Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover: How And Why to Get (2023)

Did you know how to unlock 57 leaf clover? No? Check out Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover guide here and learn how to unlock this legendary item.

he items in Risk of Rain 2 significantly increase the chances of survivability, and the rare an item is, the better perks you can expect from it. Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover, a legendary item, is one of a kind in the game that influences the chance-to-trigger element of tons of other items.

Key Highlights
  • Many Legendary items are used by the survivors in the game. One of them is 57 Leaf Clover.
  • Best reason for using this legendary item is that it can give you a second chance of proc if you missed the first.
  • Stacking a few 57 Leaf Clover items will double the chance and efficiency for you which works for your growth very well.
  • Increasing the chance of activating an item’s effect might create a negative impact on the items and they’ll stop working.
  • Start the race of fighting 20 teleporter bosses with a team of a few players, which will unlock the 57 Leaf Clover items.
  • “The Long Road” achievement will be awarded to you as an award for unlocking the items.

Things You Should Know About 57 Leaf Clover

57 leaf clover is a legendary item in the game that does not appear in your loot pool by default. If you want the item to receive from a loot chest, Rusty lockbox, Shrine of Chance, or after killing a boss, you will need to complete its requirement first. Otherwise, you will not see 57 leaf clover dropping in your game while doing runs.

A quick work-around to get this legendary item in your loot pool is to join a friend’s game who has completed the requirement. If you do not have such luxury, you can always try your luck with strangers in multiplayer games. If you still do not see the item dropping for you, then man up, and take the challenge of unlocking 57 leaf clover.

How Does 57 Leaf Clover Work?

Let’s get down to brass tacks about the functionality or usability of this legendary item in Risk of Rain 2. The official description of the item says, “Luck is on your side.” If you dig a little deeper, you will come to know that every time an item in the game does not proc, 57 leaf clover rolls the dice and allows another chance for the item to trigger its effect. Meaning, suppose an item has a 15% chance to trigger its effect whenever the survivor attacks an enemy. Let us assume that after landing an attack, the item did not proc. This is where 57 leaf clover comes as it gives the item another chance to trigger if it missed the proc in the first place.

Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover
57 Leaf Clover Stats

Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover is one of the best items in the game because its perk applies to all the items a survivor has in possession. So if you have ten items, all of which work on a ‘chance’ basis, you will see them frequently triggering the effects if you have one or multiple stacks of 57 leaf clover.

Unlike exponential stacking of Alien Head , the stacking of 57 leaf clover items work in a linear order – just as the Transcendence item works. Meaning, you can double the chances and overall efficiency of 57 leaf clover by just stacking a couple of them. The linear fashion growth works quite differently from the exponential one. Here is a number of leaf clovers versus Proc Chance graph, highlighting how stacking 57 leaf clover works in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover
57 Leaf Clover Linear Growth Graph

When Does the Legendary Item Not Work?

Since the item increases the chance of triggering an item’s effects, there are certain items and shrines where 57 leaf clover does not work at all. So regardless of how powerful the Tougher Times item is, 57 leaf clover does not work its magic around it. Even though the former works on a chance-based formula, the latter’s perk does not work. We could not find a suitable reason behind this, and if you happen to know one, let us know about it in the comments section below.

Shrine of Chance gives players random items whenever players interact with it by using gold. The rarity of items is not fixed, and survivors can get an uncommon or a legendary item; it is all about chance. However, every interaction does not guarantee an item drop. Sometimes, you can miss out on all three attempts in a row while interacting with Shrine of Chance. Unfortunately, the Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover item does not offer anything favorable to the table when it comes to receiving items from Shrine of Chance.

The loot chests scattered across the environment in the game offer items from all rarities. Depending on the loot chest size, you can receive items from uncommon to legendary rarity. Again, 57 leaf clover item does not influence the chance of receiving a higher rarity from the loot chest. You get items based on the items available in your logbook and the procedurally generated formula of the game.

How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover

Now that you know the overall importance and usability of 57 leaf clover, you must have a rough idea that unlocking the item and letting it appear in your loot pool will not be an easy task. If you guessed it, then you are right. You need to embark on a long journey and emerge triumphant to unlock this legendary item.

To put it mildly, you need to complete twenty teleporter events in a single run. The overall journey requires you to fight your way for 20 stages, reach 20 teleporter devices and kill 20 bosses in a single run. So, whenever you are at the Sky Meadow stage, do not forget to interact with the rings of the Primordial Teleporter. Doing so will prompt the “The Primordial Teleporter aligns with the planet” message in the chatbox. Furthermore, it will indicate that the game will not move the survivor forward to the Moon of Petrichor V planet to fight the final boss. Instead, the game will loop you back to a random environment, allowing you to continue the run.  

The Long Road Challenge

Completing the requirement mentioned above will unlock 57 leaf clover legendary item and award you with “The Long Road” achievement. So, before you jump the gun, you must know what challenges await you and the strategies you should employ. Because without a sound or coherent plan, there is no way anyone can pull off this colossal task. Sharing all the information here will take away the focus from the Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover guide. Still, here is a summary of things you should know since the challenge and the legendary item are connected directly. As always, you can visit our Risk of Rain 2 The Long Road guide for an in-depth strategy and complete roadmap.

  • Play the game on Drizzle mode as it offers the lowest difficulty setting. Also, the overall in-game difficulty scaling is slowed down while you play the game on this mode.
  • For the first ten stages, rush over to the chests scattered in the stages and purchase the items as soon as possible. Also, try to beat bosses quickly and save time.
  • From stage eleven to twentieth, be patient while fighting bosses. Take your time, identify the weak points, and strike whenever you see an opening. Make a habit of retreating to regenerate health.
  • Pick the Engineer survivor for The Long Road challenge. He makes fighting hordes of monsters a piece of cake (if you have the right items). Moreover, he can block incoming damage completely for few seconds using shield ability.
  • If you have not unlocked Engineer, pick any other survivor from the character roster except Artificer and Rex. The former has no defense-related abilities, and the latter drains own health to execute abilities. Thus, both are poor choices when selecting a survivor for Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover item unlock journey.
  • If you know your way with the items in Risk of Rain 2, then by all means, go with what you think is the best. Otherwise, equip these must-have items to significantly shift the run balance in your favor: Shaped Glass, Harvester’s Scythe, Tougher Times, and Paul’s Goat Hoof.
  • Do not interact with Shrine of Order in your entire run.
  • Going through the blue portal leading to Bazaar Between Time used to count as stage progression. However, the developers fixed it, so while doing the run, visit Newt if you want to purchase Lunar items.
  • Do not go to Void Fields. Since no teleporter device spawns there, investing time there will not be a fruitful experience. Yes, you can get valuable items, but you will be risking your survivor’s life gravely.
  • Always take friends or random players to complete this challenge. For example, a team of survivors containing, Bandit, Loader, Huntress, and Acrid will be a perfect match for The Long Road challenge.

Is Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover Worth It?

Based on our usage of this legendary item, we can without a doubt say that 57 leaf clover is worth it. The time investment you dedicate to unlocking this item will pay off once you start doing a run with multiple stacks of 57 leaf clover items. You will be the only survivor in a team of four whose items will frequently proc, making you the damage-dealer player in the game. So, commit yourself and embark on the expedition of fighting 20 teleporter bosses with a team of three or four players and unlock 57 leaf clover item.

That is pretty much everything you need to learn about the Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover item. Did you find our guide helpful? Have you unlocked and picked it up in your run yet? Let us know more about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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