, so it also helps if you want to stun an enemy quickly. 

Ultimate Perks

For the Ultimate perk, you also have a few options, and you can either run High Alert or Ghost. The Ghost Perk is also a great option, and it will keep you hidden and help you survive longer. When enemies use UAVs, it will longer guard and make you even more powerful. The only down sight is that ghost is unlocked at level 53, and if you are a new player, it will take you a while to unlock it.

High alert is unlocked pretty early on in the game so that it will be a more viable option for low-level players. High Alert informs if an enemy has a line of sight on you. So you can never be caught off guard and can protect yourself from enemies flanking you. High Alert is a great perk to have if you are going for kills or even holding an objective. 

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are the most crucial part of upgrading weapons other than getting kills and objectives. You want to run the best field upgrades that will assist you and speed up your Upgrade time. Running the right field upgrades can speed up the leveling-up process twice or thrice. 

There are two main Field upgrades you can run according to your playstyle, either the Ammunition Box or Tactical insertion. Now the best Field Upgrade in Invasion is going to be tactical insertion cause once you respawn, you have run across the map to the enemy swap, and that wastes a lot of your time.

Placing a tactical insertion will make sure you respawn near that location and don’t waste time running around. You do have to hide your tactical insertion as enemies can break it, so place it in a place they won’t find it.

The Ammunition Box is a great substitute, but not for the same reasons. The Ammunition box provides you with max ammo for your weapons, for you don’t need to run around looting enemies. If you are in a safe spot having the Ammunition box will come in really handy. You can just stay in one spot and drill enemies and bots to farm XP.

XP Tokens

XP tokens are a great way to double the XP you are receiving in Matches. There are going to be Double XP weekends soon, so you can save them for those. On double XP weekend, you get four times the XP if you activate your token. Other than that, saving tokens is useless, and you should use them as frequently as possible. Just activate one before entering a game and start grinding. 

Best Multiplayer Game Modes To Upgrade Weapons

Best Game Mode To Level Up Weapon In Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes – [Image credit: eXputer]
As previously mentioned, the most effective way to level up guns is by killing enemies. So you want to be playing game modes in which you can Kill A lot of enemies in the least amount of time. Playing Game Modes, where you just go in and start killing enemies, is great for leveling up Weapons Fast. 

A few of the best game modes to gain kills and complete objectives are Domination, Headquarters, and Hardpoint. These are all games in which you can get a lot of kills and also gain XP by capturing points. Capturing objectives gains you more XP than just focusing on killing. So while you are mowing down the enemy team, also focus on the objectives.

Ground War is another Gret game mode you should try. Ground War has a pretty big map and has five objectives to capture. Its last about 15 to 20 minutes. You have a lot of chances to kill enemies and gain XP by capturing points in Ground War.

If you want to have fun while upgrading weapons, you can also play Search and Destroy or Prisoner Rescue. However, these game modes are quite slow and provide you with less XP in the same amount of time. Kills in these game modes give you 5 times or, in some cases, 10 times the XP of kills in normal matches. But there are only a limited number of kills you can get. Also, if you die, you have to waste time spectating teammates.

Fastest Way to Earn XP

The way to currently Level Up Weapons Fast in Modern Warfare 2 is by playing Invasion 


Modern Warfare 2 Invasion
New Invasion Mode In Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
Invasion is a game made focused on getting the most kills. There are 20 players on each team and also 20 bots. Now invasion is played on the same huge maps as Ground war, but there are no objectives other than annihilating the enemy team. 

The fastest way to level up any gun is to farm the bots in Invasion. The bots in Invasion are really just NPCs that run around or just stand still. They shot once in a while but just a bullet or too, never anything lethal. They gave the same XP as normal kills, didn’t fight back, and stood still most of the time. 

The bots are dropped in by helicopters and form a smoke cloud where they are dropping in. You can also see where a new bunch of bots is landing if you follow the helicopter. Both are dropped near the enemy swap and are deployed in groups. They have indicated on the map as tiny dots, and the players are bigger circles.

To upgrade weapons fast, you will need to chase after these helicopters and bots. You can spam the smoke and get easy kills before they even start moving. You will have to play aggressively and be near the enemy spawn. Which means you will run into enemies running along with the bots. 

Focus on players and enemies first, and eliminate them first, as bots really don’t do damage, so even if there is a group of them, fight the player first. Keep popping UAVs and other killstreaks; these give you bonus XP and kills. UAV also helps you figure out if the enemy is a bot or a player. 

A normal game will last 10-12 minutes, and as the game goes on, the bots get amour. If you find that they are taking longer to kill, you can leave and just queue a new game. It will save you time, and you can change attachments while you wait. 

The best Field upgrades are going to be Tactical insertion and Ammunition boxes, as previously mentioned. However, you can also run an Ammunition box and use vehicles to travel across the map. Invasion swaps vehicles and tanks, so you use them to your advantage. Also, killing people with tanks will also level up the gun you hand in hand when getting the tank.

Cooperative Game Modes

Though not as effective as the multiplayer modes, Cooperative game modes can help you level up weapons. These are limited in what weapons you choose and how much XP you can get, but they are much easier. 

The best Cooperative mode to level up weapons fast is Defender: Mt. Zaya Mission. You can only select the weapons available in the game mode, so you are limited to those. But you can max out a weapon in about an hour and 20 minutes compared to the hour it will take you to max out a weapon in Multiplayer.

Only play the mode to round 3 because as you go on, the enemies get tougher and take too much time to kill and not for too much XP. So just leave the game and get into another one.

Final Words

After learning all of these tips and methods, you can easily unlock and upgrade all weapons in Modern Warfare 2. So make your loadouts and get into Invasion for the fastest ways to upgrade these weapons. Focus on farming bots and completing objectives in other game modes. Don’t forget to use tokens and field upgrades to double your efficiency. So which game modes are you going to play to upgrade your weapons?


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