Risk of Rain 2: How To Unlock 57 Leaf Clover? [Complete Guide]

Did you know how to unlock 57 leaf clover? No? Check out Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover guide here and learn how to unlock this legendary item.

57 leaf clover is a legendary item in the game that does not appear in your loot pool by default. If you want the item to receive from a loot chest, Rusty lockbox, Shrine of Chance, or after killing a boss, you will need to complete its requirement first. Otherwise, you will not see 57 leaf clover dropping in your game while doing runs.

A quick work-around to get this legendary item in your loot pool is to join a friend’s game who has completed the requirement. If you do not have such luxury, you can always try your luck with strangers in multiplayer games. If you still do not see the item dropping for you, then man up, and take the challenge of unlocking 57 leaf clover.

Key Highlights
  • Many Legendary items are used by the survivors in the game. One of them is 57 Leaf Clover.
  • Best reason for using this legendary item is that it can give you a second chance of proc if you missed the first.
  • Stacking a few 57 Leaf Clover items will double the chance and efficiency for you which works for your growth very well.
  • Increasing the chance of activating an item’s effect might create a negative impact on the items and they’ll stop working.
  • Start the race of fighting 20 teleporter bosses with a team of a few players, which will unlock the 57 Leaf Clover items.
  • “The Long Road” achievement will be awarded to you as an award for unlocking the items.

How Does 57 Leaf Clover Work?

The 57 Leaf Clover enhances item effects by giving them an extra chance to trigger if they fail initially. Here’s how it works:

  1. Official Description: The item’s description is “Luck is on your side.”
  2. Extra Chances: When an item in the game does not activate as expected (e.g., due to a percentage-based chance), the 57 Leaf Clover provides another opportunity for that item to trigger its effect.
  3. Example: If an item has a 15% chance to activate its effect when attacking an enemy and it fails to trigger, the 57 Leaf Clover gives it another chance to activate.
  4. Universality: The 57 Leaf Clover’s perk applies to all the items a survivor possesses. So, if you have multiple items with chance-based effects, they will all benefit from the increased activation chances provided by the 57 Leaf Clover.
  5. Stacking: Stacking multiple 57 Leaf Clovers increases the chances of item effects even further in a linear fashion. Unlike exponential stacking seen with some items, stacking 57 Leaf Clovers enhances the efficiency in a straightforward manner.
    Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover
    57 Leaf Clover Stats

In summary, the 57 Leaf Clover improves the reliability of chance-based item effects in Risk of Rain 2, making it a valuable addition to a survivor’s inventory, especially when stacked for increased effectiveness.

Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover
57 Leaf Clover Linear Growth Graph

When Does the Legendary Item Not Work?

The 57 Leaf Clover does not work with certain items and situations. Here are some instances where it does not have an effect:

  1. Tougher Times: Despite both Tougher Times and 57 Leaf Clover working on chance-based mechanics, 57 Leaf Clover does not enhance the effects of Tougher Times. The reason for this remains unclear.
  2. Shrine of Chance: The Shrine of Chance gives players random items when interacted with using gold. The rarity of items obtained is based on chance, but the 57 Leaf Clover does not improve the chances of receiving better items from the Shrine of Chance.
  3. Loot Chests: Loot chests found throughout the game offer items of various rarities, ranging from uncommon to legendary. The 57 Leaf Clover does not influence the chances of receiving higher rarity items from these chests. The items you get depend on your logbook and the procedural generation of the game.

In these cases, the 57 Leaf Clover’s luck-enhancing effect does not apply, and the outcomes remain based on the inherent randomness.

How to Unlock 57 Leaf Clover

Now that you know the overall importance and usability of 57 leaf clover, you must have a rough idea that unlocking the item and letting it appear in your loot pool will not be an easy task. To unlock the 57 Leaf Clover, you’ll need to complete a challenging task known as “The Long Road.” Here’s how to do it:

  1. Requirements: You must complete twenty teleporter events in a single run. This means progressing through 20 stages, reaching 20 teleporter devices, and defeating 20 bosses all in one run.
  2. Primordial Teleporter: When you reach the Sky Meadow stage, interact with the rings of the Primordial Teleporter. This will trigger the message “The Primordial Teleporter aligns with the planet” in the chatbox. It signifies that the game will not progress to the final boss on the Moon of Petrichor V but instead loop you back to a random environment, allowing you to continue the run.
  3. The Long Road Challenge: Completing the above requirement will unlock the 57 Leaf Clover legendary item and grant you “The Long Road” achievement.

Here are some additional tips for completing “The Long Road” challenge:

  • Play on Drizzle mode for the lowest difficulty setting and slower overall in-game difficulty scaling.
  • Rush through the first ten stages, focus on acquiring items quickly, and defeat bosses efficiently.
  • From stages eleven to twenty, take your time, identify boss weaknesses, and retreat to regenerate health when needed.
  • Consider choosing the Engineer survivor for this challenge due to their strong crowd control abilities.
  • Avoid Shrine of Order and Void Fields during the run.
  • Bring friends or random players to help complete the challenge, as teamwork can be highly beneficial.

With these tips and strategies, you can improve your chances of successfully unlocking the 57 Leaf Clover.

Is 57 Leaf Clover Worth It?

Based on our usage of this legendary item, we can without a doubt say that 57 leaf clover is worth it. The time investment you dedicate to unlocking this item will pay off once you start doing a run with multiple stacks of 57 leaf clover items. You will be the only survivor in a team of four whose items will frequently proc, making you the damage-dealer player in the game. So, commit yourself and embark on the expedition of fighting 20 teleporter bosses with a team of three or four players and unlock 57 leaf clover item.

That is pretty much everything you need to learn about the Risk of Rain 2 57 leaf clover item. Did you find our guide helpful? Have you unlocked and picked it up in your run yet? Let us know more about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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